Rekeying or Changing the Lock

What Should You do for Rekeying or Changing the Lock?

If you are thinking of changing locks because they are causing trouble or if you want to rekey a lock because you are no more satisfied with the lock system, you’re using it either for your home, office, or cars or if you are worried about rekeying or changing the lock, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You will google that how to rekey a lock. And if you are here to find how to do it at home, then your area at the place we have discussed below.

Rekeying or Changing the Lock

But what if you lost a key to your important room or your car’s lock is damaged? Then it’s an emergency so, instead of trying by yourself, you will call a good locksmith to replace a lock or rekey the door lock. Before moving onto some techniques, let’s look at the difference between changing a lock or rekeying it. It will help you to understand the method, cost, and procedures for this.

Rekeying vs Changing the lock

Let’s have a look at rekeying vs. changing the whole lock. Rekeying is actually about duplicating the key. Or you can better say that it’s about making a new key for the same lock for rekeying locks. You will need a professional locksmith who will use the proper tool kit for this work. Many professionals are working for this they can visit your home and complete work there, but there are also companies working for rekeying locks like Lowe’s, but you have to bring a lock to them. Lowe’s rekeying services are of good use.
As you generate a new key of a lock for rekeying, replacing lock is opposite to it in this you have to replace the whole lock. You have to remove the previous one and replace it with a brand-new lock. It’s more expensive than rekeying the lock. As we look at rekeying vs. changing the lock, let’s discuss when to do each.
We are dividing into two equally important and equally important aspects:

  • Cost and Expenditures
  • Personal Privacy

Cost and Expenditures

The first thing that will come to your mind is how much it will cost to rekey? So, when you focus on cost, don’t worry about it. Rekeying is cheaper and inexpensive than changing the whole lock. You can buy a rekeying kit with your lock a rekey from a professional locksmith for a lesser amount. Many companies are working for this, such as Lowe’s rekeying services. They are providing excellent work and are charging a very reasonable amount for this. So, for cost comparison rekeying is cheaper and easier than replacing the lock.

Personal Privacy

Besides cost privacy is also an essential factor in rekeying or replacing locks if the key to your main door of the home is misplaced or your car keys are misplaced or if car’s door lock got broken in a sudden accident so rather than going towards rekeying you should replace the lock for the safety of your place and car.

Personal Privacy 

The same goes for your locker if your locker’s keys are damaged or lost, so don’t bother about the cost; give importance to privacy first. It also depends on how urgently you want, so if you have a short period, you will go for what is easiest. Now let’s discuss the main things that come into your mind while changing or rekeying the lock. These are the most often asked questions about this work.
If you have questions about these, you will find the correct answer to this.

  • How much does it cost to locks rekey? How to rekey a lock?
  • How to fix a sliding glass door?
  • Where to make key copies?

How Much Does it Cost to Rekey a Lock?

Rekeying a lock is much cheaper than changing, so let’s come to the point that professional locksmiths charge approximately 156$, and here’s another estimate of that. Rekeying costs around 70$ to 140$ plus some dollars nearly 4-5$ extra for tip depending upon the services they are providing it’s home-based, or you are bringing your lock there. It also depends on emergency that emergency work will surely cost a bit more than regular hours. And here is another thing: the number of hours they are working if you are providing home services. So, if we talk about Lowe’s company, it is providing rekeying services just for 5$. No matter how costly rekeying a lock is but it is always cheaper than replacing the lock.  And is easier.

How You Rekey a Lock?

There are many methods to locks rekey; you can do it with a proper rekeying kit or consult professionals in this field. They can rekey a lock for you, and it’s easier and less time-consuming than spending time learning how to do it and trying for the first time. It is not even expensive, and you can afford it too as we have discussed how much it will cost. If we talk about a car’s lock, they’ll charge nearly 50$-100$. It also depends on your car model because different automobile companies offer different prices for spare automobile parts. But still, if you want to do this, here are some guidelines to rekeyed your lock.

How Do You Rekey a Lock?

If you are not a professional locksmith and want to rekey a lock, you can easily do it at home by yourself. You must read the below information about how to rekey a lock for doing it like a proIt is effortless. You can learn about it from here. These are the basic steps to rekeying are.


Follow the steps below:

  • First, you have to buy a rekey kit of the same brand of the lock. 
  • Then with the help of this kit, you will change the exterior knob first
  • Then remove the cylinder lock and push the clip ring
  • Remove the plugs and old pins
  • Insert new keys and pins.
  • Your lock is ready to use now with this rekeying method.

If you are doing it for the first time, don’t worry; you can take a guideline from video sort of content. Let’s practice this and save your money by doing it at home by yourself.

How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock?

Often, our glass door’s lock doesn’t work correctly or has minor damage in them, so there is no need to worry about fixing it at home with just a little effort. However, as these doors are in daily use and often broken, here are the basic steps to fix a sliding glass door lock. They are straightforward to apply by any person.
Some basic steps are here to fix this problem at your home:

  • Adjust both upper and lower lock latch carefully in a respectful manner to make them operate appropriately.
  • Adjust them and fix and tight them with a screw. 
  • Then check the sliding door’s lock functioning. This method to rekey the door lock is quite simple and easy to do.­­

But if still, it’s not working you will have to check whether it’s not broken if any part of it has a fault or if it’s damage you have to find which is the defective piece and fix it properly. So it’ll work for you, but in case all methods are not working, you can then contact a professional locksmith to avoid further damage. They will provide you services at your doorstep.

Where to Make Key Copies?

If you have an emergency and you have to do lock rekeying. You don’t have time to try this at home. Instead, you’ll consult some professional places where it is happening. Many companies where you will find your rekeyed locks. Such as lowe’s rekeying services. You can even consult an emergency locksmith at that time. Or, if you didn’t find a good locksmith, you can consult with the company of that desired product. Such as if you want duplicate car keys with chips, you can go to that specific automobile workshop and have rekeyed from there. Same as if you lost your keys to a door, you can go to certain working companies and find a rekeying kit for the same brand of that lock.

Where to Make Key Copies?

You can buy that kit and do it at your home, or either you order such companies to make a rekey of that door at your home and has you rekeyed there. I hope this article has provided you the exact information about rekeying and changing the locks. The main concepts have explained above. All necessary information about rekeying the lock or changing the lock has been provided. For more queries, you can ask in the comment section below. We’ll surely reach you out there and satisfy your questions. So do visit here again to come for the latest information.

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