Website Development

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive Websites are the latest framework websites that allow users to view website content, accessibility, and a preface on all devices. Think of a website you open on your mobile that has tiny icons, push buttons. You have to ultra-zoom in on your phone to click links and read the content. It would feel like you have giant sausage-like fingers. Responsive Web Design helps to optimize the website to become platform-independent.

Top Benefits of Responsive Websites

  • With responsive website designs, the pages load even faster.
  • Enhanced User Experience (UX), so lower bounce rates.
  • Improved SEO; Higher search ranking with Responsive Websites.

Benefits of a Responsive Website from FTS

Benefits of a Responsive Website Service from FTS are not limited to layering out your website content to adjust all screens, but it has many more than that. Do you want to showcase your business? Do you want to boost up your product sale? Do you want to gain customers from all around the globe? Do you want to gain traffic on your website?
FTS can help you with achieving all your dreams! We can showcase your business and boost up your sales to a considerable level! We can get massive traffic on your website and put your website’s ranking in top Google searches! Your customer audience will be from your specific area and as well as from around the world! Yes, all of this is possible! Mobile Web designs? They are old! Let us introduce you to slaying ways of business-boosting! Ecommerce Responsive Websites are the best answer to your desire! It can put your business in the hot trending of society! Contact Us to lift your corporates & businesses swiftly!

Why Responsive Website?

Almost everybody in the world has a mobile phone in their pocket, sometimes two, their instant digital and informational need is fulfilled by them. Think of yourself; you got interested in a product, you take out your mobile phone and open a relevant website. The contents of the website are scattered and irritative. It is not a mobile-friendly website; you want to skip it and switch to another to get proper content availability. The same thing happens when you are surfing on a laptop and you open a website. Its contents are not properly arranged, and it is narrower, similar to a phone’s dimensions. It would make you close that website and switch to another. Think of a website framework that is perfect on all devices, on all measurements. A Responsive Website is designed to fit on every device, on any dimension.

Benefits of Responsive Website

A responsive website shrinks, moves, and hides its content according to the reader’s reading device. At last, with the help of Bootstrap Framework, the responsive website enhances your visitor’s user experience and smartly makes it easy to view content on any device. It enhances the User Interface & takes it to the next level!

Mobile-Friendly” or Responsive Website?

Mobiles are the social partners of people nowadays. Everybody has them! Have you ever found yourself in difficulty surfing on a website? To see its content by pinching it wildly to read the tiny text on it? It is because the website is not mobile-friendly. A Responsive Website eliminates the disassembling of your website’s layouts, contents, and frames to fit in all device’s screens. A just mobile-friendly website is designed to fit in dimensional mobile devices; only its content and layout will be miserable on a laptop or desktop mostly. On the other hand, a responsive website views its content & design in the most pleasing arrangement. Whether it is a laptop or tablet, the website’s layout and frame will be optimum. However, nowadays, mobile-friendly websites are taken as slang for a responsive website.