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WordPress Speed Optimization Tips

We like to add initial information about any topic that we are going to discuss in our blogs. It helps our visitors to understand any advanced digital technology uses and functions. Before we talk about WordPress speed optimization tips, we would like to answer some of your questions. For example, what is WordPress? Why and how can we use WordPress? 

According to Wikipedia, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL database. Features include a plugin architecture and template system, referred to within WordPress as themes. WordPress was created as a blog-publishing system but has evolved to support other web content types, including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, membership sites, learning management systems, and online stores. It is one of the most popular content management systems in use. It means it helps you a lot to generate meaningful and productive content.

Content is the most impactful part of your website. The more your content is attractive, drive more traffic to your website. Another main thing that impacts your site’s traffic is speed. Website speed is the key to success. People don’t like those sites where they have to wait to open a website page. Fast loading of pages enhances your visitors’ experience and increases traffic growth. That is why we are here to tell you some hypnotic WordPress speed optimization tips and tricks. Here are the following tips to speed up WordPress.


  • Update your plugins 
  • Use the best web hosting provider
  • Use a framework or theme
  • JS and CSS files
  • Use content delivery networks (CDN)
  • Uninstall extra plugins
  • Clean up your database
  • Minimize the external scripts
  • Use caching plugin
  • Optimize images for speed
  • Use the latest PHP version


Update Your Plugins

Speed optimization slows down due to out-of-date plugins. If you don’t update your plugins, it affects your page loading speed. The developers of WordPress update continually their plugins. That is why you have to keep an eye on updating plugins. You can check updates from the WordPress dashboard. There is an icon for plugins if you see any number on it. It means a new update is here.

Update Your Plugins

Click on plugins and check out the details. These updates help you a lot to enhance your website speed optimization. It improves your site's working and tells you how it is perfectly operating.


Best Web Hosting Provider

To speed up a website, you like to host your website with the best- hosting provider that gives you more space, emails, and more. These factors influence your page speed optimization and increase the loading speed of your pages. The web hosting industry introduced advanced hosting technology, such as the Google compute engine, etc. WEB hosting service allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible via the World Wide Web. This feature speeds up WordPress site performance. There are many free and paid providers available who offer the best web hosting services.


Use a Framework or Theme

WordPress provides us with many frameworks and themes. There are a lot more like sliders, social icons, and widgets that attract users. One thing to keep in mind is that if you add too many elements and higher your page sizes, it will affect your page speed. We suggest you use lightweight themes and frameworks for your website’s pages.


JS and CSS Files

Google page speed insights tool notifies you to reduce your JS and CSS files. As you reduce the size of these files, the speed of your website’s pages increases rapidly. We use CSS, JS, and HTML files to add comments to your website code, for example, to clarify formatting or style. Delete extra codes and reducing the size of these files enhances the speed of your pages.

JS and CSS Files

You can minimize your CSS, JS, and HTML files on WordPress quickly and easily with the free WP-optimize plugin. It is best for website optimization tests.


Use Content Delivery Networks(CDN)

A CDN is a network made up of servers worldwide. Each server will store static files used to make up your website. The speed of your site differs with location. People belong to various locations in the world. For this reason, CDN helps us to get rid of this problem. It keeps a copy of your website in data centers located in different places. It serves the webpage to a visitor from the nearest location. Popular CDN services are available for users, such as Cloudflare, Shopify (Shopify speed optimization), and more. 


Uninstall Extra Plugins

To avoid loading issues, you have to keep removing junk from your website. Unnecessary plugins on your website increase the size of your backup. If you remove these extra plugins, you can able to save your website from loading issues.


Clean Up Your Database

If you don’t remove unwanted or extra data from your WordPress site may lead your site to failure. Unwanted data from your database slows down the WordPress speed optimization process. To speed up the WordPress site, remove spam comments, extra plugins, themes, and old drafts from your database.

Clean Up Your Database

If you are using WordPress in the field of eCommerce, then it gives you the woo-commerce plugin. It has many features you can manage all the tasks with the help of this store. You can speed up woo-commerce by deleting all the unwanted data from the database.


Minimize the External Scripts

The usage of external scripts on your web pages adds a big chunk of data to your total loading time. It is best to use a low number of scripts such as Google Analytics and Disqus.


Use Cashing Plugin

Cashing plugins are designed to make your site more efficient. It fastens the load time. The W3 total cache plugin is the best caching plugin to speed up your website.
Features of this plugin are:


  • Compresses pages and post
  • Reduces the sizes of CSS and JS files
  • Caches database objects
  • JS grouping by templets
  • Caches fragments in memory

Use Cashing Plugin

It incredibly increases the loading speed and enhances site performance.


Optimize Images for Speed

Sometimes, the size of the images that we use on the WordPress site may slow down the site speed. You can optimize the image and change its size without changing the image quality. Several plugins are available that make your work easy.

  • WP Smush 
  • EWWW image optimizer

You can use these to reduce the risk of slow loading.


Use the Latest PHP Versions

As we mentioned above WordPress is written in the PHP programming language. It is a server language that is installed and runs on your hosting server. The new PHP version is faster than the old one. You can check your PHP version with the help of the version info plugin. If you want to drive more traffic on your WordPress websites, you must keep focusing on these tips. You don’t have time more than 3 seconds to show your content and convince the people. So it is necessary to practice these tips and tricks to speed up the website.

You can also do a website optimization test and check what factors slow down your website. Poor web hosting, WordPress configuration, large page size, bad plugins, and external scripts slow down the loading time. To get rid of all these factors, we are here to help you. Do not add many images, multiple videos, and photo galleries to your blogs. Test your website speed before and after trying these tips. You can see the difference in how fast your website is running on search engines. 

That is it! We hope that this article will help you a lot while doing your WordPress speed optimization. We try to cover all the information and tips in it.