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What is Website Analysis in SEO?

What is Website Analysis in SEO

Website analysis is the process of testing and checking your overall site performance in search engine optimization. It also provides information about visitors and their interests. It tells us about the number of page views. Web analytics tell us about our site's errors and bugs. Many businesses and marketers use it as a tool to improve website effectiveness. Website analysis is a supreme step in SEO analysis. It also measures the rate of success and failure for goals on which an organization is working.

Website analysis works with some chief steps such as;

  • Collection, measurement, and reporting of the data
  • Convert data into useful information
  • Developing KPIs
  • Make a better online strategy 
  • Experiment and testing


You can analyze your web pages through website analysis with SEO analysis in two ways: Off-site web analytics and On-site web analytics.
Search engine optimization analysis 
takes some actions to include:

  • On-page SEO audit
  • Website search engine ranking
  • Backlink analysis


An On-Page SEO Audit

On page SEO audit

An on-page SEO audit helps you check your website for common technical issues. In this step, you find those issues which affect the search engine performance. You can use many specialized tools for this type of analysis.

Website Search Engine Ranking

Website search engine ranking

Website search engine ranking shows you the performance of your website that relies on keyword selection. For this purpose, you can use SEO checker tools. They will show you website performance in different locations.


Backlink Analysis

Backlink analysis Most SEO tools have a backlink analysis feature so, you can easily find your backlink. It will tell you which pages link to your site. It will also inform your link-building campaigns.
Furthermore, website analysis uses tools such as SEO tools, website speed and performance tools, etc. If you are using the tools, they will help you to know their performance. You can compare your backlink profile to that of your competitors.


Website Analysis Further Falls into Two Categories

  • Speed and performance traffic 
  • Competition


Speed and Performance

Website Analysis Further Falls into 2 Categories

This step tests the speed of website loading. It finds the elements that are causing slow speed. Once it identifies the problem, then use this information to make the website faster. You can use many tools for good speed. Some of them are listed below:

  • Pingdom
  • GTmetrix
  • Webpage test

Website performance analysis tells you whether your site is slow, fast, or average. You can also test mobile and desktop individually, getting an overall performance score.



It is an instrument through which the experts check the whole site's functioning and how well it is working. SEO experts set the system in such a manner that causes to increase the traffic growth, whether it is organic or local. In this process, website SEO checks traffic on the website, total visits on a day, new visitors, percentage of visitors from outside sources, and the website's ranking. There are plenty of tools to check the website traffic analysis:

  • Google website analytics
  • Open web analytics (OWA)


GOOGLE Website Analytics

It tracks and reports the website traffic. It is the most widely used web analytics service on the web. Google Web Analytics gathers data for mobile apps and checks the web activities like session duration, bounce rate, pages per session, etc. Google Analytics e-commerce reporting can track sales activity and performance. It helps to understand the behavior of component groups of users apart from your user crowd. So you can do free website SEO analysis with it.


Open Web Analytics

This tool is also beneficial for the same purpose as we mentioned above. It provides us with free website traffic analysis. OWA comes with built-in support for tracking websites with popular content management frameworks such as WordPress. 



As we know, digital marketing competition is very tough among business marketers and organizations. Everyone has many competitors who offer similar products, services, or the same targeted audience. So, here is the solution competitor analysis is the procedure for identifying competing companies. In this process, you can find the opportunities and advantages for your company. It tells us about; how our products compare with others. And what are our competitors doing in terms of messaging? You can use these SEO Analytics Suite of tools for this purpose SEMrush tool, Alexa site overview, Ahref, and many more. We can use these tools for competitor website analysis.

Many other components are working on SEO site analysis, such as:

  • Seo website audit report
  • Seo checker
  • Website audit services
  • Website analyzer


Seo Website Audit Report

In this report, you can check all the errors and issues. You can make plans to reduce them. This report will help you a lot to fix your problem. It provides step-by-step instructions to manage it. SEO website audit report will help you to achieve a high ranking on Google search. You can also make an SEO audit checklist. We can provide you here some compelling steps to make your audit report the best these are:


  • Set up keyword rank tracking 
  • Fix indexing problems
  • Make your site mobile-friendly
  • Make your content better
  • Improve your On-page SEO
  • Use site audit tools
  • Speed up your site 
  • Check your organic traffic


SEO Checker

It is the best tool for SEO analysisIts services are free for everyone. This free site checker SEO helps you to identify technical on-page SEO issues and improves the ranking. It is a fast tool so, you can check any webpage in just a few clicks. With this tool, you can check all of these parameters that are listed below:

  • General information like page HTTP status code, indexation, and size
  • Check title tag, description tag, keywords
  • Test internal links
  • SEO optimization 
  • Images 
  • Structured data
  • Analyze competitor pages 
  • Detecting and fixing broken links
  • Checking backlinks
  • Fixing keywords
  • Website audit services


Types of Website Audit

There are a few types of website audits.

  • On-page SEO audit
  • traditional audit
  • backlink audit


On-page SEO Audit

The goal of this type of audit is to manage all technical or content factors including, HTML tags, etc. It also includes the report of unique keyword ranking.


Traditional SEO Audit

In this analysis, we check the website's loading speed. We can also check its compatibility with mobile devices and other related technical issues.



Backlinks are links from other websites to your website. It enhances the relevancy of your content. Backlinks ensure that they will help to avoid getting a penalty from a search engine.


Website Analyzer

You can analyze your website performance with this tool. The website analyzer has many features to serve you in the best way.
Some of these features are mentioned below:

  • It discovers common web application and server configuration issues
  • Web analyzer will scan web pages and their content
  • Gather essential data and predict threats
  • Test and analyze real-time website loading experience
  • Load testing that how many users a site can handle
  • Get notified whenever your website changes or scores down on optimization
  • Image optimization and compression
  • Domain analysis
  • Compare multiple websites

Analyzing data gives a unique opportunity to find new perspectives within your business model. These opportunities could potentially be seeds for growth internally and organically. 


What is a Technical Website Audit?

technical website audit

Technical website audit checks the health of websites. There are several key factors to look at during the technical website audit:


  • Backend factors such as hosting and indexing 
  • Frontend factors such as content, keywords, and metadata
  • Link quality and outside references
  • Check XML sitemap status
  • Meta description length
  • Check for site-wide duplicate content


There are many technical SEO elements you can check during your next SEO audit. You can use different tools for different tasks to improve your SEO audit. You can check the crawling of your website with the help of SEMrush and many others. You can find duplicate pages and remove them with the help of screaming frogs and more. In other words, there are many tools to check and improve your website analysis in SEO. There are also such tools available that tell you about what is working and what is not. Behavior analytics software such as IBM Security QRadar, ActivTrak, Teramind, etc., helps you collect this knowledge.

SEO site analysis tells you about your competitors. When we talk about competitors from an SEO perspective, we are talking about the websites that rank on the first page for keywords you have identified as supreme for your business. It means you should focus on an SEO keyword search campaign before investing in an SEO competitor analysis. Keep an eye on your target keywords so you can easily find your competitors. You can use free tools for this purpose, such as Google Ads keyword planner.

All the factors mentioned above and the tools show how to do website analysis in SEO and why it is essential for your business. We are living in the age of artificial intelligence and people have started marketing via the internet. All businessmen and marketers put efforts into increasing and improving their business In many ways. To compete with their competitor, they focus on website analysis in SEO. This process covers and solves many problems or tasks.

They focus on SEO analysis, website performance analysis, and competitors' website analysis to improve their marketing business.