Google Webmaster Tool

Importance of Webmaster Tools in 2021

Here we are going to tell you about the best tool we use to manage our website. Google webmaster tool helps us a lot to evaluate and maintain our site’s performance. It is a free service that we can easily use it. Google webmaster tool finds your mistakes and fixes them. GWT provides useful information that can help you with your marketing efforts. Webmaster tools allow webmasters to optimize the visibility of their websites. This tool also checks the security issues with the website (hacking or malware attacks). GWT helps o find what people are searching for the most on search engines.


So, if you have an organized web, then use this tool to maintain and improve your site’s work. Webmaster tools can give you insights into how your site performs and what you can do to keep Google’s attention.


Who Can Use This Tool? What Are the Benefits Of GWT?

Benefits Of GWT

Everyone who owns a website uses this tool for his sites. Business owners, marketers, SEO experts, the web developers can use this tool to maintain their websites. Importance of webmaster tools in 2021 increases because of their compelling features and benefits.

  • It helps you to find the content in which people are more interested.
  • It finds the spam problems and eliminates them.
  • It verifies that Google can access the content on your website.
  • It helps you to understand how Google search views your website.
  • It tells you about popular queries.
  • It tells you which queries are driving the most traffic.
  • You can see the websites linking to your site.
  • You can check tablet or phone views to see how well your mobile website is performing.
  • You can use this tool as Webmaster SEO to improve your on-page SEO.


How to Start With GWT?

It is the first step to prove that you are an authorized representative of the site. You can pass it through the verification process. There are five methods of webmaster verification:

  • HTML File Upload

  • HTML Tag

  • Domain Name Provider

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Tag Manager


Let’s have a look at the verification methods.


HTML File Upload

Google gives you a file with a specific name that you have to upload to the root directory of your website. It is a blank file. It only aims to prove that you have access to your website’s FTP server. After your file goes into the root directory, click on the verify button in this tool, and you will have access to data.



Using this option, by clicking on it, provides you a metatag you can insert into the header of your homepage. Click on the verify button to view your data. It is noteworthy that sometimes your tag will be removed during an update to the home page. But you can solve the problem by doing this procedure again. After this process, Google Webmaster tools login on to your device.


Domain Name Provider

You can enter your domain name. Select your domain name provider in a drop-down list, click on the provider, and your verification will start. Google will give you a unique security token along with a verification guide.


Google Analytics

As the administrator of your website’s Google Analytics account. Also, You are using the asynchronous tracking code at the head of your homepage. So, you can verify your site this way.

google analytics & Google tag manager

Google Tag Manager

It allows you to manage marketing tags on your website. Google Tag Manager tool is best for this task. It will help you in many ways. When your website is verified, you will have access to actionable data that can help you to optimize your website. This tool does not ask you to enter webmaster code, it works without it.


What are Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

Google webmaster tool is a precious resource that helps users to access useful information about your site. While there are different tools within GWT, the two tools that are preferable by users are google analytics and Google Search Console.


Google Analytics

This tool will give you information about the performance of your websites. It provides information such as.

  • Number Of Visitors to Your Website
  • How Much Time They Spend on Your Website?
  • Visitors' Interest and Nature
  • Where Visitors Are Coming From

google analytics and google search consoles

Google Search Console

Webmaster tool Google search console uses to improve and optimize the websites. It gives us information about;


  • Linking Websites to Your Site
  • Indicate and Eliminate Technical Errors
  • Check Top Keywords Queries
  • Mobile Usability
  • It improves webmaster SEO


Webmaster console tells us top search queries, user search click results, the number of links on your site, CTR, and search results position. Google search console provides information on how Google crawls, indexes, and serves the website. Google Webmaster Console enhances the working and visibility of your site.


Google Webmaster Tools For SEO

SEO webmaster tools will help you to improve your SEO strategy. Here we are discussing some supreme ways to use GWT to improve your on-page SEO.

  • Content Keywords
  • HTML Improvement
  • Structured Data
  • Sitemaps
  • Removing URLs


Content Keywords

This tool allows you to reach and find the keywords that are influencing the search queries. It will help you to know how Google will see your site. These data will help you to determine if you need more content created around keywords. It makes more actionable Google webmaster blogs on your site.


HTML Improvement

We know that in SEO, the meta description and optimized title tags are supreme. This tool will improve your HTML.  You will find HTML improvements by using this tool.


Structured Data

It is a helpful way to explain the content of your website to the search engines- which can, in some cases, can help with rankings and traffic.



This section allows you to see all the sitemaps that you have added along with statistics. For example, the number of pages submitted and indexed.


Removing URLs

Webmaster tools have the remove URLs feature. So, you can easily remove URLs from Google’s index if you want. Use this feature when you need it. It is a powerful tool. It removes URLs permanently.


Google Offers Particular Quality Guidelines

Webmaster SEO should easily follow these guidelines when they work on the site. These are discussed below.


  • Do Not Deceive Your Users
  • Don’t Use Unrelated Title or Keywords in Your Content
  • Avoid Plagiarized or Scraped Content
  • Protecting It from Hacking
  • Avoid Wrong Way to Achieve High Ranking


As we talk above, we use tools within the GWT such as Google Analytics and Google search consoles, which will help to improve the working of GWT. Google Analytics tells you about what keywords and keyword phrases people are using to find your site.


Improve Your SEO Page

This report will improve your on-page SEO. On the other hand, the Google search console helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google search results. It is a free service offered by Google.  Search console tools report the following action.

  • Fix Indexing Problem
  • View Google Search Traffic Data for Your Site
  • Receiving Alerts When Google Encounters Indexing, Spam, or Other Issues
  • Confirm That Google Can Crawl Your Website
  • Manage Backlinks and Show Which Sites Links to Your Site


SEO Experts or Marketers

SEO experts or marketers use these tools in online marketing. Webmaster tools google search console will help you to get high ranking, increase visibility, build a strong relationship with users, and make informed decisions about the appearance of your site’s search results. You can also you google tools to enhance your on-page SEO, such as Google ads.