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How to Setup Facebook Ads Manager Account?

Facebook is the best platform for your business. It is an incredible source for any businessman or marketer to increase their brand awareness. To fulfill this purpose, Facebook gives us several beneficial tools. One of the tools that we use for advertising is the Facebook ads manager account. This tool allows us to create and manage our Facebook ads. After reading it, you may have questions in your mind like, what is an ads manager accountHow to setup Facebook ads manager account? Why it is supreme for your business? and more.

How to Setup Facebook Ads Manager Account
So here we are to answer all your all questions. First, we know about the ads manager and its benefits.

Facebook Ads Manager

This tool helps you to see results for all your Facebook campaigns. You can view and make changes to your business ads. With this tool, you can create and manage multiple ads at once. It has tons of benefits that lead your online marketing towards success rapidly. You can check the performance of your ads. You can also create schedule ad reports. In this blog, we will set up your Facebook ads manager account.
We will tell you about how to change payment methods, currency, and time zone. If you are going with an FB ads manager, you will need a Facebook business page. If you have it, then there is no need to create an ads manager account. When you set up your page, it starts automatically. You can also create a new business manager account from the Facebook home screen or through an app.

Facebook Business Manager & Facebook Business Page

Facebook business ads manager is another tool that works with ads manager. This tool helps you to manage access to your Facebook pages and ad accounts. It is also known as Facebook campaign manager. It looks after the Facebook ad campaigns. You can remove and change their permissions. This tool has many useful features you can share your business ads account with other agencies. So they can help you manage your ad campaigns. You can make multiple ad accounts on it. Let's jump to the steps to create a business ads manager Facebook page.

Facebook Business Manager & Facebook Business Page
The steps are listed below.

  • Go to business manager. In the upper right corner, there is an option to Create Account click on it.
  • Now you can see three options that are: claim a page, request access to a page, create a new page.
  • If you choose an option, claim a page or request access, then do the next step.
  • Enter your email id and password that you are using for your Facebook account.
  • Next, you can see the option where you have to enter your business name and email.
  • Setup your business manager account and click finish.

Now you can add your Facebook page to your new account. You can click on add page, which shows on the business home page. Then select your Facebook page and click on add page. Follow these steps so you can add the page to the business manager account.
After doing all steps, this is time to add your Facebook ad account, so click the add ad account button from the business manager home page. That is it. See how it is easy to create your business ads account. Now you can able to advertising through business manager.
There are more to tell you about using the Facebook ads manager or Facebook business ads manager, such as:

  • Enter your all account information
  • Set your payment method
  • Facebook ad account limit
  • Check your notification settings
  • Facebook audience manager and set permissions
  • Set up a Facebook ad campaign
  • Set up your budget
  • Choose your ad placement
  • Set up your ads

All Account Information

In this step, we tell you that how to set up your ad account information. Once you follow these steps and set up your ad account, you can publish your campaign.

All Account Information

  • Go to your Business manager
  • Click on ad Account located under Accounts
  • You can see a page on your display screen
  • Enter your company name, address, and other information
  • Choose your billing currency and time zone

Note: Be very careful while you are entering this information. You could not change this after creating your ad account. You can only change it when you create a new business manager account.

Payment Method

Facebook ads manager gives you multiple options of payment and billing. You can choose a credit card payment method or another method as you like. Now it's time to add your payment method. Follow these steps:

  • Click on your ad account setting > payment method
  • You can see the billing page with these options: add new payment methods, edit your current payment method, set your spending limit.

New Payment Method

If you want to add a new payment method to your account, follow this:

  • Click on add payment method button
  • Select the method 
  • Fill in your info
  • Click on continue

You can also edit your payment method by clicking on the Edit payment button. We suggested you choose at least one secondary payment method. It will help you a lot when your primary payment method fails for some reason.

Facebook Ad Account Limit

Facebook provides you an option to set up your spending limit. Go to payment settings and click set your account spending limit, In the section below the payment method. Then, enter the desired amount and click the set limit.
Some of these limits are listed below;

  • User can manage up to 25 ad accounts.
  • An ad account has up to 5,000 campaigns that you can not delete them.
  • You can only have up to 5,000 ads that you can not delete them.
  • Only 1,000 ads you can use dynamic creative.
  • You can have up to 50 ads that you can not delete in each ad set.

If you have reached any of these limits. You have to do is delete some of your old campaigns and their ads.

Notification Settings

You can check or review your notification settings. Notifications are the best source to in touch with your campaign. You can also edit your notification setting and save your ad account from the flood of notifications.
Follow these steps:

  • Navigate back to your account settings
  • Click on notification
  • Add and remove what events you wish to receive email notifications about
  • You can set your frequency of email notifications according to your need
  • Set up your notifications so that you can get notifications via email

Facebook Audience Manager and Set Permissions

Facebook Audience Manager and Set Permissions

When you create a new business manager account, You can set up your Facebook audience manager. You can set permissions for your audience.
You can target your audience in few ways, such as:

  • Location for example; country, state, city
  • Age and gender
  • Education
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Demographics and more

You can set permissions by following these steps:

  • Go to the business manager and select ad account from the left corner.
  • Click add people to add new users and set their permissions.

You can set the permissions:

  • Manage campaigns
  • View performance
  • Manage ad account

After this, click on assign to add the user with the assigned permissions.

Facebook Ad Campaign

  • In the Facebook Ads Manager, go to the campaigns tab, and click on the green create button.
  • Select your campaign objective such as brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement. Video views, messages, conversation, catalogs.
  • Name your campaign. your campaign name can include your target audience and location, your creative type, the date range in which it will e running.

Set Up Your Budget

Facebook gives you two methods to define your campaign budget.

  • Daily budget
  • Lifetime budget

If you are starting your campaign for the first time, we suggest you choose a daily budget. So you can have more control over it.

Choose Your Ad Placement

You can choose your ad placement according to your campaign objectives. Facebook also has an automatic selection option. Automatic placement options include Facebook business manager Instagram, Facebook audience manager, Facebook messenger, and many more. If you are new in this field then, we suggest you choose automatic placement.

Set Up Your Ads

This is the final step to do. In this step, you can select and create new ads or use your current Facebook page posts. According to your ad placement selection, you can choose the ad format, such as images, videos, etc.

Why Facebook Business Manager Disabled?

When you are creating ads and ad accounts, you should follow the Facebook advertising policies. You should read them very carefully. Facebook business manager disabled when If you violate any of Facebook rules, then you face this problem.

Why Facebook Business Manager Disabled

You can reactivate your Facebook ads manager account by following these steps:

  • Go to Facebook business help center.
  • You can see here two methods; live chat with a representative and fill in a form.
  • If you choose live chat with a representative, in the help center, scroll down and click the chat button.
  • Fill the form and click on start chat.
  • If you choose the second method.
  • Then there are two available forms you can fill in to restore your disabled account, that are:
  • Request review of the restricted ad account.
  • Disabled payments & ads manager.

After following one of these methods, you will receive a message to your help center support inbox.