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Motorcycle Towing in Los Angeles County, CA

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Quality Motorcycle Towing in Los Angeles County, CA
Who We Are?

Paul’s Motorcycle Towing Services LLC

Paul’s Motorcycle Towing Services has been providing quality services to customers for decades and has a certified and experienced team of tow truck drivers who are always focused and cooperative. They pick up and drop off your vehicle at your place or desired location safely and ensure that it does not get damaged. We always use high-quality tow trucks and the best industry equipment and offer motorcycle towing services 24/7. We prioritize providing quality services, and we never compromise in this case. Also, we are highly affordable and complete projects on time, so ring a bell right now!

Quality Motorcycle Towing in Los Angeles County, CA

Were you having a joyful ride with your friends, but suddenly the motorbike ran out of fuel? Do not panic because it is not a big deal when Paul’s Motorcycle Towing Services LLC is here. We have a professional team of tow drivers who have been providing the services of Motorcycle Towing in Los Angeles County, CA, for the last several years. The best thing about our professionals, which makes them reliable, is that they are certified and licensed. Also, they are familiar with all the advanced techniques to tow a motorbike efficiently without causing any damage to it.


Even if mechanical assistance is required, they can help the customer because they are being trained to change tires and fix all types of screws that may create problems in the effective performance of the motorbike. The quality that takes our services to a whole new level is the use of modern equipment; only premium-quality tools are used by us in every project. In the case of both hauling and mechanical tools, we do not believe in any compromise.

So, if you are searching for a reliable motorcycle towing service near me, the experts are here at your service.


Motorcycle Roadside Assistance in Los Angeles County, CA

Only Motorcycle Towing is not what we do, as we also offer reliable roadside assistance. There is a separate team of mechanics that is proficient in minor mechanical repair and gets ready to assist you as soon as possible you contact us because we know it is not very pleasant to stand in the middle of the road helplessly.


If the battery does not start, our motorcycle roadside assistance administrator helps you with the jump start, or if the tire gets flat, then he plugs it. Also, we always send tow drivers along with the mechanics so that in case, the damage is so excessive that it is beyond repair, they tow the vehicle and drop it off at your desired location.


We Use Different Methods for Motorcycle Towing

Although motorbikes are fast and flawless, there are high chances for them to break down at any time. In this case, getting professional help is the best option you can go for to save your vehicle from any further damage. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of motorbike towing; therefore, they know it is quite different from pulling any other vehicle and does their job accordingly.


They carefully proceed with the process by considering the vehicle's weight, size, wheels, engine performance, and balance. And, in order to save it from falling off or bouncing around, the tow truck operator does not directly hoist up the motorbike’s front and start pulling it. Instead, he first analyzes its layout and then devises the most appropriate way of pulling. Mostly we use the following methods:


  • Flatbed Truck
  • Ramped Flatbed
  • Tow Truck with Hydraulic Lifts


Flatbed Truck

Towing a motorcycle with a tow truck is quite common. We have high-quality flatbed trucks to make dragging a vehicle even easier. These trucks are great because the motorbike easily gets placed on a flat surface without any struggle, and as the truck does not have any sides, the motorbike does not rub against them.


Ramped Flatbed 

This is another type of motorcycle towing service offered by us. Since these trucks are a fusion of ramp and flatbed, the professionals make sure that a firm ramp is attached to the bed, and the reason behind it is that if the ramp is weak, the vehicle can lose its balance and fall off. We extend the ramp onto the ground; the motorbike rolls up onto it and gets placed on the flatbed securely. Those customers who do not like traditional Motorcycle Towing can place an order for a ramped flatbed.


Tow Truck with Hydraulic Lifts

Another option we offer to our customers is a hydraulic lift installed in a motorcycle tow truck. And we have special hydraulic lifts used only to pull a motorbike. By focusing on the size of the vehicle, we lower the flatbed onto the ground and then roll the motorbike onto it. The bed then returns to the truck's rear, providing a safe and vast area for the motorbike. So, are you looking for motorcycle towing near me? Contact us now.


Motorcycle Towing Cost in Los Angeles County, CA

Our services can be availed at highly affordable rates because it is not our cup of tea to charge unnecessary amounts from the customer. To make it more convenient, we never take the payment in advance and prefer to get paid at the end of the Motorcycle Towing task every time.


Motorcycle Towing Company in Los Angeles County, CA

Being a motorcycle towing company, we know that anyone can need the services at any time; therefore, the services are available 24 hours a day, and you can contact us at  (714) 510-4354 on both weekdays and weekends. The experts will be there to assist you every time you will connect with us. Moreover, we provide motorcycle towing services in the following areas:





Which truck is the best for motorbike towing?

It completely depends on which tow truck you want to opt for. Paul’s Motorcycle Towing Services LLC ensures that whichever method you select, you get quality services. Our team will take care of your vehicle no matter which truck is used to tow it.


Do you offer emergency services for motorcycle tow trucks?

Yes, we offer emergency services 24 hours a day. No matter whether it is day or night or if it is Monday or Sunday, you are free to call us whenever you want to.


What is the cost of motorbike towing?

The charges are very reasonable, and you will not be charged a single penny more than the fair price. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to get a quote right now and avail our top-notch services.


Services We Offer

Local Motorcycle Towing

We offer quick and economical motorcycle towing in California.

Roadside Assistance

Connect with our qualified professionals for top-notch roadside assistance.

Fuel Delivery

Has your motorcycle run out of petrol? Contact us now to avail the fastest fuel delivery service.

Tire Changing

Call us now if you are stuck in the middle of the road due to a punctured tire.

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The team is experienced and offers great services.



My bike stopped when I was coming back home from the office; they immediately came to assist after calling them.



They are very cooperative and affordable.



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