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We Fix Cracks

Professional Foundation Repair Contractors in Old Greenwich, CT
Who We Are?

We Fix Cracks

We Fix Cracks has mastered fixing the damage caused by moisture or earthquakes. We have several years of experience and have completed many projects. Customers concerned about the cracks they see on the walls and floors of their homes or offices can contact us. Our professionals are so competent and cooperative. We use modern equipment and techniques for fixing all types of cracks. Moreover, the best thing is that the services are affordable, and there is no compromise on the quality of the work.

Professional Foundation Repair Contractors in Old Greenwich, CT

A house can only have a smooth floor surface if its foundation is stable. And it gets unbalanced because of the cracks inside it due to soil moisture or any natural calamity like earthquakes. As the crack grows, it becomes dangerous; in this case, professional help is compulsory. We Fix Cracks has competent professionals skilled at repairing and sealing the slits. They implement advanced techniques for waterproofing foundations and fix the cracks best by using high-quality liquids and solutions sealers.


On the other hand, the tools used by our professional foundation repair contractors in Old Greenwich, CT are of all sizes, and depending on the severity of the crack, the most appropriate one is selected. It shows that the experts have in-depth knowledge of their field, making them extremely trustworthy for the customers. The best part is that we have both commercial and residential foundation contractors, so it does not matter if the wall of your house is cracked or the floor of your workplace has got damaged; we are here to serve you.


Concrete Foundation Contractors in Old Greenwich, CT

Being a basement repair company, we know that our experts should have the skill to deal with concrete foundations. Therefore, pieces of training have been given to them in which they have mastered repairing concrete-related damage. Also, they are familiar with all types of liquids usually required to fix the concrete slit. We are proud that all the We Fix Cracks team members are certified and licensed. We believe in providing amazing concrete crack repair services to our customers, and that is why we never compromise on the quality of our work and have built a team of concrete foundation contractors that are experienced and honest.


Basement Waterproofing in Old Greenwich, CT

More than just filling the crack is required because there are high chances for its recurrence due to the water that keeps coming inside from the outer part of the walls. Due to this reason, it is crucial to perform waterproofing with the help of foundation repair contractors. Our home foundation contractors are quite proficient in restoring the damage to both floor and walls of the basement. They do not only focus on the technical side of the waterproofing procedure but also the basic one, as they always prefer to clean the debris from the affected area first and then move forward with the sealing method.


The experts usually use flex seal liquid for closing the crack, and it has a proper technique for application which they are completely familiar with. So, if you are looking for a reliable basement waterproofing contractor near me, contact us now!


Commercial and Residential Foundation Contractors

We stand out in our field because we care for the houses and offer state-of-the-art crack repair services to offices. Our team of Foundation Repair Contractors in Old Greenwich, CT, is divided into two groups: 


  • Residential Contractors
  • Commercial Contractors


Residential Contractors

The residential experts handle the restoration and waterproofing projects of the houses only, The houses usually have two stories, so they only experience a little pressure from the upper levels if their foundation gets damaged. In this case, we provide foundation crack repair services to handle the stress.


Commercial Contractors

But in the case of offices, they are located in large buildings that have many floors. Once their ground floor starts getting slits in the floor or walls, the force of the upper ones causes a lot more damage to it. Therefore, the services are provided according to the location, and fortunately, we have the best structural repair contractors in the town right now.


Affordable Foundation Repair Contractors in Old Greenwich, CT

Our foundation repair contractors never charge large amounts, so many customers are happy with our services and feel relieved due to this policy. We decide the amount with the customer when he first contacts us. A quote is immediately provided to him according to the services he needs. Then a very brief negotiation session occurs between the two parties, saving time. At the end of the project, we stayed true to our word and charged only the amount we mutually decided with the customer during the negotiation.


Why Choose Us?

Are you urgently looking for foundation contractors near me? We Fix Cracks professionals are available to serve you during both weekdays and weekends. Also, you can order any service at any time of the day because we stay active 24 hours a. Once the order is placed, the team of Foundation Repair Contractors quickly collects all the essentials, including the solutions and tools, and immediately leaves to reach the location on time. We do not like delaying orders; therefore, our emergency services are top-notch.

Moreover, our company provides crack repair services in different areas:





Are the contractors trained in the waterproofing foundation?

Yes, they are not only trained but licensed as well. Also, the experts have an experience of several years of due to which they have a strong grip on all types of waterproofing methods. It will not be wrong to say that this procedure is at their fingertips as they have excelled in many such projects. The damages fixed by them have not recurred even after many years.


Do you have any foundation contractors for a residential area?

Of course! We Fix Cracks has residential and commercial contractors available at your service 24/7. Moreover, the residential ones are highly proficient in dealing with house damage only, so their services will satisfy you and will cooperate with you the whole time.


How much experience do your home foundation contractors have?

They have several years of experience and completed many projects successfully in which they have received immense customer appreciation. Also, they know how to wind the project up quickly by paying attention to the importance of quality, which makes them an ideal choice for availing their services.


Services We Offer

Structural Repair

To secure the most important and valuable part that holds your entire house - the foundation.


If you already noticed that the crack is larger than 1/8", it's in need of deep surgery with an expandable elastomeric or solid crack welding solution.

Foundation Waterproofing

Get in touch with our professional team for foundation waterproofing.

Crack Repair

We offer a super effective, long-lasting, quick crack repair in major cities.

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