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Foundation Crack Repair in Westport, CT

We Fix Cracks

Reliable Foundation Crack Repair in Westport, CT
Who We Are?

We Fix Cracks

We Fix Cracks has mastered fixing the damage caused by moisture or earthquakes. We have several years of experience and have completed many projects. Customers concerned about the cracks they see on the walls and floors of their homes or offices can contact us. Our professionals are so competent and cooperative. We use modern equipment and techniques for fixing all types of cracks. Moreover, the best thing is that the services are affordable, and there is no compromise on the quality of the work.

Reliable Foundation Crack Repair in Westport, CT

Natural calamities like an earthquake can occur at any time, and they cause significant damage to both residential and commercial areas. We Fix Cracks stays at the front for those affected by the disaster and offers customers the best and most affordable foundation crack repair services. Moreover, our team of professionals deals with all kinds of damage well. For instance, if cracks in the basement floor appear or the whole foundation gets harmed, they implement modern fissure fixing techniques to make it firm and hard again. On the other hand, we fix damage caused by natural soil moisture too that usually affects the lower area of the place.


The company is well-known for reliable Foundation Crack Repair in Westport, CT, because of our top-notch work and cooperative nature. The experts ask for the client's preferences and then work on the damaged area to provide satisfactory services.


Foundation Slab Crack Repair in Westport, CT

Do not worry about the severe slitting of the slab because we use epoxy resin for filling the vertical foundation cracks. We always carry these high-quality glues to the location because, at times, the harm looks less from the outside, but usually, there is much destruction inside. Since epoxy resin is used for adhesive purposes, it is ideal for dealing with a crack in the foundation slab. 


On the other hand, although we have all sizes of tools for mending the little slits, smaller ones are used by us because they give a flawless look to the slab, and no spot of reparation appears on it.


Wall Crack Sealer

Wall fissures are always more visible than foundation ones. Therefore, fixing them to maintain the place's attractiveness is crucial. The experts deal with the damage so perfectly that it seems it was never there. Usually, a joint compound is used as a wall crack sealer to ensure that all blemishes have been removed. And once the first layer dries, the second coating is done to seal the wall properly. We restore the walls of lounges, rooms, kitchens, or restrooms and offer basement crack repair.


Foundation Crack Filler in Westport, CT

A complete range of fillers is used according to the nature of the damage. We fill the materials like polymer asphalts or emulsion-based products in our premium quality tools and then use the equipment to inject these solutions in the gaps to fill the slits accurately. The solutions are imperative for getting the job done right; that is why we perform a short test first to check if the foundation crack filler is working fine and whether it will affect the appearance of the area. And proceed further only after getting fully satisfied.


It is not enough to only fix the internal part of the slit as the external one also plays a major role in ensuring that safety is not compromised. Therefore, our Foundation Crack Repair services involve thoroughly evaluating the area to identify any clue of harm. We check the foundation's vertical and horizontal cracks and then mend them according to their depth. A separate team of professional foundation repair contractors is present, skilled at fixing foundation cracks from the outside.


Affordable Foundation Crack Repair in Westport, CT

The Foundation Crack Repair services are available at highly affordable rates. We do not charge unnecessary amounts from the customer and negotiate on the quote before starting the reparation process. It makes it convenient for both parties to stay on the same page and avoid any inconvenience. So, do not worry about the high foundation crack repair cost, and call us now! There is a guarantee from us that we do not compromise on the quality of our work and use high-class materials in the filling and repairing processes.


About Us!

We Fix Cracks does not believe in delaying the work, so we always reach the location on time. If you need emergency repair services, we are here to serve you. Also, you can contact us anytime because we work seven days a week and are available with our quality services 24 hours a day. We are just a call away from you, so without wasting a minute, call us at (203) 309-0123 to get the best Foundation Crack Repair in Westport, CT. Moreover, our company provides crack repair services in different areas:





What are the charges for basement crack repair?

It does not matter whether you want to avail of basement crack repair service or want to get your floor fissure filled; the charges of all the services are extremely affordable. We ask for a fair price from the customer but always maintain quality. So, if you are looking for reliable foundation crack repair near me, contact us to receive a quote immediately. Also, you can get an opportunity to have a free consultation with us.


How long will it take to repair a wall?

It depends upon the condition of the wall because there will be a need to apply joint compound according to the severity of those minor gaps that have occurred in it. Sometimes, only two coats work better. And in that case, the third coating is applied too, but of course, in such a way that it does not look weird. Then it is compulsory to wait for the wall crack sealers to dry. So, almost 24 hours are required to complete the entire process.


Is it fine to ignore minor cracks?

No, even the smallest slits should not be ignored, as they can grow into larger ones within time due to the natural moisture in the air. And in the case of the floor, it happens because of the moisture in the soil. It is better to get the defects evaluated as soon as possible to minimize the risk of any mishap.


Services We Offer

Structural Repair

To secure the most important and valuable part that holds your entire house - the foundation.


If you already noticed that the crack is larger than 1/8", it's in need of deep surgery with an expandable elastomeric or solid crack welding solution.

Foundation Waterproofing

Get in touch with our professional team for foundation waterproofing.

Crack Repair

We offer a super effective, long-lasting, quick crack repair in major cities.

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They fixed my floor so well that it never got damaged.

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