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US Express Relocation

US Express Relocation is a reliable packing and moving company in the United States. We assist our customers in packing their stuff whenever they plan to move to a new city, and also move the luggage to the destination timely and safely. We have completed several projects; therefore, we have years of experience, so we offer quality services. Our team consists of expert packers who ensure no inconvenience occurs while packing precious things. On the other hand, skillful movers do not let any damage be caused to the luggage. The company has a long list of satisfied customers, and we are enhancing the standard of our services with each passing day.

Best Moving and Storage Services in Newnan, GA Work

Are you planning to renovate your home and need a dedicated space for storing the items? We are offering the best Moving and Storage Services in Newnan, GA. Once the customer has placed the order, US Express Relocation reaches the location on time, packs the stuff, and loads it carefully in the trucks without causing any damage to fragile things. Afterward, a thorough analysis of the loading vehicle is done to ensure that it will not create any trouble on the way. The items are then efficiently moved to our storage, which is spacious and free of moisture. We can store a lot of stuff because our storage areas are quite big, and since we pack the things in a crate initially, any moisture does not harm them. Also, storage areas are designed with smart techniques which do not allow moisture to get mixed in the air and damage our customers’ personal belongings.

For security purposes, our Moving and Storage Services involve the installation of automated doors in the storage rooms, which cannot be opened without entering a password. In this way, we make sure that your items are secured.


Moving House Storage in Newnan, GA

If the entire family has to move to a new place, the quantity of the items that need to be stored is always high. In this case, such storage services are required that facilitate a huge storage area.

Furthermore, as we are experts in moving house storage, spacious and amazing storage rooms have been built by us in which many things can be stored easily. We do not even pile the cartons up on each other because of the sensitivity of fragile items, and vast storage rooms help us to place the cartons separately.


New City Moving and Storage in Newnan, GA

US Express Relocation is an ideal option if you are looking for moving and storage near me. The reason is that even if you have to shift to a new city, you really do not need to panic because our services are matchless when it comes to moving storage. The items are stored in our storage area in your current city, and we deliver them to the new one immediately after your order. Also, there is nothing to worry about the transportation, as you will not have to arrange any vehicle on your own; we have moving trucks that work best for shifting items to a distant location.


Moving Company with Storage in Newnan, GA

Most companies only offer moving services and do not store the items. But we are a moving company with storage. It means we offer our customers all relocation services so they feel relaxed during the entire process. It is the duty of moving and storage companies to provide a complete set of facilities to the clients; therefore, we do not miss even a single step of relocation at any point. 


Storage Container Moving in Newnan, GA

The perfect storage containers are used in the Moving and Storage Services by keeping in mind the weather too. If the weather is too hot, we use cartons as storage containers, but if there is a prediction of rain in the city, then firm crates are utilized for packing the things.

Storage Pods Cost

The storage services of US Express Relocation are available at highly affordable rates. We facilitate our customers in the best way possible at fair prices. Even the long distance moving service is too reasonable. So, call us at (678) 561-6742 for a quote at any time.


Same Day or Emergency Moving Service in Newnan, GA

Same-day or emergency services are provided by us 7 days a week. Also, we work 24 hours, so even if you call us at midnight, our Moving and Storage Services in Newnan, GA will be available.




Do you offer 24/7 Storage Services in Newnan, GA?

Yes, the Moving and Storage Services can be availed on weekdays and weekends. Moreover, we work 24 hours a day.


What makes this company different from other moving and storage companies?

A licensed team of professionals performs the moving and storage tasks. Also, the experts are certified and have several years of experience, making US Express Relocation the most reliable Moving and Storage service in Newnan, GA.


Does the company have all the new city moving and storage facilities?

Yes, we have special facilities for customers shifting to a new city. Specific types of moving supplies and storage services are used in this case.


Services We Offer

Long-Distance Moving

To make your long-distance shifting easy, call us now!

Packing of the Items

We offer premium quality packing services to customers.

Loading of the Belongings

Connect with our team for a damage-free loading of your stuff in the moving vehicle.

Storage Areas

Get in touch with us today if you need a moisture-free and vast storage area for your things.

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The moving supplies used by them have amazing quality.

William Kane


They offered a complete range of moving and storage services to me.



I got my stuff back from their storage the next day. They are quick and cooperative.

Den Harrow


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