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Apartment Cleaning Services in Boulder City, NV
Who We Are?

Hightower Private Housekeeping LLC

Hightower Private Housekeeping agency has provided residential or commercial deep cleaning services for decades in major cities. We have highly qualified, insured, and well-trained workers to handle every project. We offer a guarantee on our assistance, tools, equipment, and products that workers used during that task of property purification. Experts here can care for your homes or businesses from unhealthy or poor indoor/outdoor ambiance. Connect with us at this instant to grab our exceptional and cost-effective facilities.

Apartment Cleaning Services in Boulder City, NV

Are you searching for reliable cleaning services in Boulder City, NV? Hightower Private Housekeeping is one of the trustworthy companies in this city to select. We have been in this business for decades and deal with many residential or commercial-based clients daily. We have knowledgeable, registered, and insured workers. They are trained to skillfully serve businesses or residential property owners when they need office or apartment cleaning services in Boulder City, NV.


Did you know that filthy spaces can negatively impact our health? Did you notice how poor maintenance the value of the business lowers? Poor quality of air can destroy the health of humans or pets. Dirty air ducts, kitchen sinks, cabinets, molds in showers, taps, aquariums, greasy and rusted countertops, and floors destroy the ambiance.


If a person is a businessman, those inconveniences negatively impact his/her success and reputation. No one wants to sit or stay in a bad environment. Do not waste time; employ our professionals if anyone needs a cleaning service near me. This agency also offers super-effective pool purification and sanitizing assistance. People searching for a pool cleaning service near me can rely on us.


Our Company Provides Cleaning Services for Different Properties

Here are a few places where our company provides cleaning services in Boulder City, NV.


  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Apartments
  • Private & Commercial Pool Cleaning


Residential Properties

If you are moving in or out of a residential property and searching for a house deep cleaning service in this city, call us now. We provide exceptional, speedy, and affordable property washing facilities in Boulder City, NV. No matter how small or vast a building a client has, and our qualified workers can handle everything carefully.


They wash casements, doors, and glass partitions, vacuum carpets, rugs, curtains, and drapes, and remove dust from decorations and furniture. They also remove the grout and wash tiles, grime, and dirt from the window or door frames. The clean patios, wooden decks, and pools. Contact us if you need deep house and pool cleaning services in Boulder City, NV.


Commercial Buildings

Washing and sanitizing vast buildings is not an easy task. It requires several workers, heavy or specialized equipment, tools, and premium quality products. Business or public places, grocery stores, and malls are the places that lots of people visit daily. Due to this reason, those areas interact more with dust, dirt, and grime. Direct and regular interaction of dirt and climate change (rain or sand storm) rapidly and negatively impacts commercial buildings. In this case, only a professional cleaning service company like us can help business owners to restore their places in a few hours or within the same day.


Our cleaning service business offers round-the-clock assistance to each customer in major cities. We have customized property purification packages and many other convenient options that suit almost clients' needs and budgets. Call us now if anyone is searching for a commercial cleaning service near me. We deliver those facilities 24 hours a day and seven days a week.



People that are leaving in small apartments can get our assistance with just a call if they are working women or men and have no time to maintain their living place. Our professionals with a reliable cleaning service checklist can resolve your problems in a few hours. Pick up the phone and dial the mentioned number to get assistance.


Private & Commercial Pool Cleaning

If anyone's property has a beautiful and relaxing pool place and he/she needs quick assistance with professional pool purification and sanitization, can rely on us. We have highly specialized tools and non-toxic premium quality cleaning products to improve the look of water basins. Dial the mentioned number for a free cleaning service cost estimate from us. We offer mentioned facilities and assistance at affordable rates compared to other market competitors' price structures.


How do Our Customers Understand Us?

Following are some points that can help customers to understand us. Let us jump into this:


  • Dress Code for Staff
  • Tools and Products Used in Cleaning Services
  • Initial Checklist
  • Closing Checklist


Dress Code for Staff

Our workers wear water and dirt-proof uniforms, disposable gloves, and a water-resistant shoe that ensures safe performance during the entire process.


Tools and Products Used in Cleaning Services

The following are essential tools and products that workers have


  • Specialized vacuums, handled vacuums
  • Mops, brooms, dusters, scrub or toilet brushes, caddies, expendable dusters
  • Rag bags, rinse cups, disposable towels, microfiber towels
  • Glass cleaner, liquid soaps, detergents, mold spray, insect killer sprays
  • Oven or stove cleaner, lime scale remover, wood cleaner, etcetera.


Initial Checklist

Professionals make two checklists that indicate the initial steps and other closing steps. 

The initial list consists of the following:


  • Inspect, wash, clean, and mop the kitchen floor, cabinets, sink, and countertop, and clean the face of appliances.
  • Inspect restrooms, remove rugs, laundry, or water baskets, and remove daily skin routine products to wash wall-mounted racks or shelves.
  • Wash bathroom basins, bathtubs, and glass shower enclosures by applying the cleaner.
  • Remove grout and wash tiles by applying products.
  • Bedroom, drawing room, dining hall cleaning
  • Door or casements dusting and cleaning
  • Garage or drive cleaning or washing


Closing Checklist


  • Empty trash bins
  • Change liners
  • Set everything in its place


The list will go on. This is the essential information that we give to our new visitors. So they can understand the professional process. There is more information that you need to know.


If you want to get all these mentioned facilities, connect with us to get cleaning services in Boulder City, NV. Moreover, our company provides cleaning services in the different areas:





What are the services that you do not offer?

We offer a wide range of home cleaning services, but here are a few things we do not offer. For example, we do not move large furniture, resurface or refinish floors, do not dispose of a huge amount of trash. We also do not remove molds from outside the property. 


Should I instruct hired professional?

No, you do not have to guide, instruct, or equipped our professional experts. Initially, they inspect the area and start working. They will arrive at the location at the right time with all required supplies, machines, and tools. Dial the mentioned number and hire expertise from this place for cleaning service in Boulder City, NV. We are also offering those facilities in major cities. Please communicate with us to get more information.


Services We Offer

Pool Cleaning

Hire skilled experts for residential or commercial pool purification and sanitization.

Residential Purification & Sanitization

Hire our professionals for a deep house or apartment cleaning, and rest assured. They will take care of everything.

Event Cleaning & Maintenance

We have qualified and experienced staff that can handle event cleaning skillfully. So, you can enjoy your parties.

Commercial Assistance

Business needs regular purification and maintenance service. Those facilities help improve the business value and demand. Employees/ visitors/guests attract to fresh and healthy places.

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I have hired cleaners for garage maintenance. They work very well.

Alex Lane


Friendly and professional staff. They did their job responsibly.  

Gina Coleman


We have hired a professional team from this firm for mall cleaning. We were surprised about how correctly and speedily they finished the task.

Ron Wafflers


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