Property Disinfection in New Canaan, CT


Property Disinfection Service in New Canaan, CT
Who We Are?


We are delivering exceptional mold mitigation services. We are equipped with the latest technology and the most innovative tools to make your dream home look better. Our two-step, non-toxic dry fog is far superior to any other alternatives you may have tried in the past. We provide a wide range of services, including mold cleanup, mitigation, remediation & mold detection. To save you from this hassle of getting the mold cleaned repeatedly, we also offer perfect solutions for its prevention. For a free home inspection and evaluation connect with us. We shall scan your home for molds in no time!

Property Disinfection Service in New Canaan, CT

To avoid health risks and structural damages, residential or commercial property owners use property disinfection services in New Canaan, CT. This facility will help clients to avoid uncertain water leakage and moisture that cause fungus/black molds. It also ensures the complete and deep cleaning of every corner of the house. Our qualified and RSA-certified professionals take great care of the interior and exterior of any building while handling the project. They use OSHA-certified equipment to maintain and clean the area.


Connect with us without hesitation to get our remarkable services with a great experience. We will never disappoint you at any cost. Selecting us as your trusted partner help ensure that we do what we say. Instead of wasting time searching for other local or cheap services, try us to get better results at affordable rates. Communicate with one of our customer representatives to get more information about this firm and its services.


Advantages of Property Cleaning Services

Following are the benefits of hiring the expertise of property disinfection in New Canaan, CT:


  • Increase the Beauty and Value
  • Maintain the Indoor/Outdoor Environment
  • Reduce Health Risks
  • Save Time and Money


Increase the Beauty and Value

Property cleaning services improve the beauty and value of the building. In this service, experts will check and clean any building or house's interior and exterior using quality products and tools. Experts clean everything from small spaces to large rooms, doors, casements, hard surfaces, roofs, ceilings, restrooms, and kitchens. They use specialized machines and products to clean or sanitize the rooms. This will ensure that fungus or black molds will never form inside or outside the property. To get an immediate response, call DRS LLC. Hurry up and grab our affordable assistance in just a call!


Maintain the Indoor/Outdoor Environment

Experts do air quality analysis, which helps to know whether mildew is forming inside the house. It also improves the indoor ambiance. Pros sanitize each corner of the area and check water leakage, air ducts, chimney, and laundry area. The hired team also inspects the exterior structure of the house, garden, or driveway to improve the outdoor environment. Select us because DRS LLC is a well-established and famous property cleaning company.


Reduce Health Risks

Moisture, damp areas, dust, dirt, water leakage, and rainy and cloudy climate cause rapid growth of mildew in homes. Mildew spreads skin yeast infection, allergies that affect the eyes, nose, or lungs, and gattii infection. It also damages human nails by spreading infection. Property deep cleaning ensures that no unchecked or unresolved issues cause health risks. DRS LLC is the best choice because our property cleaning checklist includes correct maintenance and water damage treatment. Employ us to get complete property disinfection services.


Save Time and Money

Our IICRC-certified pros know how to handle small or large projects professionally. Whether it is a residential apartment or a commercial mall, they will clean and maintain the area skillfully. They know deeply about the advanced or smart equipment used for property disinfection or maintenance assistance. Our qualified local contractors also help people to get the best and most affordable service of disinfection of water treatment for small to big apartments. Connect with us right now if you need quick and safe assistance.


How Can DRS LLC Experts Help Their Consumers


  • Immediate Response
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
  • Residential/Commercial Property Inspection
  • Molds and Air Testing Service
  • Cost-Effective


Immediate Response

We help our residential or commercial-based clients to deliver fast and affordable property disinfection services. Time and distance cannot stop us from serving beloved consumers.


Insurance Claim Assistance

DRS LLC offers insurance claim assistance which attracts and facilitates customers. In case of any mishap or unpredictable damage, this company will take complete responsibility for fixing the issue. We will ensure each customer that experts here will never damage their homes or any entity while performing the job.


Residential/Commercial Property Inspection

We provide free mold inspection and evaluation for residential or commercial-based clients. Experience of 34 years in this business helps new clients to believe in us. Moreover, DRS LLC offers remarkable services in multiple locations true Fairfield County of Connecticut. Ring us a bell to grab exceptional facilities.


Molds and Air Testing Service

If anyone is searching for a house disinfection service near me, no place is better than DRS LLC in New Canaan, CT. We have labs and a highly qualified professional mold and air analysis team. This service helps customers locate fungus formations in the buildings and improve air quality.



Customers love us because this firm offers quality assistance at reasonable rates. We will never burden the pocket of any customer. To get an instant cost estimate and more information about this firm, call us now at (718) 687-3040! Moreover, our company provides mold removal services in the following areas:





What is the cost of Property Disinfection in New Canaan, CT?

The cost of this service depends on the type of project, the infected area, the severity of the damage, the location, and the required treatments. To get more information and guidance, communicate with us. Our humble staff will educate and instruct each client sincerely. Ask any question that comes to your mind.


How can I eliminate mildew formation in my house?

Homeowners believe that fungus can be permanently removed from infected places using DIY or home remedies. They eliminate this issue by using boric powder, bleach, borax, vinegar, tea tree oil, and detergents. All these remedies give temporary results. The only long-lasting solution is to hire experts to resolve the issue. Experts inspect the area carefully, then use specialized tools or products to remove the fungus. Instead of cheap local solutions or remedies, call us to get professional assistance.


Does fungus cause asthma?

Yes, it worsens the condition of asthma patients, spreads yeast infection in human, cause bad odor in the environment, and more. Do not ignore any sign. Instead, hire pros from DRS LLC to get durable and effective results immediately. Call us any time to get insurance claim assistance. It can save you time and money.


Services We Offer

Mold Cleanup

Our experts are veterans of mold clean-up services. We clean it so that no smear is left on the walls.

Mold Detection

As they say, nip the evil in the bud, so detecting the mold at the earliest stage is always wise. Our team of experts will help you detect mold in your home, offices, or anywhere you want.

Mold Remediation

We all know molds are a natural part of our ecosystem, and if you live in a damp area, it becomes even tougher to get rid of them. In such cases, our team ensures that Mold remediation is done so that it becomes harmless to your health.

Mold Prevention

We all believe that prevention is always better than cure. In the same way, the best way to get rid of mold is to prevent it. Our experts, with the help of modern and hazard-free chemicals, ensure your place is permanently protected against all types of molds.

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Best staff and quality products. I appreciate their assistance.

Maria Gray


I would like to appreciate the expert team of DRS LLC that delivered great mold cleanup assistance. Now I am breathing in the fresh air of my office.

Kelly Hudson


I have got fast and affordable property cleaning services from this firm!

Jay Reynolds


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