Mold Detection Service in Greenwich, CT


Black Mold Detection Service in Greenwich, CT
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We are delivering exceptional mold mitigation services. We are equipped with the latest technology and the most innovative tools to make your dream home look better. Our two-step, non-toxic dry fog is far superior to any other alternatives you may have tried in the past. We provide a wide range of services, including mold cleanup, mitigation, remediation & mold detection. To save you from this hassle of getting the mold cleaned repeatedly, we also offer perfect solutions for its prevention. For a free home inspection and evaluation connect with us. We shall scan your home for molds in no time!



Black Mold Detection Service in Greenwich, CT

Why do people ignore black mold detection services in Greenwich, CT? How can it be dangerous for health? In the modern era, our lifestyle has become fast-paced. We are so engrossed in achieving professional goals. Sometimes, we need to prioritize important things. Deep property cleaning for black mold detection is one of the most important things people put on the back burner. Everyone must go through a property cleaning checklist in which mold testing and inspection are at the top. Regular property disinfection saves you from heavy damage and critical consequences. Small neglected repairs, if ignored, become costly. "A stitch in time saves nine" perfectly applies to timely property flossing.


So, if you are also busy achieving your professional goals and looking for trusted and reliable insurance claim assistance, call us. You are at the right place to get immediate responses from experts that can make your places fresh and healthy to breathe. We have OSHA-certified mold testing equipment that can give the best results, which helps in making reports. Those reports help determine the super-effective solutions and antimicrobial treatments for infected areas.


Free Mold Inspection in Greenwich, CT

Experts thoroughly check each corner of the house or apartment for fungi during this process. Damp or moisture-contented areas are checked carefully because moisture attracts and help mildew to grow rapidly. A team checks roofs, ceilings, casements, doors, restrooms (shower, bathtubs), the kitchen (cabinets, sinks), lawns, and gardens. After this, they collect the sample in various or suitable ways to determine the severity or level of mildew formation. To know about other processes, keep engaging with our website. You will get more useful information here! Call us for a free mold inspection and evaluation from DRS LLC!


How We Identify and Locate Fungi Growth in Homes

Mold-detecting services help a lot in locating the invisible growth of fungi at any place or building. It helps when a person faces side effects, such as sneezing, itchy red eyes, and bad odor but fails to locate it. These difficulties can also occur due to dust and dirt, but this can also be the reason for inviting fungi into the house. Professionals help us locate or identify it using specialized devices that take a sample. Those samples then check in the laboratories. If anyone is considering how to test molds in your house, look at the following testing methods our experts can do for you. Let us jump into it:


  • Bulk/Tape Sample
  • Air Testing
  • Intrusive


Bulk/Tape Sample

It is the lowest type of testing which performs after mold detection service. This process uses tapes, swabs, or bulk samples to identify fungus or black mold danger type and level. The method is useful for small areas but does not indicate the size of fungi formation at any residence. This method is also less expensive as compared to others.


Air Testing

It is the most common and popular method to locate this issue at any property. It is a scientifically proven method that gives 100% results that help restore any surface or property quickly by using the right treatments. This process collects an air sample using specialized or scientific tools. Those devices store the air sample, which helps indicate the size, type, and location where mildew grows.


In some cases, mold detectors for homes are installed to collect those results. An air pump with aero cell disk is used to perform this test. After collecting this test, the information interprets in the lab to know the negative impact of fungus in homes. It is the right time to hire experts from us to avoid black mold danger. If any person ignores this issue, then he/she may face severe skin, eyes, or nails infection, difficulty in breathing, asthma, etcetera.



It is one of the highest testing methods performed in commercial or vast residential places by physically removing materials. A team of experts removes items or materials to locate and identify the level of the infected area. Connect with us to get RSA-certified pros services that responsibly handle small to big projects. Unprofessional cannot do this task. Do not take a risk on your property and family. Instead, hire a trustworthy and reliable team of professionals for mold testing at home from DRS LLC.


Reasons Why People Choose DRS LLC for Mold Detection

The following are the reasons that clarify to new clients why people choose professional assistance instead of trying home remedies or DIY solutions:


  • Trusted Business Establishment
  • Immediate Response
  • Registered and Certified Apparatuses
  • Qualified and Trained Staff


Trusted Business Establishment

Experience is one of the most impactful factors that make any business popular in the market or among consumers. We are proud to say that our agency has spent 34 years in business and gained fame due to hard work and devotion. Our business helps clients of multiple locations true Fairfield County of, Connecticut. So, call us at (718) 687-3040 if you need any assistance.


Immediate Response

Immediate response is essential to build a strong and trusted relationship with consumers. So, we prioritize our customers' precious time and deliver fast aid for mold detection at home.


Registered and Certified Apparatuses

Professionals here used OSHA-certified equipment while performing any task for mold detection service and mold removal.


Qualified and Trained Staff

Our experts are IICRC certified they have deep knowledge about property disinfection treatments and the types of fungi that can be grown properties. DRS LLC offers free inspection and evaluation services in major cities for mold detection. Moreover, our company provides mold removal services in different areas:





What type of testing is suitable for fungus inspection?

The best and most effective type of mold testing is air samples because it indicates the size, type, and location of mildew formation.


How can your professionals perform the job?

Experts here are highly qualified and trained. They handle any project by following step-by-step instructions. They are fully equipped at the time of applying solutions. Every worker wears a mask, gloves, and a safety dress that prevents them from direct exposure to fungal spores. Pros inspect the area, collect samples, interpret information in the lab, make a report then apply suitable solutions to the infected space.


Does this firm offer home disinfection services?

Yes, we offer the safest and most reliable property disinfection services that, ensure complete protection from water leakage, dust, dirt, moisture, and mold formation.


Services We Offer

Mold Cleanup

Our experts are veterans of mold clean-up services. We clean it so that no smear is left on the walls.

Mold Detection

As they say, nip the evil in the bud, so detecting the mold at the earliest stage is always wise. Our team of experts will help you detect mold in your home, offices, or anywhere you want.

Mold Remediation

We all know molds are a natural part of our ecosystem, and if you live in a damp area, it becomes even tougher to get rid of them. In such cases, our team ensures that Mold remediation is done so that it becomes harmless to your health.

Mold Prevention

We all believe that prevention is always better than cure. In the same way, the best way to get rid of mold is to prevent it. Our experts, with the help of modern and hazard-free chemicals, ensure your place is permanently protected against all types of molds.

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My apartment caught fungi due to excess moisture in the indoor environment. DRS LLC team help me to get rid of this problem. I am thankful to have its team's assistance.

Bruce Goodricke


Trustworthy professionals and budget-friendly services!

Gina Coleman


I will recommend this place to my family and friends because experts from this firm never disappoint me. I always enjoy their assistance.

Alex Lane


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