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Best Auto Glass Service in Decatur GA
Who We Are?

JS Auto Glass Company

JS Auto Glass Company is a reputable company founded in 2016. Since then, our dependable team has been working hard to deliver prompt services and effective solutions for various auto glass restoration and repair projects. We are glad to serve commercial and residential clients throughout Atlanta, GA, for: Scratch Removal Headlight Restoration Windshield Repair Windshield Replacement Back Glass Door Glasses Side Glasses Schedule an appointment with JS Auto Glass Company at your earliest convenience for excellent auto replacement and repair services. Contact us today at (678) 549-2829.

Best Auto Glass Service in Decatur GA

A car glass is a sensitive element that can break, crack or damage easily. However, nothing is to panic about because it can be repaired or replaced within a few minutes. The only crucial thing one should be careful about is getting professional help. It is because a non-specialist’s treatment might not last longer. JS Auto Glass Company offers outstanding auto glass service in Decatur GA. Competent professionals are available to restore the automobile’s original condition so efficiently that it becomes impossible to detect that it has undergone any treatment. They always do their job right and prioritize customer satisfaction.


Furthermore, the contractors use top-quality equipment in every project, which makes it productive and speedy. The tools are always tested before utilization so they do not cause any inconvenience during the work and function efficiently. Also, they are bought from genuine and licensed manufacturers only, so they come with a warranty of several years and become a robust project support system. So, are you looking for an auto glass service near me? Connect with us now!


Auto Glass Repair in Decatur GA

Has a stone from an unknown direction suddenly hit your vehicle’s glass? There is no need to be stressed because our experts for service auto glass are here to assist you in the best way possible. All our procedures for auto glass service in Decatur GA involve thoroughly cleaning the reflector. This way, all the dirt and debris wash away, and a cleansed surface is obtained to perform the fixation. Usually, a reflector cleaner or alcohol is poured on the microfiber cloth; then, the surface is sanitized in a top-to-bottom motion. It is how no streak appears on the casement or windscreen, and they look crystal clear.


An epoxy resin is injected into the cracked or damaged area with the help of a thin syringe so that the task can be done precisely. The contractors for auto glass repair ensure that the fissure has been filled with the solution correctly. If there is any excess solution, it is wiped off with the help of a microfiber cloth so that it does not ruin the overall look of the windshield or casements.


Afterward, a few minutes are given to the solution so that it dries well. Lastly, the professionals check the affected area’s condition with unique tools. They only close the project upon the confirmation that the slit has been fixed accurately and is no longer prominent on the reflector. So, are you searching for windshield repair near me? Ring us a bell today.


Auto Glass Shop in Decatur GA

It is optional for the customer to avail auto glass service in Decatur GA, at his place. Our organization also offers mobile auto glass services on the company premises. Yes! You heard it right. If the customer is on his way and some mishap with his vehicle’s reflector has been done, he can get it repaired by visiting our location. When the client steps inside the auto glass shop, he is immediately attended to by our experts because we do not make our customers wait. The project begins after the order details are noted and the charges are discussed. 


If the client wants to wait, there is a comfortable waiting area on the premises where he can read magazines or watch television to kill time. The work is usually done within an hour or two, so he does not have to stay there much longer. In contrast, if the customer wants to drop the vehicle off, he can do that too. The customer service representative calls him the moment the project gets done. So, are you seeking an auto glass service center in town? Contact us now!


$99 Windshield Replacement in Decatur GA

In most companies, windscreen replacement is more expensive than reparation assistance. Nevertheless, our organization offers $99 windshield replacement to customers. It means the client does not have to pay the bulk of the money, and he can get a new windscreen installed at reasonable rates.


 When the order for replacement is placed, the customer service representative immediately shares the quote having the mentioned figure so that the client feels satisfied. So, are you also looking for a windshield replacement near me? Please grab your cell phone, dial the number mentioned on the website, and speak to our representative. He will book your order for auto glass service in Decatur GA, and immediately send the quote via email.


Why Choose Us?

The company has been a part of the auto reflector industry for many years and only hires experienced and skilled contractors. Also, the professionals are given the opportunity to attend the annual workshops and seminars too to get familiar with the advanced techniques for auto glass service in Decatur GA


Moreover, the windshield replacement cost or any other assistance charges are highly affordable. Due to this, we have always received immense appreciation from our clients because they enjoy economical but quality services.


In addition, we give the customer a choice to get the glass repair or replacement done at his place or ours; hence, he goes with the feasible option for him and does not face any difficulty. So, what are you waiting for, then? Call us today. Our professional provides different services in these areas:




How long does the windscreen replacement take?

Our contractors are very quick; thus, they only perform the task within an hour. It involves both the removal of the old windshield and the installation of the new one.


Does the company check the experts’ backgrounds before hiring?

Yes, definitely! The candidates undergo rigorous interviews and screening sessions, and only the deserving and proficient ones are appointed to maintain the quality of work.


How can I place the order?

The client can place the order by calling us at the mentioned number or via email. The customer service representative responds to him immediately. So, without wasting any further time, contact us now.


Services We Offer

Windshield Crack Repair

We provide windshield crack repair that deals with chips/cracks and other sorts of damage on the pane.

Car Window Installation

 Our company has certified workers to install damaged car window glass.

Auto Glass Repair

The professional technicians at our agency inspect the glass and repair it smoothly.

Windshield Replacement

The cost of the service of replacing a windshield is low at our company than anywhere.

What Client Say's


Thanks a bunch for fixing the chipped glass casement so well.



They have installed a high-quality windshield in my vehicle. Good job!



I will not go somewhere else for car reflector services from now onwards.



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