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Responsible Residential Security Service Anaheim CA
Who We Are?

Secure Task USA

Secure Task USA delivers exceptional and trustworthy security guard services in major cities. We have successfully served residential, commercial, and industrial clients for several years. We also provide customers with the best and most durable security systems, remote security teams, and patrolling defense assistance. Our teams of experts are highly qualified and trained in this profession. They can take great care of any project or area responsibly. Our highly skilled teams of security guards always continue getting training about new techniques and knowledge about advanced defense smart apparatuses.

Moreover, we are delivering all those facilities at reasonable rates. We design unique and budget-friendly cost structures for every client. Hire us and communicate with us to get more information. We will be happy to assist you!

Responsible Residential Security Service Anaheim CA

Safety and security of home or family are one of our most significant and most important responsibilities. Street crimes, robbery, and other vandalisms are rapidly increasing. Due to this reason, people tend to install highly advanced defense systems in their homes and hire residential security services in Anaheim CA.


If you are searching for dependable home security services, then Secure Task USA is the best place to select. We have highly qualified, strong, and responsible residential or commercial defense teams trained to deliver excellent safety assistance.


Following are the duties and abilities of our guards and officers:


  • They are trained to provide first aid in case of an emergency or injury.
  • Self-defense techniques.
  • Making logs or reports daily.
  • Check jammed, broken, or open doors and casements.
  • Alert management or police in case of an accident, flooding, criminal activities, or other vandalism.
  • Greet Visitors/vendors/employees/contractors/patrons.
  • Access control.
  • Monitor CCTV cameras, video control, or access control rooms and devices.
  • Offer patrolling services.
  • They may be armed, unarmed, in uniforms, or work undercover. All those scenarios are depended on the client's choice.


Our Officers and Guards Help Business Owners

Our security guards make sure the following things professionally:


  • Monitor the Area

  • Engage with Patrons/Employees/Contractors

  • Monitor Security Units

  • Patrolling

  • Make Reports

  • Alert Management

  • Eliminate Abusive or Suspicious Person


Monitor the Area

Secure Task USA, a residential security officer, is eligible to protect your family or property by monitoring the surrounding area. Officers monitor the activities around any property, check on visitors'/guests' behavior, and monitor CCTV cameras or other smart devices installed. They can make logs or reports every day that helps improve the defense system.


Apartment security service guards have strong personality or behavior-observing skills. This characteristic help recognizes suspicious people whose intentions are not good.


If anyone wants this type of security aid, dial the mentioned number. We are just a call away from you and are always ready to help clients by delivering our remarkable armed and unarmed security guard services.


Engage with Patrons/Employees/Contractors

One of an officer's most crucial responsibilities is to engage with every employed person within the designated area. He also monitors other personnel of any business to avoid unpleasant or theft activities. Businesses need those facilities, such as fashion malls, grocery stores, hospitals, institutes, etcetera, to hire guards for 12-24 hours.


Some businesses, for example, small stores, hire defense officers for specific security service hours. These factors help us make a reliable and budget-friendly cost estimate for any client. Do not stress about the assistance expense or anything else; just contact us and rest assured. We ensure that our client never disappoints with the provided facilities. Ring us a bell right now to get your desired residential security service.


Monitor Security Units

That expertise is trained to monitor smart surveillance units. This unit combines video, audio, or photographic recording apparatuses installed in a commercial or personal residence. It shows that our teams have deep knowledge about the modern devices that enhance any place's safety.


They can help monitor those surveillance units that record every moment or occurring activities. This information helps in case of robbery, kidnapping, unauthorized entry, fire/heat/smoke accidents, flooding, and more. Instead of going elsewhere, contact us if anyone needs home security services near me.



Patrolling is a service where defense officers monitor properties or businesses by walking or traveling. They can check every corner of the designated place by walking. Specialized vehicles, golf carts, and fully equipped bikes are used to look after large areas. To hire our patrolling security guards, communicate with us via call or email.


Send details about your residence or business property, to get an instant cost estimate. Our experts can also give you beneficial advice in case of any problem.


Make Reports

That expertise is eligible to write logs and reports in correct English. If you want this type of residential security service, then rely on us to get whatever you need.


Alert Management

Patrolling guards are trained to inform police or management quickly in case of an emergency, accident, or mishap.


Eliminate Abusive or Suspicious Person

Observe visitors' or guests' behaviors. Eliminate abusive and suspicious persons from the designated area without disturbing the environment. This is the right place to contact if anyone needs security patrol services near me.


About Us

Secure Task USA has been working for decades to enhance the safety and defense of residential or commercial properties. Our strong, well-mannered, and qualified defense officers sincerely serve many clients. They are the best in delivering residential security services. They can operate and monitor surveillance units or advance weapons.


Our teams of experts never stop getting special training that improves their physical or mental abilities. Do you want that expertise from us? Ring us a bell at  (866) 283-5454 right now! We will be happy to assist every client. Moreover, our company provides services in these areas.




What qualifications should a security guard have?

Residential security service guards should have a high school diploma or GED certificate. Fortunately, we have the most qualified and certified staff that work hard t deliver excellent assistance.


Why high school diploma is essential for a guard?

It is an essential requirement of commercial-based clients because they demand daily logs or reports from that expertise. Those records help them in several scenarios.

Furthermore, education or specialized training increases confidence and improves communication skills and performance.


What major aspects should we check before hiring defense expertise?

Following are some factors that everyone should check before employing any defense assistance:

  • Reputation and ranking of an organization
  • Customers reviews
  • Experience and assistance rates
  • Performance, education, certification, and previous criminal record of defense teams


Are you offering mobile security services?

Here our clients can get any type of security assistance from us. All you have to do is to inform us about the type of project and your requirements. By using those details, we will help our clients to get their desired facilities.


Services We Offer

Residential Security Guards

We are providing armed and unarmed security guards for homes or apartments.

Shipping Security

We are also providing super effective and safest shipping security services 24/7.

Warehouse Defense Services

Give your warehouses the best protection and security by consulting and hiring our defense officers.

Commercial Defense Services

Here our clients can get trustworthy and reliable commercial patrol, armed and unarmed security officers' services at affordable rates.

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Best officers and affordable packages!

Daisy Gartner


I hired a team of defense guards to protect my family and house. I am happy to say that the team is serving us very well.

Andrew Jacob


Trustworthy and reliable organization to get defense facilities. I admired its assistance.

Paul Milson


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