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Who We Are?

Secure Task USA

Secure Task USA delivers exceptional and trustworthy security guard services in major cities. We have successfully served residential, commercial, and industrial clients for several years. We also provide customers with the best and most durable security systems, remote security teams, and patrolling defense assistance. Our teams of experts are highly qualified and trained in this profession. They can take great care of any project or area responsibly. Our highly skilled teams of security guards always continue getting training about new techniques and knowledge about advanced defense smart apparatuses.

Moreover, we are delivering all those facilities at reasonable rates. We design unique and budget-friendly cost structures for every client. Hire us and communicate with us to get more information. We will be happy to assist you!

Best Commercial Security Guard Santa Ana CA

Commercial properties are larger and more complex to manage. Each corner and entity need particular attention to avoid uncertain or critical events. Unprofessional and common people are not willing to protect or manage larger areas. To handle this issue, reputable public and property defense companies service many clients. People tend to go with those companies more nowadays due to sensitive and critical country situations. Past pandemic years negatively impact the economy and environment of each country in the globe. It means unemployment, theft, and other crimes have increased rapidly.


Every business needs the best and most highly advanced security services to monitor everything carefully. This is why we provide the best and most trustworthy services for commercial security guards. That expertise is highly trained, qualified, and strong to watch over any property.

Call us today if anyone needs instant commercial security services in affordable packages. Our teams are always ready and equipped with weapons to serve larger or smaller businesses and residential properties.


What is the Difference Between Mobile and Remote Security Services in Santa Ana CA

People need clarification when they read about mobile or remote commercial security guards. They ask questions about it. Here we educate customers and try our best to answer each of their questions. Let us have a look at them:


  • Mobile security guard service is required for larger sites where walking inspection is difficult. In this facility, specific auto cars, golf carts, or motorbikes cover the entire area. It is one of the types of patrolling. The other one is known as foot patrolling. You can typically see in malls where guards inspect parking lots, basements, stories, and each building corner. This help observes unwanted or suspicious activities and alert management or police in the case of an accident.


  • A remote commercial security guard is an advanced form of a physical defense system that helps improve the safety of homes or buildings. In this facility, guards are hired to operate and monitor surveillance units to protect the designated area or family. It is used for 24/7 live video or audio recording. In an emergency, those surveillance cameras or analytics notify the remote team about anything that triggers an alert to a possible problem. It is also one of the cost-effective facilities for residential or commercial-based clients' demands.


  • Consequently, this is the right place to contact if anyone is searching for security guard companies near me. Our clients can get several of our most popular and demanded commercial or private security guard services. Do not worry about the expense because we never burden customers' pockets.


Defense Assistance for Commercial Buildings in Santa Ana CA

We have mentioned several popular types of assistance, such as patrolling officers and private, remote, or mobile guards. It ultimately depends on a customer what type of service he/she wants to protect the property or its premises. Our job is to provide customized commercial security guard assistance at affordable packages. We will dispatch a team of experts according to the demand or need of a consumer.


Moreover, the charges of employing that expertise vary according to the person's needs and requirements. Suppose someone wants armed security guard service and some want unarmed. We will charge a fee according to it. To get more information and clarity, communicate with one of our humble customer support managers. He will educate and guide people about everything responsibly. Give us a chance to become one of your most trusted and reliable partners if you search for security guard companies nearby.


About Us

Decades of experience, deviation, and passionate and loyal staff make us unique in the market. This is why our organization now serves leading commercial or shipping companies to improve their security systems. Our knowledgeable, active, and strong defense teams assist shipping or logistic companies, residential property owners, and business properties.


They believe in us because we never make false promises, claim hidden fees, or change our words during the assistance. We do and provide as we promise. Loyalty and passion make us famous and trustworthy among each consumer. So, save this moment and immediately connect with us if you need security guard services near me. Moreover, our company provides services in these areas.



The Perks of Hiring US

Here are a few following perks of hiring secure task USA:

  • Experienced and Well-Known
  • Quickly Responsive
  • Cost-Effective

Experienced and Well-Known

Every business flourishes through hard work and experience. Years of experience and sincere service make us respectable and trustworthy. We will never stop providing special training to our professional teams about new techniques and smart defense apparatuses. Call us if anyone needs the most trusted commercial security guard assistance.


Quickly Responsive

We respond quickly to our consumers to handle emergencies. Moreover, we never take too long to dispatch a desirable defense team to any residential or commercial area.



We offer those facilities in different packages depending on the consumers' requirements.

Please send us details about your needs or requirements for a cost estimate. We will give a reliable estimate according to this information.




What type of security service should I get for my warehouse?

Armed guards are reliable for the warehouse because this place contains and stores valuable things. For example, agricultural warehouses store food items, which costs a lot of money. Remote or armed guards are essential to avoid burglary, robbery, fire/flooding disasters, or any other type of vandalism.


However, you can get more suggestions and advice from our experts to choose the best defense facility for your warehouse.


What is the cost of hiring unarmed defense guards for home?

Unarmed defense officers are less expensive than armed ones. They charged fees per hour. Hourly rates depend on the following factors:

  • Location
  • Type of business
  • Time of day

Can I get 24 hours personal defense assistance from this firm?

Yes, this organization provides 24/7 personal guards to clients at affordable rates. Connect with us to get further details.


Services We Offer

Residential Security Guards

We are providing armed and unarmed security guards for homes or apartments.

Shipping Security

We are also providing super effective and safest shipping security services 24/7.

Warehouse Defense Services

Give your warehouses the best protection and security by consulting and hiring our defense officers.

Commercial Defense Services

Here our clients can get trustworthy and reliable commercial patrol, armed and unarmed security officers' services at affordable rates.

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This agency provides the best security systems and officers' aid that help keep my place secure.

Den Harrow


My experience with the firm is excellent. I will recommend this place to my family or friends.

Dany Grayson


I employed a personal custodian from this agency. He is strong and doing his job responsibly.

Terry Dess


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