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Professional Window Tinting in Oklahoma City, OK
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WOW Window Tinting and Design

At WOW Window Tinting and Design, we provide tinting services in Mustang, Tri-City, and surrounding areas and have over 30+ years of experience in the industry. We deal with every sort of tinting for: Home Auto Commercial Boat Semi-Truck Tractor, etc. Call us now for a free quote at (405) 777-0388.

Professional Window Tinting in Oklahoma City, OK

Looking for professional window tinting in Oklahoma City, OK? No worries, then you are in the right place! We acquire an extensive catalog of car window tinting that helps keep up the vehicle's grace. Our tint film range mostly includes; ceramic tints, dyed tints, metalized tints, etc. The technicians are trained and richly experienced in the field. Thus, we will help you attain the best tint film that suits your vehicle. What advantages would these tint films give off? They are listed as follows:

Pros of Car Window Tinting

The pros of car window tinting are listed below;

  • They filter ultraviolet rays.
  • They cause heat rejection, thus maintaining a cooler environment.
  • Give a unique appearance.
  • They sustain the resale value of the vehicle.
  • Tint films protect the passengers from shattered glass pieces.
  • They remove the glare from the lights.
  • Luxury and some average-class window tints keep the car's upholstery from fading.
  • Protect the window panes from climatic wear & tear.
  • They give off a private space by blocking unnecessary visions.
  • The heat rejection keeps the temperature normal, thus causing better AC working.


Car Tint in Oklahoma City, OK

The best of the best car tint in Oklahoma City, OK, layers a unique look on the automobile. Certain small accessories help to enchant the vehicle and sustain the resale value, such as auto wraps, window tints, stereos, etc. WOW Window Tinting and Design help you with them efficiently. On the other hand, if you are searching for automotive window tinting near me, you may pick up your phone and call us now at (405) 777-0388.


Types of Car Window Tinting

Certain types of car window tinting acquire different features according to their texture and finish. These:

  • Hybrid Window Tint—high-performance tinting films. 
  • Carbon Fiber Tint—the tint films with carbonized particles at economical costs.
  • Dyed Window Tint—colored tinting films that are averagely durable.
  • Ceramic Window Film—High-end films with distinctive looks.
  • Crystalline Window tint—crystal textured appearance.
  • Metalized window film—window coating with metalized particles in it.


Windshield Tint in Oklahoma City, OK

Now, one may consider installing window tints on the vehicle's side windows but what about the windshield tint in Oklahoma City, OK? They are helpful, but too much darker window tints on the front car screen can block the driver's nighttime view. If you are willing, our technicians will provide excellent mobile window tinting:

  • Shattered Glass Protection
  • No Glare


Shattered Glass Protection

In an auto accident, a driver gets half of the damage from the broken window pane. These small pieces of shattered glass can injure the passengers' faces and other body parts. But if the front windshield tints are installed, then the shattered pieces are held together by the adhesive character of films.


No Glare

The outside light source can produce a glare, which can disturb driving. An auto tint in Oklahoma City, OK, is helpful to eliminate this problem. They reduce the intensity of light entering the vehicle, thus providing a clear view of the road.


Window Tint Cost in Oklahoma City, OK

The window tint cost in Oklahoma City, OK, depends on some factors. Nevertheless, with WOW Window Tinting and Design, you will find every product at a nominal rate than the market, whether you need our services for removing window tints or installing new luxury ones. The technicians are richly experienced in the field:

  • Texture
  • Number of Windows
  • Durability
  • Custom or Ready-Made


There are different textures of window tinting films, i.e., ceramic tints, carbon fiber tints, precut tints, dyed tints, crystalline window tints, etc. Each has its specific price.


Number of Windows

The number of windows on the vehicle that are needed to be wrapped variates with the total cost for the service. For example, a bus will consume more tint film than a hatchback vehicle.



The durability of the window tinting is a considerable quality. No one wants to visit the tint center just after a year. Thus, we assure you of the durability ratio in our best window tint films. 


Custom or Ready-Made

Not satisfied with what our shelves have? You can go for your creations! We provide custom auto tints with imprinted designs right from your imagination. 


Window Tint in Oklahoma City, OK

The window tint installation process in Oklahoma City, OK, needs to be professional. You can go for some DIY methods if you want to do some fun, but wanting them to stay long enough with that might not work. The process needs professional equipment/tools/products to be durable on the vehicle's skin.


Installing Window Tints

Whether you want to install the eclipse window tinting film on your own or need a professional for it, in both ways, you would know about how the work is done properly. This will help you spot any mistakes in the installation. The step-by-step method is given as follows:

  • First of all, choose your film texture wisely! Whether you want dyed window tints or ceramic tint films, check your budget and requirements.
  • Select the shades according to the law of the area. Some states do not allow darker shade than 20 window tint.
  • After selecting a perfect window tint, properly clean your car windows, and scrape debris & dirt off them.
  • Measure each window tint according to the requirements.
  • Apply the film and start from the center of the window panes to avoid bubbles.
  • Smooth the tinting out with a heat gun to settle them.
  • Tuck the edges.
  • Enjoy!


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