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Mobile Car Window Tinting in Mustang, OK
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WOW Window Tinting and Design

At WOW Window Tinting and Design, we provide tinting services in Mustang, Tri-City, and surrounding areas and have over 30+ years of experience in the industry. We deal with every sort of tinting for: Home Auto Commercial Boat Semi-Truck Tractor, etc. Call us now for a free quote at (405) 777-0388.

Mobile Car Window Tinting in Mustang, OK

Many companies are providing car window tinting in Mustang, OK. A thin and semi-transparent film in car window tinting is pasted with a very little adhesive on the car window's inner side. Certain benefits come with applying window tinting. One of the benefits is light. Sometimes in summer, automobiles become very hot from the inside because of all the sunlight coming directly inside the car from the windows and heating it. It is the basic and the most common reason for anyone to tint their cars.


Another common reason is to protect the inner plastic of the car from expiring. Plastics are long chains of polymers that can deteriorate in sunlight. So, if you live in a very hot area, the car's interior can start to lose shape very early, almost within 2 years of buying. So, what tinting does is. Some good tinting brands like 3M provide UV protection in their tinting film, which can protect the car from sunlight and UV radiation from the sun, preventing the car from heating up and extending the life of the inner plastics and interior of the car like the dashboard.


Best Tint Removal Service in Mustang, OK

There are many shades of auto tint, like 50 window tint or 30 window tint. The tints are there to use the shade they like and follow the traffic regulations. According to traffic regulations, the front-side tint should be way lighter than the backside to make the car visible from the inside. To install a new tint, you need to remove the old tint. And we also provide the service of removing window tint. To remove a window tint, you have to be extremely careful.


Because if you exert some extra pressure on the electric window tint, it can shatter into pieces. Or, if you do not put enough force, removing one tint can take a whole day. It is a work of experience. In Mustang, OK, Tint Shops uses blades and hard plastic to scrap the old tint or peel it off. We provide the best tint removal service. Our professional employees make sure that no customer returns unhappy.


3M Ceramic Tint in Mustang, OK

WOW, Window Tinting and Design applies the best mobile window tint in Mustang, OK. The best part about our tints is that we only use quality products. Our tint film is from a 3m ceramic tint. It is a worldwide tint filmmaker, making the best tint film worldwide. Other companies tell you that the tint they are using is of good quality, but they are actually using cheap and crappy film, which will expire in just 3 to 4 months, thus getting you back into the shop.


Ceramic window tint is a new type of tint. Ceramic tint can be done by any shop which provides mobile tint service in Mustang, OK. The tint Shak offers the best quality window tint. Call us at (405) 777-0388 if you want to get a tint from our car tint shop. We will be more than happy to help you.


They also overcharge the customers by telling them that the film is of good quality when it is not. The other type of tint is ceramic tint. It is way more powerful but has a little price difference. The ceramic tint cost is a little high. But we ensure our service does not go heavy on our customers' pockets.


Professional Tint Shops in Mustang, OK

Most people do when they want a tint because they go on google and type tints near me or tint places near me. I am afraid that is not right. It would be best if you always asked for references from friends and family. This way, you can save yourself from getting ripped off by a dishonest tint shop in Mustang, OK. So, make sure to work around the references, and if you find a good guy, then spread their words, and tell other people that you should visit this guy for a tint. Do not go there if you are going to a tint shop by watching an ad.


Good tint shops are booked for a couple of weeks. They do not need to run ads on tv. So, work with references only. And if you need any tinting services or ceramic tinting, then get in touch with us. WOW Window Tinting and Design acquire professional and experienced staff, which will provide you with great car window tinting that will last a very long time. So you do not have to come again and again. Moreover, our company provides tinting services in the following areas:



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