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Window Security Film Installation in Katy, TX
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Welcome to Night Window Tint - The only place where you will get the perfect solution for all your tinting needs. At Night Window Tint, we provide commercial and residential tinting services in Houston, TX, with over 10 years of experience. We do window tinting installation with certified technicians. Quality Comes First! We Make Sure Every Minute Detail Is Looked into While the project, Even the Smallest Project. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs and Satisfaction. Call us now at (832) 614-2059 Or Email us at houston@nightwindowtint.org.

Window Security Film Installation in Katy, TX

Window security film reinforces existing windows, making them 2 to 3 times stronger than regular ones. Protective window films are used in banks, offices, and counters. They are challenging to break. So, if someone tries to break into your home or shop through the window treated with this film, he will have difficulty crossing it. The best part about this film is that they do not let the shards drop after cracking. Most of these windows are not treated with only one layer of llumar security film solutions. A particular type of polycarbonate is used to make these films. They are treated with at least three layers of this film. They can range in thickness depending on the cost. They can vary from 4mm up to 15 mm.


If you want to make your home or office safe and secure, you can use this film. You can hire experts from Night Window Tint. We have professional and highly trained employees who deliver the best and the most affordable services in town. You can type window security film installation near me if you want to find us online. There you will find our company at the very top. You can call us from there and find the directions to our shop. So, please do not waste any time and call us immediately.


Shatterproof Window Film in Katy, TX

Ordinary Glass is very brittle and easy to break. If you have plain glass windows and panels in your home or office, they will shatter quickly. It happens when they are neither tempered nor tinted if something hits them mistakenly. Most of the time, the glass window shatters on its own. It is because the dust particles in the air put micro-scratches on the surface of the Glass.


These scratches then expand and can affect the integrity of the Glass. It can make the Glass very easy to break. So, if you want to prevent this from happening, get our window security film installation service. In this service, a film is installed on the Glass. The security tints make the Glass stronger and almost shatterproof. So, if you also want this film installed, then get in touch with us immediately.


3m Window Security Film in Katy, TX

Many companies in the market are manufacturing security films. The best one among them is the 3m window security film. It is because it is the most prominent film manufacturer in the world. This brand is known all around the world for its top-notch quality. We also install the film of this brand for our clients. Their products are made of unique materials and undergo a special hardening process, making them highly resistant to scratches and wear and tear.


You can install it almost every using some soap and water. However, it is only installed in banks and high-end offices where security is a must because of its price. You can get this film installed by us. The 3m has very few branches, so it is challenging to buy products from them. You do not have to worry about it. We can do this stuff for you. You can buy it directly from us for your convenience. We also provide 3m security film installation for houses and offices.


Safety Window Film Installation in Katy, TX

A safety window film is a thick film whose primary purpose is to make the Glass so strong that no one can break in even if the Glass shatters. The film installed on the Glass is very thick and made of polyester. This film is attached to the Glass using a special carbonized glue, which sticks to the Glass very firmly. Then the sheet is installed on the Glass. The sheet takes about one week to settle entirely on the Glass, but it becomes impossible to separate afterward. It makes the Glass so strong that it will still not pass through the Glass if you hit it with the hammer.


The Glass will turn to pieces, but the sheet will keep it in place. This type of Glass is best for counters and banks etc. You can also install it on the outer side of your building or office. It is used in banks because it resembles a bullet-resistant window film3m bulletproof window film is the best in the world. We also provide our clients with this film. It stays in its place for a long time, and it lasts a lifetime as well. So, get in touch with us immediately to get it installed on your windows.


3m Bulletproof Window Film Cost in Katy, TX

3m produces the best sheets. Their most selling ones are the 3m safety and security window films. They also make security films for windows. Their products are original and of high quality. The only drawback of their products is that they are expensive. The 3m bulletproof window film cost depends on only one factor. The factor is thickness.


The thickness of the film is a significant factor that can affect the price a lot. A thin film will only stop small bullets or weaker guns, but a thicker film stops bigger bullets or bullets from rifles and snipers. So, all of it depends on your security demand. If you want high security, you will need thicker solar and security window film, which will cost more. Nevertheless, if you want low security, you will need thinner film, which will cost less. Moreover, our company provides tinting services in different areas:



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