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Install Heat Control Window Film in Galena Park, TX
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Welcome to Night Window Tint - The only place where you will get the perfect solution for all your tinting needs. At Night Window Tint, we provide commercial and residential tinting services in Houston, TX, with over 10 years of experience. We do window tinting installation with certified technicians. Quality Comes First! We Make Sure Every Minute Detail Is Looked into While the project, Even the Smallest Project. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs and Satisfaction. Call us now at (832) 614-2059 Or Email us at

Install Heat Control Window Film in Galena Park, TX

If you own a west-open home, sunlight will likely come directly to every corner of your house. So, if your rooms or kitchen have glass windows and doors, you should install sun heat control window film. Sunlight also impacts the mechanism of other home appliances. Suppose we leave them in their rays for a long time. Both humans and the protection of other home accessories need immediate tint installation service. It will save your home furniture and your health at the same time.


3M Heat Blocking Window Film in Galena Park, TX

Living in Galena Park, TX, you will know how badly impacts the summer and winter seasons on its citizens. People adopt many things to facilitate themselves in both seasons. They also buy cold blocking and 3m heat-blocking window film for their homes and fleets. So, if you are searching for reputable and trusted winter or heat-blocking glass film providers, call us. We have various wraps, frosted, textured, and heat-blocking films. Are you ready to grab our discount services at this moment? Ring us a bell now!


Exterior Heat Control Window Film in Galena Park, TX

We sell self-adhesive top-quality exterior window film heat control for residential and commercial buildings. People who want to enhance the exterior look of their properties adopt this way of improvement. It is less expensive than replacing old windows or renovating the patio doors. Many homes or business owners prefer to install anti-graffiti film kind of exterior tints to protect the entire look of their property.


Graffiti is like street art that seems to be a criminal activity in some states by law. In this art, the street artist draws different alphabets, sentences, or faces with the help of spray paints. Some people do not like this act and use anti-graffiti exterior tints to protect the residence. It is costly because of its features. It gives us 99.9% protection from harmful solar rays. Contact us if you are interested in buying this one.


Window Film to Reduce Heat in Galena Park, TX

Window sun reflective film gives an extra protective layer against UV rays and enhances the beauty of your home. Yes, this cold and heat-reducing polymer sheet can improve the appearance of your old windows. You can customize it according to the desired shape, design, and color. Many people like to buy rainbow-colored window film to reduce heat. When sun rays reflect on their color, it creates a mesmerizing and eye-catching view for guests or visitors. Many hotels and restaurant owners prefer patterned and colorful tints for their building's glass doors and colossal patio glass windows. You can order this type of film with just a call. We will come to your location to install it!


Suppose your AC stops running on a hot day in summer, and the techs will take some time to come to your location for repair. What will you do? If you do not have heat control window films and doors, the temperature will rise soon after turning off the AC. On the other hand, someone with tinted glass windows can easily wait for the technicians to fix the cooling system's issue because heat-reducing window film can keep the temperature moderate even when you switch off the cooling system. What are you waiting for? Order the best window tint to reduce heat from Night Window Tint providers at reasonable prices.


We offer reasonably priced top-quality thermal heat reduction window film to keep your space cooler in summer. It will reduce sun glare by up to 80%. Sun glare is also one of the most annoying things when sitting in your lounge or playing games. It makes it difficult for you to see properly on the tv screen. The best way to eliminate it is to apply tint on your windows. We have a variety of glass tints that prevent sun glare and give you peace of mind. Call us now if you want to purchase our products or hire our techs to do a task.


Benefits of Heat Reflective Window Tinting

Here we would like to mention some benefits of Night Window Tint's heat-reflective window tint:


  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Resistant to Shattering
  • Safeguard for Furniture and Floors


Lower Energy Bills

You must try this tint if you live in an area that reaches 80 to 90 degrees during the summer. It will lower energy bills by reducing the usage time of your cooling system because it allows you to retain that costly cold air for an extended period.


Resistant to Shattering

It will prevent glass shattering in case of storm vandalism or minor hit of other objects. In this way, nothing will damage the glass when your children are playing with a ball or any other toy.


Safeguard for Furniture and Floors

If you have tinted windows, there is no need to worry about the furniture or floor fading. It keeps the destructive effects of sun rays from everything inside your home.


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You will find a wide range of home window film heat control at the Night Window Tint. They are available in many designs and colors. You can also choose the thickness according to your budget. However, remember, the less its thickness is, the less it will give desired results for you. Are you ready to protect your home furniture or reduce electricity bills by applying it? Call us at (832) 614-2059 and grab our incredible discount services. Moreover, Our company provides other window tinting services in different areas:



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