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Decorative Commercial Window Film in Sugar Land, TX
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Night Window Tint

Welcome to Night Window Tint - The only place where you will get the perfect solution for all your tinting needs. At Night Window Tint, we provide commercial and residential tinting services in Houston, TX, with over 10 years of experience. We do window tinting installation with certified technicians. Quality Comes First! We Make Sure Every Minute Detail Is Looked into While the project, Even the Smallest Project. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs and Satisfaction. Call us now at (832) 614-2059 Or Email us at

Decorative Commercial Window Film in Sugar Land, TX

Every business owner wants to maintain their buildings' look and inside environment at any cost. They use many things or beautifying accessories to enhance the appearance of office employees' cabins to attract visitors and customers. For this reason, we are here to provide decorative window tints for commercial buildings. We have a variety of glass tints for your office building to make it more protective and eye-catching to visitors or guests. These tints give you privacy, heat protection, reduce glare, reduce energy bills, and many other benefits. Here is the list of tints that we have:


  • Frosted
  • Solar heat protection tint
  • One- and two-way privacy window film
  • Blackout tint
  • Sound reduction film
  • Anti-graffiti window films, and more!


Visit our online shop to get more information. You can choose any glass film from our ready-to-apply profile. You can also customize it with our expert graphic designers. Contact us now to get commercial window film in Sugar Land, TX.


Storefront Window Tinting in Sugar Land, TX

Storefront Window Tinting is now a prevalent thing among people. Every business or homeowner prefers installing film on their glass doors or windows. Commercial window tinting got famous because of its compelling features. The most hypnotic feature of this material is protecting your furniture, computers, or leather upholstery from cruel sunlight. Sun rays cause much damage, like ruining the color of your curtains, carpets, rugs, and more.


UV rays that come from the sun are also not suitable for humans. It causes skin diseases like cancer. It also has many other destructive impacts. For instance, suppose you run a grocery or a hardware store. Most storefronts do not have curtains and allow the sunlight to come inside directly, which is unsuitable for the owner and the staff he kept in his store. For this reason, we provide the best solution for store owners to buy commercial window tint films. It will protect the whole place from heat and glare, so you can efficiently work there.


3M Commercial Window Film in Sugar Land, TX

Whether running a small or a large business, your office needs a 100% privacy feature or an eye-catching look. Getting these two features is expensive for many office owners. But here is good news for you. Night Window Tint providers offer every business owner a cost-effective 3M commercial window film solution.


Now you can improve the privacy and beauty of your working place with our pocket-friendly and top-quality commercial window film in Sugar Land, TX. Place an order now according to your requirements. Our techs will come to your locations to install these tints. Call us now for a free cost estimate by telling us the size, grade, and color you want.


Commercial Glass Tinting in Sugar Land, TX

Do you want to get rid of the costly energy bills of your commercial building? Do you want to reduce glare? Contact us now. We have the solution to all your problems. We can make your office, grocery store, school, and home safer and more attractive with our window films. You can get all the desired benefits from them. These are the best source to reduce the cost of energy bills.


The thick layer of the thermoplastic polymer can prevent the heat and cold breeze that affects your office or home's inside temperature. In this way, you can maintain the usage of HVAC systems in both seasons. It reduces the expense of curtains and blinds. Once you apply tints on glass, they will serve last for more than 5 to 10 years. To get better and long-lasting results, purchase top-quality films from well-known buyers. We want to tell you more about it. The life of any window tint depends on some factors:


  • The weather condition of your area
  • Cleaning methods
  • Techs that you are hired to install it
  • Quality of window film


Building Window Tinting in Sugar Land, TX

We have trained and experienced commercial window film installers who know how to work quickly and correctly. We served many business owners and tinted their buildings efficiently. We use the right tools and incredible tricks to wrap up a small or a massive building by providing same-day service. If you are reading this, you do not need to type more about building window tinting near me. We make sure that you will never feel regret after having our services. Are you ready to purchase our product or hire techs? Call us now and allow us to prove we are your business's right partner.


It is time to stop typing building or office window tinting near me because you have already found us. It is a challenging task to apply window films on a huge commercial building. Only experts can do it fast and correctly. Whenever you decide to renew the look of a building, rely on us instead of going to an unprofessional firm. We have hundreds of happy client reviews and more than ten years of experience in this field. We know the value of our beloved clients' properties. That is why we trained our pros to give their services without damaging anything. They know how to wrap a commercial building window tinting appropriately. We assure you that you will never see a bubble in any sheet our techs apply to your glass windows.


People think window tinting is more expensive than buying curtains and blinds for their spaces. It is a cost-effective and quick way to get rid of many problems related to privacy and security. We offer a price match guarantee and yearly warranty on our services. We will never put a burden on your pocket. Get in touch with us and grab our outstanding products. Our commercial window tinting prices are less costly as compared with other competitors. Moreover, our company provides tinting services in different areas:



Benefits of Office Glass Tinting

An office is a place that needs more privacy than other places in a commercial building. You keep here important documents and susceptible records. Moreover, offices are where you talk to your senior employee on confidential topics. This is the reason; an office needs more security and privacy elements. We offer top-quality blackout, whiteout, and translucent office privacy window films to every office owner. It gives you the following benefits:


  • It prevents the outside eyes from seeing inside your office
  • Enhance the looks
  • Soundproof quality
  • Prevent theft and burglary
  • Glass shattering proof
  • Reduces heat and glare
  • Keep the inside temperature of any place moderate in summer and winter


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