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Home Broken Glass Repair Service in Washington DC
Who We Are?

Select Glass & Windows Inc

Select Glass & Windows INC is one of the leading companies in the city, which has been providing high-end quality glass repair and replacement services to valued clients. In addition, due to the quality work and satisfactory results, many rely on our agency to renovate their outdated patio, shower, and room doors and windows. Our company has become a reputable name in the market due to honest and transparent dealing with every customer. In addition, we have highly specialized workers who can carefully deal with complex glass renovation and installation work. Furthermore, we have a very economical cost for each service than the other market competitors. So, anyone who wants to get the work of glass door and window replacement and renovation was done ideally can contact us.

Home Broken Glass Repair Service in Washington DC

Has a cricket shot smashed the window of your room? There is nothing to panic about. Select Glass & Windows INC. offers superb services of home broken glass repair in Washington DC. There are two groups of professionals; one handles the installation tasks, whereas the other is only committed to repairing the smashed reflector. The experts can fix the glass in such a way that it seems like it never broke. So, if you want top-notch broken glass repair services, ring us a bell now!


Furthermore, high-quality equipment, including the best glues and sealers, is used in the process so that the material does not look untidy after the reparation method. Once the process has been done, the seals are dried with small blowers so that the smashed pieces do not get separated again and stay rigid in their place. All the professionals are certified and well-trained, and due to their many years of experience, they wind up with the reparation method within an hour or two. Are you looking for broken home window repair near me? There is no other better choice than us.


Emergency Broken Glass Repair in Washington DC

It is funny how it often happens that when any mishap regarding the appearance of the house occurs, the guests come over. But do not take stress about it because we offer same-day and emergency glass repair services to the clients. And the best part is that this service can be availed at any time of the day or night as all the services are offered 24 hours a day. Moreover, we work on both weekdays and weekends, so there are no offs in between. So, are you seeking broken glass repair near me? Ring us a bell now at (703) 309-4118.


Home Glass Replacement Service in Washington DC

We do not deal with casements only, but if the reflector of any table, side table, or anything else is broken, we can also fix it. So, no matter which item's broken glass replacement you want us to do, we will be there at your service. We especially have specialized professionals for door works, they fix or replace them in the best way possible, and just like the casements, a wide range of designs and patterns are available in them too. Thus, call us anytime for details or home broken glass repair services.


Broken House Window Repair in Washington DC

To fix broken house windows efficiently, the experts wear gloves first so that while touching the glass, they do not accidentally get any cut; if it bleeds, the germs will contaminate the window pane and be against hygienic measures. And we always stay very particular about hygiene maintenance. Premium quality pliers are then used to pull out the reflector in the casement frame. Afterward, the old putty is chiseled off with a sharp knife so the window gets a neat look after fixation.


In the case of a wooden frame, we prime it properly because the scrapping might also remove some material from the frame. Lastly, a new pane is installed in the frame to replace broken house window. And the old casement clips are also removed and replaced with new ones so that their corrosion does not affect the quality of the current entity. Do you want to have a durable home broken glass repair in Washington DC? Call us today.


Cracked Glass Repair in Washington DC

Most people think it is impossible to repair cracked mirrors, but this is not true. Our professionals are quite proficient when it comes to cracked glass repair. They use high-class superglues to fix the fissure, and in most cases, Silicon is utilized due to its flexible nature, waterproof, and ease of application. Also, the windows are always exposed to harsh sunlight and rain, so Silicon works best in such conditions.


After the slit fixation, a transparent and clear liquid is painted on the crack carefully to decrease its appearance and make it look flawless. Whether you want our services for broken glass window repair or fissure fixing, we can excel in both.


Affordable Home Broken Glass Repair in Washington DC

Home broken glass repair in Washington DC is available at highly affordable rates. We always follow our company's policy which has been part of the organization since its beginning, and according to that policy, we stick to budget-friendly plans only and do not charge large amounts from the customers. Even an extra single penny is not charged by us for any of the services. So, do not worry about the broken window repair cost, and place an order today. There is a guarantee that whether the task is to fix a smashed casement or to repair cracked window glass, everything will be done at economical rates. Moreover, our company provides the following services:





Is your broken glass repair service available on weekends?

Yes, we are available 24 hours on the weekends too, so feel free to call us anytime for broken house window repair and avail of our services even at midnight.


What are the charges for cracked glass repair?

The charges are less than the replacement service because this reparation does not include the formation of a new casement. And there is a surety from our side that you will avail of this service at super fair rates and no unnecessary amount will be charged. Please call us for more details; a quote will be provided immediately.


What kind of glass material do you use for broken glass replacement?

Premium quality material is used to form the casements, which are durable and long-lasting. Also, it is not so sensitive that it breaks easily. If excessive force is not applied to it or any severe trauma will not occur, the reflector will not break or crack in any way.


Services We Offer

Window Leak Repair

Anyone whose home window is leaking can seek help from us.

Shower Door Restoration Service

Shoor, is the door not closing or opening? Call us and get help from licensed workers.

Patio Glass Door Repair Service

Has your patio door stopped closing correctly? Give us a call and get it repaired quickly.

Emergency Board up Service

Get our temporary board-up solution if your windows, door, or floor is damaged.

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The team is proficient and polite.

John Franklin


They efficiently repair cracked glass.

Shawn Wohler


They do not take too long and only replace the casement within half an hour.

Daisy Gartner


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