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Select Glass & Windows INC is one of the leading companies in the city, which has been providing high-end quality glass repair and replacement services to valued clients. In addition, due to the quality work and satisfactory results, many rely on our agency to renovate their outdated patio, shower, and room doors and windows. Our company has become a reputable name in the market due to honest and transparent dealing with every customer. In addition, we have highly specialized workers who can carefully deal with complex glass renovation and installation work. Furthermore, we have a very economical cost for each service than the other market competitors. So, anyone who wants to get the work of glass door and window replacement and renovation was done ideally can contact us.

Get Emergency Board Up in Washington, DC

The safety of properties should be everyone's top priority. Every minor repair work should be done on time, so the house's value does not downsize. For instance, if a window is damaged due to unknown circumstances or heavy storms, the owner should not delay its restoration. If anyone cannot do so immediately, they can get our emergency board up services to save the house from entering dirt, debris, and pests. We have highly professional workers with several years of experience providing emergency boards up Washington, DC.


In addition, the workers install the cover on clients' damaged glass or anything else to ensure the desired result. The experts start their work wearing all the necessary safety kits, such as gloves and glass. After that, they tape over the cracks and cover them with weather-resistant wood covers.


Emergency Glass Repair Service in Washington, DC

There are some myths in people's minds regarding emergency glass repair and board up service as they believe the facility is only needed when any damage occurs in their building's wall, roof, window, or door. However, the reality is that the better use of wood or iron cover becomes effective before happening any incident.


For instance, one can get help from experienced workers to install boards on the critical parts of their house before they are damaged by a heavy storm, debris, or stoning from protestors. So, the point to know for every homeowner is that the service can use in both situations; before damaging the object and after the damage.


Advantages of 24-Hour Board Up Services in Washington, DC

First, let us talk about the benefits of the post-damage 24-hour emergency board up service.


  • When a door, window, or anything in a house is damaged, landowners do not have time to repair or install a new one. In that situation, the owners can consider a temporary solution by covering the cracked areas so that the house remains safe from entering rain water, debris, and pests.
  • The second situation in which the service helps is when the homeowners take precautionary measures to prevent the valuable installations of their house from damage. The unique covers protect the objects from all types of vandals and vandalism.


Therefore, one can enjoy all these advantages of the board up by seeking immediate help from our well-established company in the city.


Affordable Board Up Cost in Washington, DC

Online scammers cause a considerable loss for people in the name of providing an affordable emergency board up cost. The scammers ask their clients to send the amount before doing any work. Therefore, avoiding getting in touch with such people with no credible portfolios is vital.


So, how can one avoid scams by offering affordable service? The first step is to start thorough research before hiring anyone. It is better only to avoid them if they have positive customer reviews. Another way to avoid such a scam is to rely on our agency which has several years of working relationships with residential and commercial base customers and has a good reputation in the market.


Our Story

Select Glass & Window Inc is a renowned company that provides emergency boards in Washington, DC. We have highly specialized and experienced workers with extensive knowledge in repairing, installing, and boarding up damaged windows, doors, floors, and walls.


Furthermore, as a certified agency, our agency values the clients' safety while working in the home and business owner places. Also, it ensures that the clients get the desired and needed result from us. Therefore, anyone who wants to get our help can contact us today. Customers can approach us to hear more about the service. Moreover, our company provides glass repair services in different areas:




How important is it to find board up services?

Those looking for the best emergency board up services near me must realize the importance of covering up the damaged areas of the building. First and foremost, it improves the security of the client's house. It also stops insects, debris, and wild animals invade in the house.


How can anyone know they need an emergency window board up?

The emergency window board up service is a necessity for every household. One can prepare for getting help from experts if the metrological department predicts heavy storms. It will help save the properties from causing damage.

Another sign one needs the service is that when any area of their house is cracked, they should consult with the experts to cover up timely.


Services We Offer

Window Leak Repair

Anyone whose home window is leaking can seek help from us.

Shower Door Restoration Service

Shoor, is the door not closing or opening? Call us and get help from licensed workers.

Patio Glass Door Repair Service

Has your patio door stopped closing correctly? Give us a call and get it repaired quickly.

Emergency Board up Service

Get our temporary board-up solution if your windows, door, or floor is damaged.

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Nice work you have done for me at my place. I like how professional and clean it was.

Dany Grayson


I recommend this company and will use you guys again!

Kevin Smith


Professionalism, punctuality, quality, and responsive company.

William Brown


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