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Get Electric Stove Repair Service in Burbank CA
Who We Are?

A+ Appliance Repair and Maintenance LLC

A+ Appliance Repair and Maintenance LLC is a leading company working in the city for the past eight years. We have highly professional and experienced technicians who can renovate gas or electronic gadgets. We are a certified and trusted agency known for its quality service in the city. Moreover, despite providing a high-end quality service, the cost is highly economical that cannot find anywhere else. Therefore, if you want to repair major brand gadgets, such as Thermador, Sub-Zero, Bertazzoni, Miele, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Bosch, Viking, and US Range, you can get our help anytime. We will make sure to fix the fault and restore the appliance quickly.

Get Electric Stove Repair Service in Burbank CA

A running cooktop is essential for every household to cook daily foods. If any mechanical fault occurs out of the blue, it becomes an incredibly frustrating experience for the users. However, now one can reuse their outdated cooking appliance quickly by seeking help from our experts who can repair gas stove and electric gadgets properly. Furthermore, they are highly trained and licensed and are given special training to renovate all the electronic kitchenware of the major brands. The technicians have been helping those who need electric stove repair service in Burbank CA.


Therefore, anyone who needs stove repair near me can get our help to fix the outdated gadget and restore it immediately. For instance, some major faults in a cooktop that the mechanics handle are that it does not turn on, there is gas leakage, and the burner does not heat up. All these problems can be fixed by approaching us now.


Gas Stove Repair Service in Burbank CA

Does anyone want to use their Frigidaire cooktop for a long time? The secret to using any appliance for a long time lies in getting regular assistance from professionals to repair gas stoves. Whenever any malfunction occurs in the most important kitchen device, please do not procrastinate and dial the number of the professional company and get immediate help to fix the mechanical fault.


It will increase the operational life of the object and save a considerable amount from buying a new one. Hence, anyone who needs gas stove repair near me can consult us as our agency is considered the hub of appliance maintenance experts.


Wood Stove Repair in Burbank CA

Undoubtedly, a sudden breakdown of any heating device in the winter season is a frustrating experience. However, it is no longer annoying because we can restore the gadget within a short period as our technicians are highly professional and have been helping those who need wood stove repair near me.


In addition, our maintenance specialists are highly accommodative and always ready to help the clients whenever they feel it is easy to renovate their outdated gadgets. Hence, whenever anyone’s wood, gas, or electric cooktop creates trouble, they can get an electric stove repair service.


Gas Stove Repair Company in Burbank CA

An expert in stove repair service is a must-have for every household that owns the brand cooktop appliance. Our troubleshooters are highly experienced and can fix any outdated part of the KitchenAid appliance. As a professional gas stove repair company, we provide gas stove repair service in clients’ houses, and it helps them avoid any difficulty in searching for reliable and experienced mechanics.


The agency always ensures the best assistance for the customers as we realize how important it is for them to have an efficient and running cooktop. Therefore, do not forget to contact us for a remarkable electric stove repair service.


How to Repair Glass Stove Tops?

Besides making the cooking process easy and stress-free, an appliance also adds to the overall beauty of a kitchen. If the glass of a stove has burnt, scratched, or rusted due to overuse, that can fix by using a cleaner restorer. However, if the damage is too large, it is better to replace the cracked glass. Please ensure removing the screws by following the guidelines given on the instruction list by the manufacturer.


Nonetheless, the best way is to hire experts to repair glass stove tops because our mechanics have several years of experience in electric stove repair service. They have been helping all those households who need emergency glass top stove repair assistance.


About us

We are a well-reputed company known for its electric stove repair service in Burbank CA. In addition, we have specialized and licensed technicians who can renovate any mechanical fault in electronic kitchen appliances. As a certified agency, we always ensure reliable and professional service for valued customers. Moreover, despite providing satisfactory client assistance, the agency provides an attractive discounted cost. Therefore, if your gadget is not working, you are better off approaching us now. One can call us at (800) 819-4195 to know about the service. Furthermore, our company provides Appliance Repair services in the following areas.





Where can one get a wood cooktop renovation service in Burbank CA?

Several people still use the wood-burning heating appliance as it is considered energy efficient and affordable. However, like any other thing, the metal-made object also expires after a certain period. Therefore, those who need wood stove repair assistance can choose us to renovate the heating gadget of their homes.


Does this company provide a glass heater top overhaul?

It has been several years since we have been helping residential, commercial, and industrial base clients while providing glass stove top repair at their places at an economical price. So, anyone whose gas cooktop is not working, they can get in touch with us.


Services We Offer

Certified Refrigerator Mechanic

Our mechanics can properly repair outdated refrigerators.

Gas Stove Repair Service

We also provide emergency stove repair service for valued customers.

Dryer Repair Service

Has your dryer outdated? Stay calm because we have a qualified technician to fix it.

Refrigerator Repair Service

A sudden breakdown of your Refrigerator Repair is no more problematic. Call us and restore it immediately.

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Their cost and the quality of the work are unbeatable things.



The mechanic was very kind and accommodating.

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I hired them to renovate appliances. I am pleased to share that it is still working smoothly.

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