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Best Roadside Assistance in Columbus, OH
Who We Are?

Rush Towing

Our company takes pride in being a professional service provider. We aim to provide towing service and roadside assistance, far from the usual expectations from tow truck companies. We take our work very seriously and expect high professionalism from our employees. You are guaranteed that your vehicle will be taken with the highest level of care from pickup to drop off.

Best Roadside Assistance in Columbus, OH

Rush Towing has provided outstanding and the best roadside assistance in Columbus, OH, for over 20 years. We aim to help our clients in the best possible way to get them back on the roads as soon as possible by fixing any technical issues. Our firm has many hardworking and factory-trained mechanics who deliver incredible 24-hour roadside assistance services in this state. No job is too small or complex for us. Mechanics deals with every type of vehicle, and their components malfunction efficiently.


So, do not panic if you are stranded on the road because now you have us at your service. Our courteous and passionate technicians leave clients on the road once they complete the task. From manual to luxurious automatic cars, they can fix any issue related to them in a matter of minutes. Whether an ignition, tire, engine, or battery is causing trouble, we can fix it with the right tools in an eye blink.


Emergency Roadside Assistance in Columbus, OH

Our clients can hire techs anytime because no one can predict when and where machines will leave them helpless. Sometimes carelessness also puts us in trouble. For example, if someone needs to remember to refill the fuel tank and then relies on no gas station situated on his way. What should he need to do? He needs to instantly dial our company's contact number on his phone and ask about our service.

Rush Towing's courteous workers will reach his location within 15-20 minutes with a fuel container. Are you thinking about what type and quality of fuel we provide in this situation? You do not have to worry about it. We assure you that we provide the best quality fuel at the same market rates and according to the quality you ask from us.


On the other side, if your vehicle breakdown, collides with another auto, or is locked out, we will assist you. We have super supportive tow trucks and an experienced team of workers who can handle any situation effectively. Feel free to contact us to get emergency roadside assistance. Rush Towing's expert techs & staff are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Unlike other motor servicing firms, we do not ask for membership and charge fees. You can pay only for the service you need. Clients can get everything from this place:

Experts can help you even if you have car trouble in an unfamiliar location. Our workers will find you with the GPS locator information from your cell phone. You can get the best roadside assistance in Columbus, OH.


Flat tire Assistance in Columbus, OH

Suppose you are driving on a highway, and suddenly a rock hits a tire and gets punctured. Most people got panicked in this situation. It may worsen the condition if you are stuck here in the middle of the night. It becomes a nightmare. It would be beneficial for you to keep calm at this moment. If you keep panicking about it, you may choose the wrong partner for flat tire assistance. So, please take a deep breath and dial our number to get quick highway roadside assistance in Columbus, OH! A fully equipped technician will arrive at the pin location to resolve the issues.

After receiving the client's call, we instantly dispatched techs with spare tires and tools. Remember to inform a customer representative about the type of car and its damage in the journey. Do you need roadside assistance flat tire right now? Dial the mentioned number and get lots of benefits!


Moreover, our professional staff will guide and appropriately advise you on how to handle the trouble with your vehicle. Remember this: if you cannot correctly inform us about the exact location, use the GPS locator service. In this way, we will be able to know the exact location. The customer representative will guide the clients who need to learn about this service. Do not be shy and ask the customer service provider anything you want. The entire staff and workers of Rush Towing are very humble and polite. They try to answer all the client's questions very politely and appropriately.


Roadside Assistance Company in Columbus OH

Are you facing a car breakdown, tire flat, or car accident recovery? Are you looking for super-fast roadside assistance? If you landed on our page after researching roadside assistance near me, fortunately, you are at the right place. Our company will assist you no matter how far away a car breaks down occurs. Rush Towing roadside assistance company offers all services throughout Columbus, OH, and nearby areas. Vehicle owners can get the following services in one call:

  • Tow truck drivers
  • Battery jump starts
  • Fuel, tire changes
  • Repair & patches, and
  • Ignition repair services

Save our roadside assistance number right now, and do not miss the chance to always us on in your service. To make road journeys smooth for clients, experts work hard day and night to deliver the best roadside service.  Expert mechanics of this firm assist motorists and bicyclists who are stranded on the roads due to electrical and mechanical failure. They immediately diagnose and repair the problem that caused the breakdown, towing automobiles from one place to the nearer repair shop. They change a punctured tire, provide fuel, and pull out the autos stuck in the mud or snow.


Vehicle owners can get all the expected roadside assistance services that bring back motorists on the roads. Refrain from wasting your time, and wait for your friends or family to get help. Because roads are unsafe for anybody, especially at night, it is advisable to make a quick and wise decision to call a trusted firm at a critical moment instead of waiting too long.


Why Choose Us?

Experience, passion, the loyalty of workers and staff, and top-quality services make us unique in this business. We respect and care for our clients. Their satisfaction, trust, and reviews make us successful in this field. Highly supportive towing vehicles, modern tools, and other products related to automobiles are the key factor of best services.

Rush Towing's crew always maintains the quality of products and services. It is the only thing that a customer demands from any firm. Compromising or using low-quality gadgets, machines, and new spare parts of vehicles lowers the reputation of any firm. That is why, when it comes to the best roadside assistance services, select us to get 100% secure help.


Moreover, do not worry about the cost of any service. Experts will never put a burden on any client's pocket. This firm offers affordable cost estimates for different services. The cost will vary according to the following factors:

  • Type of service
  • Vehicle condition
  • Time, distance

Do you need any assistance with this firm right now? Grab our excellent roadside services at affordable prices by calling us at (614) 496-4686.


Services We Offer

Emergency Towing

We are available 24/7 to provide the most reliable and efficient towing for your vehicle.

Flatbed Towing

We use only the newest and most advanced equipment because we want to make sure that you get the best-flatbed towing.

Roadside Assistance

Whether you need spare tire installation, fuel delivery, or lockout services, our trained technicians are always ready to help you.

Jump-Start Service

Our skilled technicians will safely jump-start your car while also fixing any wires so that this sort of thing will not happen anytime soon.

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Towings were very skilled; they knew their job well.



The faculty of the company was very professional.

Amanda Sydney


Their response time is very remarkable, they reached out to me in no time.

Claudia Wilson


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