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Quality Car Towing Service in Dublin, OH
Who We Are?

Rush Towing

Our company takes pride in being a professional service provider. We aim to provide towing service and roadside assistance, far from the usual expectations from tow truck companies. We take our work very seriously and expect high professionalism from our employees. You are guaranteed that your vehicle will be taken with the highest level of care from pickup to drop off.

Quality Car Towing Service in Dublin, OH

Do you ever think about how much tow truck companies facilitate people? A person standing alone, stranded on the road with his dead car, needs a trustworthy helping hand. In this scenario, even a humble voice of a customer representative gives peace of mind to an anxious person. A car breaks down, and mishaps or road accidents are those events that people will never want to face.

However, these incidents are uncertain, and no one can envision what will happen to them. Due to this reason, Rush Towing plays a vital role for those drivers or riders who face vehicle breakdowns and accidents. You do not need to worry if your autos ever deny running due to malfunctioning components. We provide excellent and quality car towing services in Dublin, OH.


When anyone types car towing near me, Google will show a list of tow truck companies on a phone screen. Everyone should not select a company that appears very top on the page. It would benefit everyone to carefully analyze companies, read reviews, check ratings, and select a suitable one. If you found us by typing this keyword, you can check and analyze our service pages and customers' reviews. It will ensure that our customers love to have our roadside tow truck services. If you are thinking about "does towing damage your car?" then allow us to prove it wrong.


Car Towing Laws in Dublin, OH

Dublin OH's towing policy has strict laws for car towing services, and we respect the laws. Rush Towing's professionals follow car towing laws in Dublin, OH. We ensure that our team of experts does every job sincerely, safely, and quickly according to all the terms and conditions. We can also help those searching online about how to find my towed car. Our company can help people who want to move from one area or city to another area or city with their precious vehicles. Yes, we are providing remarkable automobile transportation services in this state.


Service cost varies according to the type you choose, the weight of the vehicle, and its size. Nevertheless, do not be afraid. We will never put a burden on our client's pockets. We will charge you reasonably and provide quality assistance. 

Our certified and insured technicians have deep knowledge of correctly hauling vehicles from one place to another. We use modern and safe techniques in the entire process. We use the best quality tools and safety gadgets to protect your automobiles from dents, scratches, and other damages.


Besides all this, if anyone is thinking about handling a critical situation on his own or asking for help from friends and family in case of a car breakdown, he should avoid that thought because unprofessional acts or techniques will cause you more trouble than you expect. Always choose the safest and most reliable ways to avoid problematic situations instead of adopting risky shortcuts.


Flatbed Tow Truck Service in Dublin, OH

Rush Towing has many tow vehicle fleets to haul damaged, wrecked, broken, and old cars. From heavy-duty to light or medium-duty automobiles, our professionals can handle everything. We provide well-built and well-maintain trailers, wreckers, rotators, and flatbed tow truck service for completing any task. You can select the towing vehicle according to your automobile's weight, size, and type. People commonly hire flatbed tow trucks to haul cars that stopped running due to any electrical or mechanical issue and in case of road accidents.

The unique thing about us is that we send a team of experts, including experienced tow truck drivers and technicians for car towing services in Dublin, OH. The car towing process is challenging, and an unprofessional person needs to do it correctly. Several specific tools and expertise are required to towing a car. Once you hire experts for this service, you can get several benefits.


First that you can hire a tow truck driver with technicians. They can inspect auto and fix the issue quickly. Secondly, you can only hire a driver that hauls a car to a trustworthy repair shop. You can get both facilities in a reasonable cost structure. Our prices are low compared with other service providers. Let us know if you want experts to safely tow a car on a trailer.


24-Hour Roadside Assistance in Dublin, OH

Good news for our clients; we provide a full suite of car towing services in Dublin, OH, including 24-hour roadside assistance. Nothing is better than a company that will help automobile owners with remarkable roadside assistance and towing services in their critical times. No matter how far you are, what kind of problem you face on the road, and the time, our pros will reach you. After receiving your call, we will instantly send professionals the required tools and spare parts you need. They will reach the location of our client within 20 to 30 minutes. Weather, time, and distance, nothing can stop or encourage us to help our beloved clients.


Feel free to contact us anytime. We always wish that no one ever faces any mishap or vehicle breakdown anywhere in this world, but unfortunately, no one can guarantee machines or uncertain events. That is why we suggest our customers keep a contact number on their cell phones. It will help them a lot in an emergency. We want to show a small list of our highlighted services that our customers love to have from us. Let us have a look at them:

  • Flatbed tow truck
  • Car accident recovery
  • Dead battery jump start
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Flat tire change
  • Ignition, engine, or any other electrical component repair and replacement
  • Heavy-duty towing


Cost to Tow a Car in Dublin, OH

Car owners always seem afraid about the cost of tow truck services. Refrain from wasting your time by thinking about the charges of any roadside assistance providers. Do not put yourself at high risk to save a small amount of money.

If you want to know how much it costs to tow a car, dial our number. A customer representative will guide you through our services' process and cost structure. You can get a free cost estimate by telling us some essential information. Following is the information that we collect from our clients:

  • Name of a person
  • Pin location
  • Vehicle type, make, and model
  • Vehicle condition
  • And the service he wants from us

After this, we will send our team of skilled pros on your way with the right tools. Call us at (614) 496-4686 if you face any problems on a road that spoils your journey. We will be there in no time to assist you.


Services We Offer

Emergency Towing

We are available 24/7 to provide the most reliable and efficient towing for your vehicle.

Flatbed Towing

We use only the newest and most advanced equipment because we want to make sure that you get the best-flatbed towing.

Roadside Assistance

Whether you need spare tire installation, fuel delivery, or lockout services, our trained technicians are always ready to help you.

Jump-Start Service

Our skilled technicians will safely jump-start your car while also fixing any wires so that this sort of thing will not happen anytime soon.

What Client Say's


They have highly reasonable rates and their technicians are well-trained to solve any battery-related issue.

Tim Ben


They solved my battery problem in no time. I will surely use their services in the future too.

Ray Coleman


They professionally jumped start my car and solved my problem.

Ellie Daniels


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