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Who We Are?

Salum Security and Patrol Services

Salum Security and Patrol Services are committed to providing trusted and professional security personnel who will be trained to counter any customer safety emergency. In addition, they can deter any unwanted situation that can otherwise threaten the lives of valued clients. As a certified agency, it is our utmost priority to provide a safe and secure environment for people to live in. Our company provides well-equipped bodyguards, securing public and private events and home and business security services throughout the city. Besides, despite giving the best service, the cost is highly economical than the other market competitors. Therefore, if you want to secure your residential or commercial place from any intrusion, you are better off working with us immediately. For more details, one can call us anytime.

Local Security Companies in South Francisco CA

Security patrol services become helping hands for those who want to secure their residential and commercial properties from invasion. In addition, it also helps public figures and corporate officers deploy experienced and weaponized guards. Our agency has been working in the city for the last several years and responding to every call of the clients by providing them with immediate help. It is due to the clients' friendly approach that has made us one of the best security companies in South Francisco CA. Furthermore, our company covers a wide range of areas, such as we deploy trained shooters at parking areas, restaurants, parks, and other important locations according to the clients' requests.

Therefore, anyone looking for security patrol services near me is better off approaching us immediately. Since the business's inception, our security agency has been giving quality and trustworthy facilities to valued customers. Moreover, as a certified service provider, the agency follows all the localized laws and standards of the government.


Patrol Security Services in South Francisco CA

The incidents of shootings and robbery cases are the right reasons to beef up the safety measures of all private and public places. For that reason, home and business owners and public figures seek help from agencies that help them by giving patrol security services. Salum security and patrol services provide patrol security services in the following respects:

  • Security Guard Patrol Services
  • Night Patrol Protection Services
  • Mobile Patrol Security Services

Security Guard Patrol Services

There are lots of places that offer security guard patrol services to their customers. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that one should consider hiring someone with an excellent industry reputation. Relying on us for round-the-clock policing helps people avoid any inconvenience. Furthermore, we also control the entire area with the latest surveillance system that cannot do so by other security companies. Therefore, anybody who wants to save their valuable assets from any invasion can be better off deploying trained troops.

Night Patrol Protection Services

Most of the time, robbery cases at commercial and residential places are reported at night when the markets and streets go deserted. However, that can be stopped by seeking help from a well-known industry. Our night patrol security services ensure a fear-free and robbery-free area because the patrolling officers have several years of experience providing merchants security guard & patrol services throughout the city.

Mobile Patrol Security Services

Many security companies work on prevailing peace in public and private spheres. However, our agency has the option of mobile patrol security services. The mobile is also equipped with all the safety standards and surveillance tools, which help the person take prompt action against unwanted situations. The benefit of mobile patrolling is economical as it covers multiple locations quickly.

Most home and business owners prefer deploying mobile-based shooters despite using other surveillance cameras because it gives them a prompt solution, unlike cameras which work as passively and only record activities. Therefore, anyone who wants our help to make their areas safe and secure from robberies, thefts, and mass shootings can ask for quick help.


Hire Us for Advanced Patrolling Service

As one of the best security companies in the town, providing an advanced patrol security service is our top priority so that our valued clients live and breathe in a peaceful environment. In addition, we cover residential, commercial, and industrial places and provide them with high-end quality executive protection.

Additionally, armed and unarmed experts ensure the protection of private events such as wedding festivities, birthday celebrations, conferences, and musical concerts. Furthermore, when someone hires us, the experts follow the technical steps to ensure security and protection:

  • Visit the site
  • Closely inspect the area
  • Listen to the client's concerns
  • Make a comprehensive roadmap 
  • Handle the situation smoothly and peacefully


About Us!

We are one of the largest security companies in South Francisco CA. It has been several years since we have provided trained shooters to people of major industries, private people, and public sector members. The agency's top salient feature is that every guard is registered with the local government and trained according to the approved standard.

In addition, they are also equipped with advanced weapons and surveillance tools that help them keep non-stop attention on their surroundings. Furthermore, the cost of the service is also economical that cannot get anywhere else. Therefore, you can contact us anytime if you are also searching for top-rated bodyguard assistance. Please give us a call at (510) 384-6117 to learn more about the exciting facilities.



How much do police patrolling services cost in South Francisco CA?

Anyone who wants to know how much does security patrol services cost can count on our help. Compared to other security companies, we have a very cost-effective facility that not only saves a considerable number of customers but also saves precious lives from unidentified attacks. However, it depends on the owners how many patrolling guards they want to deploy, but the number of personnel is the key factor for deciding the final price.


Where can I get top-class guard and patrol services?

Undoubtedly, when it comes to protecting valuable properties, everyone prefers to get help from someone who knows every detail about the prevailing safety climate of the area. If you are looking for security guard and patrol services in the city, there will have no better place than our agency. The guards are highly trained and experienced and can counter attacks. Hence, one can get help from a well-reputed place.


What is the benefit of mission patrol safety services?

Armed and unarmed guards are deployed at every event to ensure the people's foolproof safety. The advantage of mission patrol security services is that it helps people save themselves from any potential threat. One can hire well-known troops to guard their private and public events. Another benefit of security companies will be that the presence of professional guards prevails a sense of peace among the participants.


Services We Offer

Executive Security Guard

We also make security arrangements for the high-ups of local and multinational companies.

Night Patrol Security Services

We also provide night patrolling policing service to make the client's night secure and peaceful.

Personal Security Guard

If you feel threatened by unidentified offenders, it is better to ask for providing foolproof security.

Event Security Services

Hire our professional guards if you want to make the celebration of the important event safe and secure.

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