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Salum Security and Patrol Services

Salum Security and Patrol Services are committed to providing trusted and professional security personnel who will be trained to counter any customer safety emergency. In addition, they can deter any unwanted situation that can otherwise threaten the lives of valued clients. As a certified agency, it is our utmost priority to provide a safe and secure environment for people to live in. Our company provides well-equipped bodyguards, securing public and private events and home and business security services throughout the city. Besides, despite giving the best service, the cost is highly economical than the other market competitors. Therefore, if you want to secure your residential or commercial place from any intrusion, you are better off working with us immediately. For more details, one can call us anytime.

Get Personal Bodyguard Services in San Francisco CA

Usually, a private bodyguard works as a second self whose job is to protect wealthy individuals from robberies, kidnapping, harassment, and threats from criminal groups. That means every important figure should rely on professional personal bodyguard services in Sans Francisco CA, to make their lives safe from unwanted incidents. For that purpose, our company provides high-end quality security arrangements for individuals who feel threatened by different groups. Furthermore, the armed squads are highly trained and experienced to counter any misadventure.

In addition, due to the close protection services, many people rely on them to make the safety of their working and living places foolproof. Once the clients sign the agreement with the agency, experts closely inspect the who daily-routine of the owners and take all the possible measures to make their lives safe. Besides, the cost of the facility is also up to the client's expectations. Therefore, anyone who wants to enjoy a happy and fear-free life can contact us. In addition, when deploying the weaponized troop, the buyer must check their communication skills because being excellent in communication is a must for every security officer. One can find all these traits in our trained troops.


Celebrity Security Service in San Francisco CA

The dream of living a peaceful life for prominent figures in public places is becoming hard due to crazy fans and the offended opposite groups. In that situation, they leave with no choice except to find a reputed celebrity security company that can help them move easily and safely.

The personal bodyguard services of our agency give top-class protection from any insecurities in public and private places. The expert troops always remain alert so that the owners do their activities without any fear. Therefore, anybody who is in search of licensed policing for their safety they are better off consulting us immediately.


Personal Protection Unit in San Francisco CA

Precautionary security measure for public figures is indispensable to avoid unwanted situations. For that reason, the best option, which people mostly follow, is to hire personal protection unit whose job is to secure the lives of their man and lady in authority from enemies.

In this regard, personal bodyguard services are considered the most effective and are used by all the major figures to guarantee that their movements are safe from misadventure. We can deploy honest and well-reputed guards who have already worked with those needing personal security. Please, let us know your preferences and the nature of the threats so that the experts take appropriate measures.


Bodyguard Agency in San Francisco CA

The bodyguard agency provides comprehensive assistance for its customers and ensures that they live happy and peaceful lives. The benefit of outsourcing protocols is that it helps the owners to put their energy into the work rather than thinking and worrying about their lives. When anyone decides to keep a private bodyguard service, they often need to consider important things in mind, which later soon becomes counterproductive. First and foremost, the first thing that one must keep in mind is that they must rely on only the well-reputed agency which has worked with prominent figures in the city. It will help them get trained and experienced guards if anyone does so.

Another aspect in which the personal bodyguard services by the renowned agency helps its customers is saving them from robberies, mass-shootings and making their movement threat free and convenient. So, anyone who wants private bodyguards for hire is better off signing a deal with the most prominent security company in the city. Moreover, our company provides different security services in the following areas:


About Us!

We provide personal bodyguard services in San Francisco CA. For the last many years, our company has been serving them by securing their professional workplace and private living place from intruders. In addition, the armed guards are highly trained and professional and can undo any unwanted situation that can otherwise jeopardize the life of the valued owner.

Furthermore, we extend our help to protect all those high-profile individuals whom different gangs and organizations' personal enmities often threaten. It is nothing but the quality service that attracts people to work with us. Interestingly, the cost of deploying a self-protection unit is highly economical that cannot get elsewhere. So, anyone who wants to seek our help can contact us now. Those who want to secure their movement and living places from any threat can call us today at (510) 384-6117.



How much does a security bodyguard cost in Francisco CA?

The investment in hiring security bodyguard never becomes counterproductive. Especially celebrities who enjoy the highest positions often need to follow their protocol for their safety. However, the cost of the facility varies due to different reasons, such as the number of personnel one wants to deploy and the place where one gets help determines the final amount. Nevertheless, one can find our bodyguard services at a considerable price.


When should one hire a private bodyguard?

High-ups' current security climate indicates they should get private bodyguard without procrastination. However, suppose one feels that unknown calls are threatening them or they feel any threat from their opposition group. In that case, it is better to rely on a professional agency to ensure secure life. Another movement when one must decide to get personal bodyguard services is when they go to public places or meet with their fans.


Where can I get a close protection security service?

Many places in the city do the business of providing troops for people who have serious life threats from their enemies. However, you are also in need of close protection security squad. In that case, there is no need to go anywhere else because anybody can find flawless protection units that are highly trained and well-equipped with advanced weapons and other surveillance tools that can help the experts to detect any possible threat to the boss.


Services We Offer

Executive Security Guard

We also make security arrangements for the high-ups of local and multinational companies.

Night Patrol Security Services

We also provide night patrolling policing service to make the client's night secure and peaceful.

Personal Security Guard

If you feel threatened by unidentified offenders, it is better to ask for providing foolproof security.

Event Security Services

Hire our professional guards if you want to make the celebration of the important event safe and secure.

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