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Special Executive Personal Protection in Berkeley CA
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Salum Security and Patrol Services

Salum Security and Patrol Services are committed to providing trusted and professional security personnel who will be trained to counter any customer safety emergency. In addition, they can deter any unwanted situation that can otherwise threaten the lives of valued clients. As a certified agency, it is our utmost priority to provide a safe and secure environment for people to live in. Our company provides well-equipped bodyguards, securing public and private events and home and business security services throughout the city. Besides, despite giving the best service, the cost is highly economical than the other market competitors. Therefore, if you want to secure your residential or commercial place from any intrusion, you are better off working with us immediately. For more details, one can call us anytime.

Special Executive Personal Protection in Berkeley CA

Keeping a special executive personal protection squad helps you save yourself from anyone who wants to harm you for any reason. The current security climate of the city exposes the fact that people at the top posts live in constant fear because of apparent and hidden threats from different groups. In that situation, the only way forward is to get executive personal protection in Berkeley CA. The trained executive protection specialists can easily combat any physical threat to the boss. One can get help from our company which is known for its top-class security arrangement for high-ups throughout the city.

In addition, the agency has long years of experience providing celebrity security assistance. The top-notch shooters ensure the safety of valued clients at any cost. Furthermore, the cost of the facility is also up to the client’s expectations which cannot get anywhere else. Another significant aspect of our company is that the guards are trained to foil any gun attack on professionals. So, let us join hands with us to secure your life.


Close Protection Services in Berkeley CA

The rise of mass-shooting in public places such as cinemas, shopping malls, and other places is enough reason for arranging event security and for high-post individuals to consider close protection services. Public figures often face harassment and ill behavior from their fans. One can avoid those things by getting help from the renowned bodyguard agency, which has been working in the city for the past several years. We provide trained and armed men who always stand along with the boss and ensure keeping them safe from unwanted sights, physical abuse, and many more problems. Therefore, anyone who needs help can approach us anytime.


Personal Security Guard in Berkeley CA

Those who are well-known in public due to their special status must keep themselves safe from unwanted situations. For that purpose, many people deploy individuals to protect themselves from any threat. If you also have any hidden or apparent threat from any group or organization, the better way to overcome the fear is to get a personal security service that can save you from any threat.

It has been several years since the agency has been protecting the lives of many renowned people by providing them with executive personal protection in Berkeley CA. So, anyone who feels threatened by any known and unknown element can hire a professional personal security guard.


Benefits of Close Protection Officer 

  • The top advantage of hiring close protection officer is saving the lives of individuals at the highest posts in different places.
  • Furthermore, the next positive aspect of the executive personal protection unit is that it saves the boss from potential stalkers who can sometimes cross their limits and interfere in personal space.
  • In addition, another benefit of close protection security squad ensures to save the high-ups from any organized terrorist attack.
  • Last but not least, they can save from opponents at marketplaces.

Therefore, anyone who wants to save themselves from the abovementioned threats can count on our service.


Hire Our Bodyguard in Berkeley CA

When hiring a personal bodyguard, they must inspect the credibility of the place, whether they are well-known, and whether their armed men are already working in the city. Once it is confirmed, one must hire the executive personal protection unit. The best way to interrogate any agency is to ask the compatriots who already have gunmen at their places and along with them. In this way, one can reach the most reliable place.

Nonetheless, we have highly specialized bodyguards for hire who are equipped with all the advanced surveillance tools. In addition, the remarkable service will surely give peace of mind and a sense of security, allowing the valued customers to focus on other important work. Our bodyguards are present-minded and keep an eye on every happening to make sure the security of the executive.


About Us!

We are a leading agency providing executive personal protection in Berkeley CA. It has been several years since we have been working in the city, helping top companies’ officers by offering them highly professional personal security guard. Additionally, we are committed to bringing peace and safety to the lives of prominent individuals.

The agency gives special training to its personnel and equips them with advanced safety tools and weapons. The armed men protect their officers from any unwanted situation. It is due to the high-end quality and transparent assistance that makes the agency different than the other competitors in the city. Furthermore, the cost of the service is also up to the client’s expectations. Therefore, anyone who wants help from us can approach us immediately. For more details, please give us a call now at (510) 384-6117.



Why is a security bodyguard necessary?

The prevailing security situation in the city has increased the importance of security bodyguard for everyone at the top posts in different places. Furthermore, keeping armed men around while moving in the city can make the movement safe because professional guards can easily stop any threat. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to any minor or major threat and hire armed guards to protect yourself from any type of threat.


How does your private bodyguard system work?

The private bodyguard system works professionally as one has to sign the dealing with us so that the agency deploys the required personnel at the place of the valued customers. The experts always remain active and ensure round-the-clock surveillance of the boss. They remain active and keep an eye on every mysterious activity. So, anyone who wants to seek our help can contact us now.


What is the cost of executive personal protection in Berkeley CA?

The cost of bodyguard services determines by different things. First and foremost, it depends on the clients how many guards they want to deploy at their places or want to keep along with them. The second factor in fixing the price is the agency from which one seeks help. Nonetheless, compared to other marketers, our executive personal protection cost is highly pocket-friendly.


Services We Offer

Executive Security Guard

We also make security arrangements for the high-ups of local and multinational companies.

Night Patrol Security Services

We also provide night patrolling policing service to make the client's night secure and peaceful.

Personal Security Guard

If you feel threatened by unidentified offenders, it is better to ask for providing foolproof security.

Event Security Services

Hire our professional guards if you want to make the celebration of the important event safe and secure.

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