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Who We Are?

Salum Security and Patrol Services

Salum Security and Patrol Services are committed to providing trusted and professional security personnel who will be trained to counter any customer safety emergency. In addition, they can deter any unwanted situation that can otherwise threaten the lives of valued clients. As a certified agency, it is our utmost priority to provide a safe and secure environment for people to live in. Our company provides well-equipped bodyguards, securing public and private events and home and business security services throughout the city. Besides, despite giving the best service, the cost is highly economical than the other market competitors. Therefore, if you want to secure your residential or commercial place from any intrusion, you are better off working with us immediately. For more details, one can call us anytime.

Local Event Security Services in Oakland CA

Life is more important than anything else. This reality will be more obvious when you look around the world at the government, public and private levels. People spend a hefty amount of dollars annually to ensure a life free of vandalism and agitation. The increasing number of mass shooting incidents in the country has also doubled the importance of event security services. Keeping this fact in mind, our company provides high-end quality event security services in Oakland CA, which ensure safe and smooth functions for valued customers.

Additionally, anyone who needs emergency event security near me is better off approaching us. One can find immediate help from our company. Furthermore, as a certified life-securing agency, we are committed to providing vigilant and professional policing facilities for private and public entities throughout the city. Besides, the cost is also up to the client's expectations. Hence, one can contact us for a better arrangement to make their happenings peaceful.


Special Event Security in Oakland CA

Without arranging special event security, it will be risky to celebrate any program. Therefore, keeping a special shooter to provide foolproof safekeeping assistance for the participants becomes pertinent. For that purpose, countless agencies facilitate people by offering security and body guards. However, the most important thing to keep in mind while hiring patrolling officers is getting assistance from a registered agency.

Therefore, anybody who wants to get event security services near me had better approach us anytime. One will find cooperative, professional, and trained guards who will be alert to face any unwanted situation. Interestingly, the high-end quality safety measures designed by experts' cost are highly affordable.


Advantages of Event Security Management Service

Any party organizer has to do lots of things in a limited time frame. Selecting the place and issuing tickets to arrange seats for participants can be an uphill task for anyone who has never taken such a responsibility. The most important thing than the before-mentioned to-do list is event security management, which a professional event security services provider can only fulfill. Nonetheless, the benefits that one can enjoy by seeking help from an experienced and licensed place are the following:

  • Trained and licensed gunmen
  • Ability to control charged crowed
  • Prevail a sense of safety
  • Economical cost


Event Security Companies in Oakland CA

A smooth and peaceful end to any crowded gathering can only be possible if the relevant authorities take the required measures, such as finding one of the best event security companies to ensure the safety of the members who check in to attend the party. One can trust our event security services which the company designed with the help of professionals.

The armed guards are handed not only advanced weapons but also hand them out the latest equipment to detect any mysterious things. The cost of wess event services is also affordable that cannot get anywhere else. Therefore, whenever anyone plans to arrange any party, they had better consult us.


Hire Us for Private Event Security in Oakland CA

Hiring us for private event security will allow the customers to focus on their celebrations. Since the business's inception, we have been committed to giving an important peaceful festivity for people throughout the city. Providing a secure environment for the members of any private function is the utmost priority of the security agency. In this regard, we provide excellent safety arrangements that do not allow miscreants to disturb the peaceful gathering. The armed men are licensed and have the authority to deal with unwanted situations.

As a result, they ensure the clients get reliable and satisfactory assistance from us. In addition, one can ask us to deploy executive security services to ensure everything at their party goes well without disruption. Hence, those who need event security services can count on the best assistance.


About Us!

We are a prominent company known for its event security services in Oakland CA. It has been several years since our agency has been helping people organize and celebrate their important occasions peacefully while providing them with a foolproof safety protocol. Additionally, the armed guards are highly trained and experienced in professionally controlling vandalism, robbery, and other life-threatening acts.

Due to the quality and timely help of the customers, a large number of home and business owners rely on us to make their residential and commercial places secure from unwanted situations. Besides, the cost of deploying the guards is also up to the customers' expectations, which they cannot get anywhere else. Thus, if you also avail of the wide range of our facilities, you can contact us today. For more details, please give us a call now at (510) 384-6117.



Where can I get bodyguards for a private function in Oakland CA?

Many places provide deploying guards at private premises. However, it is important to consider seeking help from a well-reputed location to get reliable and desirable help. Thereof, anyone looking for security guards for private events is better off seeking help from us. As a certified agency, it is our top priority to provide a quick response team to make the private celebrations smooth and secure from any disorder.


What is the benefit of a bodyguard officer?

Hiring or deploying an event security officer in the city has many benefits: First and foremost, the expert will keep an eye on every unknown people and ensure everyone goes through the safety measures. Doing so makes the client's dream of enjoying a time without fear become possible. Furthermore, the safety arrangement cost is also affordable. 


What should one keep in mind while hiring patrolling guards?

When hiring private or public event security guards, the first thing that must remember is that the agency's credibility must be checked to determine whether the local government registers them. The second thing to remember is to check the guards' experiences. These two will ensure getting reliable and desired assistance.


Services We Offer

Executive Security Guard

We also make security arrangements for the high-ups of local and multinational companies.

Night Patrol Security Services

We also provide night patrolling policing service to make the client's night secure and peaceful.

Personal Security Guard

If you feel threatened by unidentified offenders, it is better to ask for providing foolproof security.

Event Security Services

Hire our professional guards if you want to make the celebration of the important event safe and secure.

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I have always had positive experiences with them.

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We are very pleased with their performance. They provided parking lot guards after a series of vandalism issues.



The office personnel was also pleased to work with us and always willing to accommodate our needs.

Claudia Wilson


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