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Flatbed Towing Services in Baltimore, MD

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Flatbed Towing Service in Baltimore, MD
Who We Are?

Waga Transport

Waga Transport is an expert in providing a highly customer-friendly towing system. Our crew is highly trained and updated to deal with damaged cars with the right equipment. Additionally, we have a long experience in recovering all types of vehicles from anywhere in Baltimore, MD. The professional workers of our agency do the assigned jobs quickly and safely. Call us today for a speedy car recovery.

Flatbed Towing Service in Baltimore, MD

The best advantage of using flatbed towing trucks is that they do not damage a vehicle while transporting. One must be wondering how a vehicle can be damaged further during towing services; well, it can. If stuck in an immovable position, wheel lift towing can harm an electric and automatic drivetrain.

However, customers can ensure their vehicles' safety by choosing our Flatbed towing services in Baltimore, MD, controlled by highly specialized and licensed staff.  


The special car removing trucks do not allow the wheels' tires to touch the ground while removing, so the vehicle's wheels do not rotate and stay stationary throughout the journey. Modern cars can be damaged by wheel lift tow, but they will not be towed with a specific heavy truck. We provide the best service to help clients to remove all types of automobiles without further damage.


Long Distance Flatbed Towing in Baltimore, MD 

When anyone's automobile is stuck in the middle of their journey, the immediate thing they look for is long distance flatbed towing assistance so that they reach the destination safely. However, it becomes challenging for many people to figure out how they can find the best facility to remove their outdated wheels. One can go through the following steps, which can surely land anybody at a reliable place:


  • Please do not hire immediately. Do thorough research about the agency where the desired facility is available. 
  • Look at the staff and their experiences. 
  • Do not forget to inspect the clients' reviews. 

These steps can help you find a reliable and professional car removal company. However, one can avoid all this prior research by relying on us because we are considered to be a trustworthy agency in the market. 


Flatbed Truck Hire in Baltimore, MD

One of the advantages of a specific tow truck is that it is the most convenient way to haul any vehicle. Only the tow truck drivers understand the convenience and comfort they have when driving a flatbed truck than other ordinary trucks. When removing an automobile, the second benefit is that the driver does not have to focus on a secondary vehicle. Delivering wheels at long distances is a tough job to do. It requires high focus and attention to travel.


The third advantage is that clients can get trained and highly specialized drivers who can ensure the safe delivery of the client's valuables. Lastly, the professional team removes the customers' vehicles anywhere they want as soon as possible. Have a recap of the benefits:

  • Removing outdated vehicles through the special wheel is convenient and safe
  • It requires less focus on the secondary car, which is already placed properly
  • The trucking specialists deal with everything
  • Highly cost-effective


Flatbed Truck Towing Cost in Baltimore, MD

We are one of the top companies in the state that provide flatbed truck towing services, which is reliable, and we have a long history of towing cars without even a scratch. Waga Transport is highly professional and understands hardship. We guarantee no damage to your vehicle while flatbed towing; unfortunately, if there would come, we will pay the difference; that is our word! 

  • Our prestigious qualities include the following:
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Affordable flatbed towing services
  • Insured, Licensed, and Experienced Staff
  • Reliable Services
  • Instant Response
  • Long Listed Guarantees

These are not the only qualities; one can explore more when getting assistance. We will be glad to help clients professionally; whether they need accidental removal or roadside assistance across the area, we will do it elegantly!


About Us

Waga Transport is an expert in providing a highly customer-friendly automobile removal system. Our crew is highly trained and updated to deal with damaged cars with the right equipment.

Additionally, we have a long experience in recovering all types of vehicles through our flatbed towing services in Baltimore, MD. The professional workers of our agency do the assigned jobs quickly and safely. Today call us at (667) 369-8790 for a speedy car recovery. Customers who want to get help from us can call us immediately.


Flatbed towing companies in the city are expensive, but we are not! Our main motive is honesty; we only charge fair for our efforts and troubles. The main priority is to serve the clients finely and provide the best comfort.

The specialized team facilitates the community with the finest flatbed towing services at very reasonable rates. Our prices do not put a burden on your pocket.




Where can I get the best car removal assistance?

No one can provide flatbed towing services more than us. It has been several years since we have been helping people remove their outdated and damaged automobiles from throughout the city.

Furthermore, the drivers and the other staff are highly cooperative with the clients and committed to providing satisfactory help. Moreover, clients will not regret choosing us as they can avail of experts' help at an economical price.


Can I use any wheel for removing my box truck in Baltimore, MD?

The kind of car removal facility you are looking for cannot be used to remove the box vans. Removing a box truck requires a heavy-duty truck that can smoothly handle the box wheel.

However, those who need flatbed towing near me can approach us so that the experts suggest apart from flatbed towing services and provide the most viable solution for the problem they are facing.


Does this company provide an RV tow truck service in Baltimore, MD?

Whether it is to remove motorhomes, cars, motorbikes, buses, vans, or heavy commercial machines, one can seek help from us. Our crews have every problem and solution for those looking for a reliable and licensed flatbed tow truck company near me.

So, if you also want flatbed towing services or motorhome removal assistance, contact us anytime.


Services We Offer

Car Recovery Facility

Our company also provides a car recovery facility for an affordable price.

Jump Starts

Call us today if you need a jump-start service and revive your dead battery within minutes.

Car Towing Service

It has been a decade since we have offered the car towing Service in Baltimore, MD.

Roadside Assistance

If you are stuck on the side of the road, make us your first call for fast, friendly roadside assistance 24/7.

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Transports were very skilled; they knew their job well.



The faculty of the company was very professional.

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