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Who We Are?

The Auto Glass Man LLC

The Auto Glass Man LLC is been serving the community for many years. Our main expertise lies in auto glass replacement and repair. We provide quality services for chip repair, windshield repair, Back windshield Repair, power window regulators, and more. The products used in the process are of high quality. The technicians are richly experienced and skilled. They provide the top quality you demand.

Mobile Auto Glass Replacement in Homestead, FL

Though the whole automobile requires lots of care to save from any damage, one of the most fragile things of a vehicle is its window glass which is easy to damage than any other thing. Furthermore, that part is very complex, and sometimes the glass can be broken during parking on the roadside due to heavy storms and falling trees or other reasons. However, a small crack can be repairable. However, if the cracked area is big, it becomes difficult to renovate, and ultimately the owner has to choose the option of an auto glass repair service in Homestead, FL. Our company offers the facility of mobile auto glass replacement in Homestead, FL.

For that purpose, the owner must bring their auto to our recovery center so that our technicians look at the matter and inspect whether your car's glass is reparable. For sure, not only our workers but any other professional service provider will say sorry to car window replacement if the damage is considerable; the reason for not mechanics' denial to repair damaged car glass in Homestead, FL is just because of their safety of them and the safety of the client. If the damage is too large and anyone repairs it, it can be risky for the driver as the glass can shatter anytime. So, the alternative solution is to change with a new one.

Car Windshield Replacement in Homestead, FL

It is important to know every driver when they need windshield replacement or repair service. The following points will make things obvious:

  • Damage on the Driving Side
  • Pitting in the Auto Glass
  • Blurred Auto Glass
  • Complete Damage & Fully Cracked Auto Glass Window

Damage on the Driving Side

Auto glass replacement in Homestead, FL, is the wiser option than considering renovating it. Especially when the damage is on the driving side, it is better off replacing without wasting time because your safety must be more important than the new windshield replacement cost. Though the cost of glass repair is less than buying the new one, that instinct should not let you overcome your reason.

Pitting in the Auto Glass

It pitted glass surfaces due to the hitting of different scratchy objects with the windshield. That situation happens when the driver drives in construction areas where the chance of flying minor debris in the air is not unusual. However, the reason to consider car window replacement is that pitting in the glass makes the product blur and can be dangerous, especially during nighttime driving.

Blurred Auto Glass

Driving a car for a long time without proper maintenance will cause serious mechanical faults. One problem that can easily be seen with the naked eye is the windshield because the thing is always before your eyes. Therefore, if the windshield is too old and blurred, it is wise to get our car windscreen. 

repair service in Homestead, FL. After the inspection, if the product is not workable, our work will recommend another viable option for the client.

Complete Damage & Fully Cracked Auto Glass Window

The first complete crashed glass has no option than replacing it with the new one. However, if cracks are on all sides, that can be repaired, but if the crack is complex, the client had better only rely on a shortcut solution other than changing with the new custom quality windshield.

Auto Glass Repair Service in Homestead, FL

The Auto Glass Man LLC's team has been serving valued customers and offering them auto glass replacement in Homestead, FL. Furthermore, as a professional and registered service provider, we never strive only to make money. However, we invest our energy and time to give the best guidance and quality services for those looking for auto glass repair near me. In addition, we have professional mechanics who can perfectly repair and replace your vehicle's damaged glass.

Additionally, our workers are honest in their profession and never misguide the clients; for instance, they provide repair assistance without delay if the windshield is easy to repair. However, if that is not possible, they ask to change the old product. Therefore, anyone needing windscreen replacement cost in Homestead, FL, can ask for our help. We will give the best facilities at a reasonable price, such as the following:

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What Can be the Maximum Cost of Changing Auto Glass?

Renovation and replacement of auto glass have different prices; repairing glass is more complex than changing with a new one. So, the later product price is depended on its quality and the brand. If the car owner wants to change and use a custom quality glass, that can be expensive but can give a durable result.

Another factor can be the company where one goes to buy. If the auto owner is an old customer of theirs, they can change their price.


Services We Offer

Windshield Crack Repair

We provide windshield crack repair that deals with chips/cracks and other sorts of damage on the pane.

Power Window Service

Power window service removes faults from the vehicle that includes; window motor repair, fuse repair, etc.

Auto Glass Replacement

Got a damaged window pane? Consult our auto glass replacement services to change the pane right away!

Window Regulators

Are your vehicle’s Window Regulators not working properly? No worries, consult us for headlight restoration!

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Their technicians are professional, but the thing I like the most is their gratitude, and softness in there speaking with the client.

Claudia Wilson


I was looking for some professional to do the job and then my friend told me about them, they did an amazing job.



My car’s windshield got cracked because of a baseball hit, some silly kids in the neighborhood, but anyways, they did the job very neatly!

Amanda Sydney


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