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Top-class Towing Service in Baton Rouge LA
Who We Are?

Down South Fleet Services Inc

Down South Fleet Services Inc is a renowned automotive repair company that has been working in the city for many years. We have a highly modernized set-up to deal with every single part of all kinds of vehicles, such as the renovation of the engine, truck transmission, flat tire, outdated car air conditioner, and many more. Additionally, giving the best and most satisfying service is our top priority. For that purpose, we rely on highly professional and experienced technicians who can do every work with complete perfection. Further, the cost of our facilities will always satisfy the valued customers. Thus, if you are looking for reliable and qualified mechanics to repair any part of your vehicle, you can approach us immediately.

Top-class Towing Service in Baton Rouge LA

Choosing a reliable resource for pulling a vehicle is the most challenging thing because the owner would never want to see any damage caused to his asset. However, there is nothing to worry about now because Down South Fleet Services INC. is here to assist you. The company offers fantastic towing service in Baton Rouge LA. Skilled professionals are available who are masters of their field and can perform all types of light, medium, and heavy-duty pulling. During the process, their core focus is on the vehicle’s protection so that the customer gets his asset back in the same condition he handed it to us.

Moreover, the experts use premium-quality equipment to make the project successful and quick. Depending upon the size of the towed vehicle, they use the relevant tools and generate amazing results. Also, the entire equipment is bought from genuine manufacturers; therefore, it never hinders the workflow, making it possible for the contractors to keep the customers satisfied and content. So, are you looking for a towing service near me? Call us now!

Motorcycle Towing Service in Baton Rouge LA

Motorcycle towing service is a left-hand game for professionals. They prepare a medium-sized truck for the project whenever an order is received by connecting a flatbed. It is because the motorbike is light in weight, and pulling it by attaching a hitch can make it lose its balance easily. When the experts for towing service in Baton Rouge LA, reach the site, they slide the vehicle onto the flatbed if the tires are moving. Nevertheless, if something is wrong with the wheels, they use a hydraulic lift to pick it up and land on the trailer. 

Most of the time, when the clients avail the pulling assistance for motorbikes, they have to pay the bulk of the money. However, this is not the case with us because despite working the best, we offer cheap towing service to our clients. So, what are you waiting for, then? Connect with us today.

Car Towing Service in Baton Rouge LA

Our company is well-known in town for a splendid car towing service. It is because when the customer places an order, the team asks him to prepare the project for his own benefit. They ask him to remove all the belongings from the automobile and secure any loose items attached so they do not get damaged during the pulling. Afterward, the experts’ work starts. When the team reaches the location, the drivers reconfirm the drop-off location with the client to avoid inconvenience. The contractors connect the automobile and tow truck with the help of relevant equipment and perform a brief test before commencing the actual pulling. This way, they are sure the roadside assistance is going in the right direction.

The towing service in Baton Rouge LA, begins gradually because it is crucial to accelerate slowly to maintain stability. Throughout the journey, the truck’s speed is moderate because a sudden high acceleration or hard breaking strains the equipment and leads to severe accidents. While on the road, it is obvious to encounter traffic; thus, the drivers keep a considerable distance from other vehicles to have better visibility. The gap helps to avoid collisions and ensures a speedy and safe local towing service. So, are you searching for an excellent and reliable company for a tow truck service? Contact us now!

Truck Towing Service in Baton Rouge LA

Heavy-duty pulling is our specialty because competent and experienced professionals are available to do the job. Whenever they have to tow a lorry, they choose the most suitable large vehicle to ensure quality towing service in Baton Rouge LA. They choose a tow truck of the same size or bigger to easily pull the client’s lorry. Also, the experts use hitches to attach both vehicles because they are slightly stretchable and significantly manage the weight of two massive trucks. 

Since using busy routes for truck towing service is not a good option, the drivers choose a less busy, quick way to the destination. This way, the pulled vehicle stays safe and does not collide with any other means of transport. The pulling is much slower than the car one because a heavy-duty project is a delicate task that must be performed with immense care and attention. However, there is a guarantee that the team drops off the lorry at the customer’s mentioned place on the decided time, and sometimes even before that. So, are you seeking 24 hour tow service near me? Ring us a bell today.

Perks of Hiring Us in Baton Rouge LA

All our team members are qualified, experienced, and certified. They never take a towing service in Baton Rouge LA, as something complex, and perform the task in an advanced but simple way. The most incredible thing about them is that they offer 24 hour towing service in the city. Also, they are always available for emergency towing service no matter what time. 

During the project, the contractors cooperate with the client, and when they start pulling the vehicle, they share a tracking link so that he does not feel insecure regarding his asset. When the professionals reach the destination, they make the customer check the vehicle thoroughly for his satisfaction that it has not even a single dent. So, without wasting a minute, get in touch with our towing company now!


Is there a different method to place an order for emergency assistance?

No, there is no such difference. The client has to mention during the order booking that he needs same-day assistance, and the organization does the processing accordingly.

Are the drivers licensed?

Yes, of course! All the drivers are licensed. The organization checks their license during hiring because we respect and follow legal rules and never compromise them.

Is the pulling equipment reliable?

Yes, definitely. The equipment supports the project well, and its stretchable feature makes the pulling safe and convenient. So, without wasting any further time, call us today.


Services We Offer

Flat Tire Repair

We also replace and repair all kinds of vehicles' flat tires.

Heavy Truck Repair Service

Whatever the size and model of your wheel, we can fix them the right way.

Auto Engine Replacement Service

If your wheel engine has stopped working, we can replace it with an efficient one.

Car Air Conditioner Repair Service

Our professionals can also fix the cooling apparatus of a car if something goes wrong.

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