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Exceptional Medium Duty Towing in Baton Rouge LA
Who We Are?

Down South Fleet Services Inc

Down South Fleet Services Inc is a renowned automotive repair company that has been working in the city for many years. We have a highly modernized set-up to deal with every single part of all kinds of vehicles, such as the renovation of the engine, truck transmission, flat tire, outdated car air conditioner, and many more. Additionally, giving the best and most satisfying service is our top priority. For that purpose, we rely on highly professional and experienced technicians who can do every work with complete perfection. Further, the cost of our facilities will always satisfy the valued customers. Thus, if you are looking for reliable and qualified mechanics to repair any part of your vehicle, you can approach us immediately.

Exceptional Medium Duty Towing in Baton Rouge LA

At least once, everyone has got his vehicle towed by an official company. Nevertheless, people think twice before getting the heavy vehicles pulled, thinking that the organization might not do well due to excessive weight or will damage their assets. There is no need to worry now because Down South Fleet Services INC. gives everyone a chance to get their RVs or buses pulled efficiently. The company offers top-class services for medium duty towing in Baton Rouge LA. Proficient professionals who handle the whole project are available and ensure that the vehicle firmly connects with the lorry and does not lose its balance at any point during the pulling.

Moreover, the experts use high-quality tools like ropes, bars, dollies, hitches, etc., in all the projects to make them productive and quick. Also, the equipment is bought from licensed manufacturers, which plays a significant role in making the project successful. So, are you looking for a medium duty tow near me? Connect with us today.

Medium Duty Tow Truck in Baton Rouge LA

Medium duty towing in Baton Rouge LA, is considered a central point between the light and heavy pulling; thus, a lorry that manages 10K-26K pounds weight is used in the projects. When clients often order a medium duty tow truck, they are skeptical about the weight of their vehicle. Hence, the professionals only commence the project after determining the mass because if it is more than 26K lbs, then it might make the pulling complicated and challenging. The riskiest part is that the RV or bus might get damaged during the procedure, which we do not want. 

The rest of the procedure starts when it gets confirmed that the medium duty tow vehicles can bear the weight easily. The experts thoroughly check the entire lorry to ensure it works perfectly. They particularly pay attention to the engine and fuel tank so that a frozen engine or a lack of fuel does not cause inconvenience during the medium duty rv tow. If any problem is identified in the lorry, it is quickly sent for fixation to the workshop, and another one is considered for the project. Furthermore, if a flatbed has to be connected with the lorry, only a top-quality one is attached to deliver the desired results to the customer. So, are you searching for a medium duty towing service? Call us now!

We Pull a Medium Duty Wrecker in Baton Rouge LA

medium duty wrecker pulling is the best when the preparation has been done before commencing the project. Therefore, initially, the professionals ask the customer to show the vehicle’s manual. It helps to know the elements and limitations of the RV, trailer or bus. Nevertheless, if the manual has been misplaced, there is no need to panic because all our team members are experienced. It takes them only a few minutes to assess the vehicle and point out its features and limitations. Additionally, during the pulling, they keep the RV in the parking mode because it stops the wheel from moving and decreases the risk of unnecessary wear and tear of the lorry. Even a 16 ton medium duty wrecker is used in the projects to fulfill the client’s requirements.

Next, the contractors attach the equipment and ensure all attachments are secure and moderately tightened. It is the quality of our team that always double-checks the arrangements before setting off because loose connections are risky and lead to severe accidents. It also reassures that the components like air conditioner, radio, and light are switched off because they sometimes alter the overall trailer weight. If any additional item is attached to the vehicle, it is removed to make the pulling successful. So, what are you waiting for, then? Please grab your cell phone, dial the number mentioned on this website, and speak to our customer service representative. He will immediately book your order for medium duty towing in Baton Rouge LA.

Medium Duty Towing Service in Baton Rouge LA

All the professionals perform medium duty towing in Baton Rouge LA, professionally and carefully. They put the key in the hole, start the lorry, and drive it slowly to safeguard the RV. Then, the experts bring the vehicle in line with the help of the towing vehicle’s steering. The speed is kept moderate because a higher one is dangerous. Since the brake power plays a vital role in the procedure, the drivers adjust it throughout the pulling to assess how much force the lorry is putting in pulling a medium-sized RV or bus. 

Furthermore, the professionals keep the light and turn signals switched on at night to have a clear view and know when the RV is turning or changing lanes. The best part is that the medium duty towing rates are economical and budget-friendly so that anyone can avail the assistance without hesitation.

Emergency Service in Baton Rouge LA

The company offers reliable urgent assistance for medium duty towing in Baton Rouge LA. The customer must mention during order placement that he needs same day towing services.

The representative quickly notes the details and forwards them to the experts, who then review the information and prepare for the emergency towing services immediately. The most incredible thing is that the urgent medium duty towing cost is the same as the basic assistance.


What are the service charges?

The charges are highly affordable and budget-friendly. It is because the organization prepares a quote considering the client’s budget and never goes beyond it. Please book your order today.

Are the drivers licensed and experienced?

Yes, of course! All the drivers are licensed and have several years of experience. They are appointed based on their proficiency, experience, and background to maintain the quality and standard of assistance.

How can I place an order?

The client can call or email us. The calls are responded to immediately, and the emails are also replied to the same day because we do not make our dear customers wait.


Services We Offer

Flat Tire Repair

We also replace and repair all kinds of vehicles' flat tires.

Heavy Truck Repair Service

Whatever the size and model of your wheel, we can fix them the right way.

Auto Engine Replacement Service

If your wheel engine has stopped working, we can replace it with an efficient one.

Car Air Conditioner Repair Service

Our professionals can also fix the cooling apparatus of a car if something goes wrong.

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