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Who We Are?

Rufael Towing Services

Rufael Towing Services provides the best towing and roadside assistance services while maintaining the highest quality standards. We make sure to deliver the best customer experience to our clients. We provide all types of roadside services including, tire changing, fuel delivery, towing, jump start, and lockout services. We have trained, and professional staff who will ensure that the delivered service is of the highest quality and you don’t face any problems. We make sure that our customer gets premium customer service, so if you need any of these services, get in touch with us immediately.

Quality Car Towing Service in Alamo Heights TX

Roadside accidents and breakdowns of vehicles occur every day. When these things happen to anyone, the best way to avoid more problems is to call for a local car towing service in Alamo Heights TX. Our company always ensures speedy car towing service to provide immediate relief for valued customers. We have highly professional and experienced workers who are well-equipped with advanced tools and tow trucks which help them remove any vehicle safely from the city's busy highways.

Furthermore, it has been several years since the agency has been serving those looking for car towing near me and offering quick assistance to recover their damaged and outdated automobiles. In addition, the cost of the service is also remarkably economical because we never think of burdening the valued clients' pockets. Hence, if you ever face any unfortunate accident or the wheel does not start anywhere in the city, you can quickly dial our phone number instead of searching for auto towing near me to get an immediate response. 

Why Rufael Towing Company?

Our emergency service is the fastest among all the other roadside service providers. We make sure that the service is delivered in the minimum time frame possible. There are some more benifits that one can enjoy by hiring us are the following:

  • Professional Towing Staff
  • Local Towing Company
  • Flat Tow vehicles
  • Affordable Cost
  • Auto Rescue Towing

These things will matter a lot and must reflect in the hiring company because, if they are not professional, there are chances of causing damages to your valuables and the other commuters if the workers do not have the required expertise. However, one can avoid all those problems by relying on us to transfer their wheels. Our roadside masters smoothly remove any automobile.

Professional Towing Staff in Alamo Heights TX

Undoubtedly, a work of a learned person and an unprofessional one gives poles apart results. Similarly, the removal of the automobile from roadsides by a professional will be different from an inexperienced person.Therefore, it is better off hiring experts for car towing to smoothly recover the vehicle and send it to the recovery center.

When motorists do not know about tow car service, they only look at the cost to tow a car and hire any company for help. Therefore, giving a little thought before getting a car towing service in Alamo Heights TX is important. The first thing that must consider is whether the agency is registered or not and whether the workers are licensed and have relevant experience in the field.

Local Towing Company in Alamo Heights TX

  • When anyone's wheel is stuck in a deserted place, the first thing the person needs is quick help. Working on the roads for a long time has made the workers habitual of arriving on the site quickly.
  • We have many facilities, such as medium, light, and heavy tow trucks, which give various options for valued customers.
  • The price per mile of transporting a vehicle is matchless that cannot be anywhere else.

Flat Tow Vehicles in Alamo Heights TX

When an owner is going to sell a new car, it is the utmost priority of the buyer and the seller to send it to its final destination without any minor scratches. That level of safety can only be possible in flat tow vehicles. Another benefit of using a flatbed for car towing service is that it consumes less time and makes loading easy and stress-free.

Unlike flatbeds, the closed truck makes the uploading process stressful. Furthermore, it can also be economical for those car dealers who have to deliver multiple wheels at a time. Therefore, whenever anyone needs the best flat tow vehicles can get our help.

Affordable Cost to Tow a Car in Alamo Heights TX

When motorists do not know about tow car service, they only look at the cost to tow a car and hire any company for help. Therefore, giving a little thought before getting a  towing service is important. We keep our prices in the medium range to ensure that our services do not get heavy on our clients' pockets.

The cost of removing the vehicle from roadsides differs from one state to the next and from one company to the other. However, the major reason for the towing cost per mile in Alamo Heights TX is the distance between the clients and the service provider. Unlike other market competitors, our agency has a very customer-friendly price that cannot get anywhere else.

Auto Rescue Towing in Alamo Heights TX

Relying upon us for auto rescue towing opens up a lot of good things for valued customers. First of all, we are a renowned agency known for its high-end quality assistance in professionally removing vehicles from busy roads and narrow streets. Furthermore, as a trustworthy company, we ensure delivering clients' valuables with great care. That means one can feel complete satisfaction and peace of mind as certified workers tow their cars. So, trust in the best car towing service for safe vehicle removal.

About Us!

It has been several years since we have provided car towing service in Alamo Heights TX. The agency has highly professional and licensed workers committed to providing immediate road assistance to valued customers who are often stranded on roadsides due to mechanical breakdowns in their automobiles. Additionally, we are a certified and trustworthy company that always ensures quality assistance.

Furthermore, the cost of the service is also up to the client's expectations. Therefore, anyone who wants to remove outdated and damaged vehicles can get our help immediately. Interested customers can call us at (210) 861-4825 to get fast tow truck service throughout the city.


How much does towing cost per mile in Alamo Heights TX?

Different companies always charge towing bill according to per mile poilicy. The major reason for the towing cost per mile is the distance between the clients and the service provider. 


Can i tow my Car with other Vehicle by Myself?

If you are looking for how to tow my car, the best option is to rely on our professional agency that has been providing car towing service for the past several years. The experts arrive on the side with efficient trucks, smoothly upload the outdated automobile, and transfer it to its destination.


Your company provide old car pickup service?

Anyone looking for vehicle towing near me is better off seeking help from one of the best roadside masters in the town. Whatever the size and kind of the clients' wheels, we have advanced equipment and trucks to deliver them without causing any damage. One can rely on us to transport their outdated or damaged car from anywhere in the city while getting the best car towing service.


Services We Offer

Fuel Delivery

We provide the best fuel delivery services. If you run out of gas on a road and you can not do anything about it, then we can help you out with this.

Lockout Service

If you ever get locked out of your car, or you broke the key inside the lock of your vehicle, then call us immediately. We will be more than happy to help you out.

Towing Services

We have an exceptional team just for the completion of towing services. If your car ever stops working in the middle of the road, then get in touch with us immediately.

Tire Changing

We also provide tire-changing services. We have specialized professionals who can replace any tire in a small amount of time. So, get in touch with us immediately.

What Client Say's


Their affordable cost and fast assistance are beyond all praise.

Maria Wayne


The team was highly professional and cooperative. Highly recommended.

Donna Ling


I have hired them two times so far. Experienced staff with advance tow truck. Everything was fantastic.

Ryan Goodricke


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