Car Towing Service in Atlanta GA

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Vehicle Towing Service in Atlanta GA
Who We Are?

Big J's Towing & Transport LLC

Big J's Towing & Transport LLC efficiently covers your vehicle in times of breakdown! The firm is successful in the business for nearly three decades. We have gained a solid repute in the community for providing professional Wrecked, Fuel Delivery, Flatbed Towing, Tire Change, Roadside Assistance Motorcycle Towing, and Emergency Towing.

Vehicle Towing Service in Atlanta GA

Car towing service in Atlanta, GA, is essential for a vehicle stuck on the roadside because of some mechanical or technical fault if you are stranded on the roadside because of a kaput car engine or any other trouble that has made your vehicle undrivable! Car towing service will help get your car and yourself out of that situation right away. In this manner, the services need to be quick and immediate; otherwise, it will increase the stress of the situation.

Whether you need to tow a car in Atlanta, GA, or you need mobile roadside assistance, no worries! Big J's Towing & Transport LLC knows the best way to deal with this sort of situation. We have been serving the community with the best towing vehicle services and auto repair for three decades. On the other hand, if you were googling car towing near me or car towing service near me, then rest assured you have already landed in the right place.

Our technicians and drivers are trained & experienced. They know every pro and con in this area. Thus, there will not be any inconvenience during the service. We have invested plenty of money in our tools, equipment, and heavy tow trucks to do the work professionally. The commonly used tools in towing a vehicle in Atlanta GA are:

  • Tow Hooks
  • Snatch blocks
  • Towing chains
  • Tow straps
  • Shackles


Cheap Car Towing in Atlanta GA

If you want a towing service but do not have lots of money to spend on it. Then it would be best if you do not get cheap service. If the service cost is less, then the company's quality standards will be below as well. You can risk damaging your car or the security of the vehicle. Go for the middle option, which is not too expensive and not too cheap as well.


Towing a Car in Atlanta GA

Towing a car in Atlanta, GA requires professional skills to deliver a car without damage. A specific type of tow truck might be used in the process, but selecting the most suitable is the work of a professional. Dolly and flatbed towing are the most used towing services for common vehicles. However, sometimes, even the road impact can damage the vehicle.

In that case, we have flatbed trucks. These trucks have straight iron beds on their backs for placing vehicles. There is no direct impact of a vehicle on the road during the journey, and the drivetrain of the towed car remains stationary!

Many people get worried after getting the tow service. If the car will be safe or not? What if the prices are too high? What if something gets stolen from the car? With Big J's Towing & Transport LLC, you will not have to worry about these things. We are here to take care of your car and your belongings as well. So, if you think something terrible is going to happen, do not worry. It will not. We have an extensive fleet of trucks suitable for every car, and many cars that can be flat towed are towed by our company daily.


Junk Car Towing Service in Atlanta GA

The most accessible cars to tow are junk cars. You do not have to worry about the car's cosmetics or get the car damaged in these cars. It is already damaged. However, we still make sure that nothing more happens to the car. That is why we are also known for providing the best junk car towing service in Atlanta GA.


Best Towing Vehicle in Atlanta GA

The procedure to tow a car in Atlanta, GA, entails proper tools to get the job done without damage to the towed car. A professional auto towing company like Big J's Towing & Transport LLC puts a handsome investment in heavy tow trucks and equipment to deliver of finest convenience to the customers. Daily 3.7k auto accidents are reported just in the USA; some are not harsh, but some are! We hope no one gets involved in them, but still, it is part of nature. It is what it is.

Nonetheless, we can provide post-roadside assistance to decrease their collateral damage. Ambulances help save living beings, and auto ambulance towing helps save wrecked automobiles. A private towing service is the best way to deal with unauthorized vehicles parked in the wrong space. Whether a used tow truck or a new one, the driver handling should deliver the most satisfactory service. We also provide roadside services.


Car Towing Company in Atlanta GA

There are many car towing companies in Georgia, but not all provide the best service at the best prices. If you want to hire the best company, you will have to research online. Search for the service that you need, like towing, and we are glad to tell you that we will appear at the very top with the most significant number of positive reviews. This is just because of our exemplary customer service and professional staff. Our staff provides other services to our customers in Georgia:


Cost to Tow a Car in Atlanta GA

Certain factors vary the total cost to tow the car in Atlanta, GA. Although the car towing price here is super economical summing up bills is dependent on some factors:

  • Car Tow Distance
  • The Complexity of the Job
  • Time & Date

Car Tow Distance

The distance to the tow vehicle in Atlanta, GA, or any other part of the state plays a crucial role in summing up the total bill. For instance, if the total distance of the tow-away car is short, the charges will be more economical and vice versa.

The Complexity of the Job

Hauling the car from a normal standing position is much more reasonable in cost than recovering out of a precarious position, such as the embankments and more.

Time & Date

The time of the year plays a crucial role in the total bill for the best tow cars. For instance, consulting services at 2 pm on a regular Monday will be much more cost-effective than at 3 am on Easter Eve.


Services We Offer

Roadside Assistance

Is your car tire blown out or you have run out of fuel? Consult our roadside assistance right away!

Jump Start Service

Battery health can decline after some time of use. If it happens, our jump start services will cover it.

Flatbed Towing

Worried about the drivetrain of your automatic car? Don’t be! We will tow it with a flatbed towing truck.

Emergency Towing Service

Are you stuck on the roadside because of a broken vehicle? Our emergency towing service will cover you!

What Client Say's


I contacted this company to tow my car for auction. Their professional handled it very nicely.

Ellie Daniels


I called them for accident car recovery, and I am amazed by their professional services.

Kevin Smith


My car's tire was flat, and a professional arrived in a few minutes.

Gina Reeves