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Professional Kitchen Remodel Service in Madeira Beach FL
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Pegasus Construction Group Inc

Pegasus Construction Group Inc.License# CGC1523280 has offered quality residential and commercial remodeling services to clients in and around St. Petersburg, FL, since 2015. From updating the countertops in your bathroom to whole home remodeling projects, you can rely on Pegasus for the following services:

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Whole-Home Remodeling
  • Commercial Water Damage Repair
  • Commercial Painting

Professional Kitchen Remodel Service in Madeira Beach FL

Here we provide the kitchen remodel service that can turn your place into a worth-cooking place. Our professional workers are highly trained to carry out the task of the kitchen renovation project. In addition, the assistance is highly budget friendly that does not affect your monthly budget. Seeking help from our agency means getting the dream kitchen in your home. Nonetheless, whether anyone is going to build an entirely new cooking area or planning to remodel the existing shabby-conditioned cookhouse, the group of workers here is highly capable of fulfilling the homeowner's dream to have a modernized design cookhouse.


We pledge that our creative ideas, which will reflect in the kitchen, will surely inspire the family members. Therefore, if anyone wants to see one hundred percent result-based work, contact us for professional assistance in Madeira Beach, FL.

kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Madeira Beach FL

As we are one of the recognized kitchen contractors among so many people, we have successfully built-up thousands of connections who always seek our help for their kitchen and bath remodeling tasks because they are well-informed and everything about our services.

Nonetheless, the thing that turns a deserted place into a well-lighted and well-organized kitchen is the quality of the products used to build it.


Moreover, using customized products not only makes the place attractive but also makes the cooking place a long-running area. Therefore, it is pertinent to make sure that the service provider is a well-reputed one because only a famous company can ensure it gives its best to its valued customers.


Besides, the renowned provider knows the importance and worth of the clients, and as a result, it cannot think of compromising the quality of the materials being used in the kitchen.

Our Unique Kitchen Remodeling Services

When an informed homeowner wants to bring new changes to his cookhouse, he will pledge to find one of the most experienced companies in the relevant area. Because he knows that he is going to invest a considerable amount of money.


However, having an available company like ours that offers the service of small kitchen remodels in Madeira Beach FL, there is no need to worry about not getting a qualified provider.


Our unique design of the kitchen accurately streamlines the dream of the client and his desire to see an eye-catching place that reflects all the contemporary characteristics. Furthermore, the specialized interior designers of our agency follow the latest techniques for kitchen makeovers

  • Consultation with the Client
  • Sizing
  • Finalizing the Design
  • Final Move

Consultation with the Client

It is the primary step that our professional team does. They first request the customer to have a meeting personally to discuss and know the homeowner's opinion on what kind of design he wants to see, what the colors of the tiles must be, kitchen renovation cost and et cetera.


After the detailed consultation with the client, the next step we follow for the galley kitchen remodel is to measure the area again and again. The purpose of doing the measurement is to get the accurate size of the countertops, wall cabinets, islands, backsplashes, etc.

Finalizing the Design

The following important technique is to finalize the design of the kitchen. Nevertheless, still, we offer the opportunity to bring change if you think that the finalized layout of the new kitchen cost can be expensive and can put an extra burden on the budget.

Final Move

Before adequately kicking off the project, our professional workers again discuss the layout from the start to the end so that case.

If anything is still missing, we can add it. After the final touch, the next step will be starting the project, and within a week, the client can get the attractive kitchen before his eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Dollar Does It Cost for an Average Kitchen Remodel Project? 

The cost of remodeling average kitchen remodel cost varies according to the space size. However, there are some other factors as well that determine the cost of any design of a cookhouse, such as the materials used in the workplace can increase and decrease the total amount at the end of the project.

Nonetheless, our company has affordable service for all sizes of cooking places that can be helpful for customers who need assistance at discounted prices. 

How Long Will the Repairing Task Take?  

Usually, the remodeling work of a cooking space takes five to eight weeks. However, keep in mind that it depends on the capability of the service providers and how much they are capable of completing the project.

Our company ensures to end the work within the given time so that the kitchen remodel cost in Madeira Beach FL does not increase. 


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Professional, Dependable, Trustworthy.

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We love our new kitchen! All the team at this company was awesome!

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Had a kitchen and am extremely happy with the process and the beautiful results.

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