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Bathroom Remodeling Company in St Petersburg FL
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Pegasus Construction Group Inc

Pegasus Construction Group Inc.License# CGC1523280 has offered quality residential and commercial remodeling services to clients in and around St. Petersburg, FL, since 2015. From updating the countertops in your bathroom to whole home remodeling projects, you can rely on Pegasus for the following services: Kitchen Remodeling Whole-Home Remodeling Commercial Water Damage Repair Commercial Painting

Bathroom Remodeling Company in St Petersburg FL

Based in your city, our company has unique bathroom remodeling ideas which can completely transform bathing place designs. Our agency's top mission is to minimize the risk and stress of renovating the washroom. It has been a long decade since we have been working here, and now, we have become one of the best bathroom remodeling companies in St Petersburg FL. So far, we have successfully remodeled thousands of bathing places in the entire city. Due to the professionalism and transparency in the service, thousands of people blindly trust our assistance. From the start to the final touches of the repair work, the technical team constantly guides and explains to the clients so that they feel fulfilled while getting the service and after completing the project.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Near Me

If anybody is looking for bathroom remodeling contractors near me, there will have no better option than signing a contract with our company. There will have complete, friendly coordination by our workers with the concerned clients. As a result, there will have no kind of hassle from starting the project till its final touches. Moreover, we do not create panic for the customers; the payment process is also amicably discussed with the homeowner after completing the task. Therefore, those people who are worried and searching how many bathrooms remodeling can cost them should contact our agency because we have flexible and affordable pricing policies that help every house owner save a considerable amount of dollars. We assure you that we will offer such a masterpiece service that can make your bathroom attractive and comfortable to use.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost in St Petersburg FL

Many companies do what they like to do. Nevertheless, our agency always prefers the choice and dreams of the customers. If any client wants to select everything on his own, we discuss the cost of bathroom remodeling with them first. Nonetheless, the first step to making the washroom personalize is to select everything by oneself and what type of style at the end of the final touches he wants to see. The second trending personalized washroom is to give the place a rustic look; so many people prefer to go back to the old days' products that they installed in their bathing areas.

Furthermore, the space can also matter not only in the context of cost but also because a considerable space decreases its beauty of it. Therefore, please give it a thought to how many people will use the area. The next step in making the personalized showering space is to install the bathroom cabinets. Following all those steps, one can make his own choice of lavatory.

Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Service

Many customers want the cost of bathroom remodeling very low as they try their best to save the amount of money from the service. However, they are unable to find such affordable remodeling service providers. Because due to inflation, every service sector has increased the price of its products and facilities. However, there is still a company like ours that is still giving discounts on our professional assistance with lavatory renovation. If anyone is looking for the cheapest kind of renovating service, they can contact us at our office phone number. Remember that our lowest price support is also excellent result oriented as we do not compromise on the quality of the work.

Different Ways to Make a Top-Notch Bathroom

There can be limitless ways to make any washroom cozy and beautiful, but here we will share the top five ways to turn shabby places into attractive places. According to our professional and qualified contractors for bathroom remodeling believe that the following ways are the trending designs for the modernized bathroom:

  • Customized Mirror
  • Display the Towel
  • Place Some Plants

Customized Mirror

The front mirror in the washroom is the first thing that we face when anyone enters the toilet. It can have either a good impact or the lousy impact on overall space and designs. If anyone does not know about the mirror selection, they can look for bathroom remodeling near me and seek assistance from our professional interior designers, who can suggest one of the best products.

Display the Towel

Please do not keep the towel in a traditional way as there are many creative techniques to display them in a more beautiful way that can add a more aesthetic look to the overall place. If anyone does not have ideas for a bathroom remodeling small bathing place, they are better off contacting our agency. We are good at designing everything about showering space.

Place Some Plants

Adding some beautiful plants around the corner of the bathing place can give a spectacular view for the users; when the lighting reflects on the plants, the entire atmosphere gives a feeling of relaxation and coziness.


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