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At GSV Towing, we provide towing & junk car removal services. Do not you have a key? No problem! Do you even not have a title for your car? Do not worry! We can help and provide free pick-up services for your junk car. We are available for every emergency and are operational from 8:00 AM till 12:00 Midnight.

You can give a call on the following numbers for assistance:

Guy: (678) 949-7930

Kenes: (347) 826-2273

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Medium-Duty Towing Service in Dacula, GA

Medium duty trucks in Dacula, GA, are four categorical truck types based on size, capacity, and weight tolerance. These four categories of trucks are used in commercial & residential means and equipped according to their applications. These different trucks help us optimize expenditure according to our needs.

Sizes are:

  • Compact
  • Mid-size (medium-duty)
  • Full-size
  • Heavy Duty

The compact is a category for small trucks; mid-duty trucks are used for moderate uses. Full-size and heavy-duty trucks are used for heavy applications. Medium-duty trucks are generally used for towing trucks and other purposes. Medium trucks are helpful and best to tow average vehicles. 

Best Medium-Duty Trucks

There are a lot of companies in the market that manufactures medium-duty trucks for average-sized loading. Nevertheless, some are the best of the bests. GSV Towing acquires the best and most fully equipped medium-duty trucks for towing purposes. We mainly use Chevy medium-duty trucks and ford medium-duty trucks in Dacula, GA, but we also have other models. The rates of towing vehicles in the market are high, but GSV Towing dedicatedly provides a cost-effective rate list. Our medium-duty towing rates are very reasonable for the local market. We offer the immediate services of towing trucks by mid-duty trucks. 

The Capacity of Mid-duty Trucks

Medium Duty truck towing capacity ranges from 9,000 to 22,000 lbs. GSV Towing is professional and proficient; we know how to deal with every situation. Whether it is truck towing, car towing, or any other you need, we are here. Just let us know, and our men will be at your location.

GSV Towing offers immediate services of medium-duty towing services in Dacula, GA. Our drivers are trained, licensed, and experienced. They can tow your vehicle anywhere you want without causing any further damage to your vehicle.

Get your Vehicle out of Challenging Situations

Have you stuck your truck in the mud? Or has the engine been broken? No worries! GSV Towing can provide severe medium-duty towing trucks in Dacula, GA, and neighboring areas. We can get you out of precarious situations immediately. GSV Towing is a professional in this field, and our services are the best by every means. Our drivers are skilled; they can get your vehicle out of any stuck position and tow it anywhere you want. Our other roadside assistance, emergency towing, and lockout services also have very affordable rates.

Benefits of Medium-Duty Towing from GSV Towing

We are professionals, and we provide only quality services! The main essentials of getting mid-duty towing services from GSV Towing would be

  • Reasonable Rates
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Instant Approach
  • Trained, Licensed & Friendly Faculty
  • Trustable & Reliable Services
  • Long List Guarantees

The advantages of getting services from GSV Towing are much more than these, but you will only experience them more by getting them. We are here for your assistance! Consult Us Now! 


Services We Offer

Scrap Car Removal

Call us for efficient scrap car removal.

Towing Services

Our company is also providing top-notch hauling services.

Medium Duty Towing

We provide fully equipped medium-duty trucks to tow your vehicle anytime & anywhere you want!

Flatbed Towing

We provide fully equipped flatbed towing trucks to deliver your vehicle wherever you want without any damage!

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They helped me to tow my car from the highway. They are fast service providers.

John Franklin


I hired this firm, and their professionals amazed me with their quality tow and ethical behavior.



GSV Towing is indeed a very professional and reliable firm. Select them without any doubt.

Kevin Smith


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