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Car Recycling Services in Lakeland FL

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Scrap Car Recycling Services in Lakeland FL
Who We Are?

East Recycling LLC

East Recycling LLC served many years in this industry and helped hundreds of people. We purchase broken, wrecked, and old cars, trucks, and buses from you at reasonable prices. We will take away from your place no matter what type, make, and model you have.

Scrap Car Recycling Services in Lakeland FL

For decades, East Recycling LLC has delivered exceptional car recycling services in Lakeland, FL. We purchase wrecked, aged, and disabled automobiles from their owners with a good amount of cash and recycle them. The metal shell of old motors never becomes used less in our mills and automotive industry. It can make different metal elements for machines and new vehicle fleets. The process of recycling is done in specific areas far away from a city to protect people from harmful effects and air pollution. Get in touch with us if you have an old auto that has been parked in a driveway for years, and now you want to remove it. This firm is worthy of selecting if anyone needs car wreckers near me. Our services are available day and night and seven days a week. For more information about scrap car prices, feel free to contact us at any time according to your schedule. We will be happy to guide each client.

Our Process of Recycling

We are the best and most reputable auto recycling firm that has been working for decades in this city and gained fame due to our exceptional strategies and assistance. People hired our trusted dealers for a scrap car collection and are pleased to have them in their services. We would like to clear their thought and want to answer the question they ask more from us about the entire process we do. Let us jump into it:

  • Elements and Fluids Removing Process
  • Shredding
  • Mixing
  • Send to Mills

Elements and Fluids Removing Process

The collection of cars for scrap metal undergoes some process. Once a contractor purchases an auto from the seller, it sends to the vehicle recycling yard. Technicians and laborers start removing all the elements from the shell or cage. For example, they remove the engine, battery, and breaker fluids. They ensured that those fluids were properly disposed of before starting the process. If we don't remove them, there is a high chance of damage or explosion. Techs then remove all the useable parts such as leather upholstery, rugs, carpets, seats, dashboard, tires, mirrors, and more.


After removing all the necessary elements, we put the metal shell into the specific shredding machine that separates ferrous and non-ferrous metals for the shell. It can happen by using magnetic technology.


Once the metal fragments are separated into ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the old shell, it combines with other metals. This way, a robust mixture of metals is formed to make new vehicle shells.

Send to Mills

After the preparation of this mixture, it sends to the mills or automotive industries so they can make new auto frames and save energy and effort.

If anyone is thinking about where to recycle my car, then this firm is the best option to select. We help people sell their junk or scrap autos in maximum cash amounts. The mentioned information shows how effective this service is for everyone from the seller to the buyer and automotive industries. Do not go anywhere else, and trust us if anyone is looking for a scrap car collection near me.

Scrap Car Collection in Lakeland FL

We collect automobiles from their owners and make them happy by giving them the cash they want. Owners feel happy after seeing extra space and a clean area occupied by the metal clunker. Contact us if someone wants to get money and make a free backyard space. We offer desirable junk car prices to each client that brings a smile to their faces. We are a fully equipped firm with expertise in towing vehicles, recycling, and collecting scrap metals. Call here without any hesitation and ask what comes to your mind. Our customer representative will guide every customer appropriately.

The Perk of Hiring Us

Here you can get the number of fringe benefits, which include:

  • Quick Response
  • Top Prices
  • Purchase all types of Vehicles
  • Safe Tow Truck Service

Quick Response

This organization is unlike others who delay their customer's dealings and meetings for weeks and months. We respond quickly to each client that needs our help. Experts here suggest the best solution for customers' problems. Dealers of this firm never delayed any task from homeowners to business owners. They serve equally with sincere devotion.

Top Prices

If someone is searching for scrap car prices near me, then luckily, this is the right place to get the answer. Our dealers offer the best cash prices to the owners of cars, buses, trucks, and jeeps. They will never disappoint clients and do not make fake or scam deals with anyone. All technicians, laborers, and contractors here are insured, certified, and bonded. There is no chance of any type of fraud. Dial the given number or email us to get an instant quote estimate. We operate this business round the clock to assist the beloved people of Lakeland, FL.

Purchase All Types of Vehicles

We purchase old or disabled cars, buses, trucks, trailers, RVs, wreckers, motorcycles, jeeps, and other vehicles. Condition, make, and models do not matter. Give us a detail about the motor and rest assured. Experts here know the value of metals and will never let anyone down or take advantage of any customer at any cost. They know their responsibilities and the importance of removing unwanted clunkers from commercial or residential properties. Work with us to protect the environment and improve the business of the steel industry and vehicle manufacturers. Take a step right now to reduce energy consumption and the world's environment with this firm.

Safe Tow Truck Service

Most people avoid availing of these services because of costly tow truck lifting. The driver asks for fees if the distance is long. Do not stress because this organization will charge no fee for towing services. We offer safe and fast pick-up aid to each customer. So, are you ready to choose us if you need an auto recycler near me? Flatbed, integrated boom trucks and rotators are always available in maintained and good condition. All you have to do is to dial the provided number, give us information, give us the information and rest assured. We ensure that everyone who selects us will admire our services instead of regretting them.


Services We Offer

Professional Staff

Our staff is trained and certified, and we have professional dealers.

24-Hour Service

We will provide a 24-hour junk car removal service in nearby areas.

Full-Service Agency

We are a full-service agency that supports customers in anything from old to unattractive car removal.


We have an exceptional team just for the completion of hauling your junk car. Get in touch with us immediately.

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They helped me in selling my old RV. I got a good amount of cash in my hands. I am happy to have them.

Ryan Goodricke


I have been looking for a trusted automotive recycling firm for weeks, and I finally got them right here. They are worthy of trusting to get any assistance.

William Kane


East Recycling LLC is a reputable company that helps many people, and I am glad I had a great experience with this firm.

Claudia Wilson


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