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Quick iPad Fix Service in Huntington Beach CA
Who We Are?

Limo Fix Tech LLC

Limo Fix Tech firm provides top-notch quality services for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android cell phones. Our professionals can handle any issue related to their hardware and software efficiently. From cell phone screens to battery, charging ports, and iPhone back glass repair, installation, and replacement, pros here can do everything for you.

Quick iPad Fix Service in Huntington Beach CA

The size and shape of the iPad are different from iPhones. They are a little bit big in size as compared to mobile phones. The significant difference between this device and the iPhone is that the phone makes phone calls on cellular networks, whereas this one cannot. Both gadgets run the same operating system, iOS, and use similar CPUs and GPUs. They have a wide range of overlapping features. Now tablets come in two versions: one uses cellular data and one cannot. Both can be used to make internet calls by using apps. Apple tablet also has a little bit different software capability. It uses different libraries. So, it is essential to bring it to a certified specialist when its software is not working correctly and internal or external components malfunction. Limo Fix Tech offers several repair and maintenance services for this smart machine. Do not trust or go anywhere else when you have one of the reputable and best firms to get a quick iPad fix service. Experts here can replace iPad batteries, restore cracked screens, resolve issues related to charging, and update and upgrade software. Select this firm to get instant iPad fix service in Huntington Beach CA.

Our Professional iPad Fix Services in Huntington Beach CA

We provide different iPad fix services to our clients:

  • Fix Damaged Screens
  • Repair Battery
  • Charging Ports
  • Fix Minor to Major Software & Hardware Issues

Fix Damaged Screens

Most users come here with broken screens. It is challenging to repair or replace Apple device displays because they are not commonly available in the market. Please do not trust any local or unauthorized shop that offers services for smartphones because they will never guarantee you the products they use. Always select an Apple-certified shop and technicians for iPad air screen replacement and restoration. Now you do not have to type iPad screen repair near me because we are already here to assist our clients.

Repair Battery

Over time or due to uncertain events or misuse, tablets' batteries stop running. That is why most people search for battery replacement near me. Unfortunately, nowadays, several scam service providers are fooling innocent users. They install replicated low-quality parts on their tablets or phones and collect money. Avoid this type of scam and bring all your gadgets to this agency. We provide everything approved by the original company from components repair and replacement. No matter what the problem is, technicians will handle each case skillfully, whether it is related to hardware or software. Get an instant iPad battery replacement cost estimate from us and enjoy this firm's affordable and guaranteed assistance.

Charging Ports

Does anybody annoy with faulty or dirty charging ports of tablets? Do not stress and dial the mentioned number right now to get instant aid instead of typing iPad repair near me. We are delivering excellent Apple smart apparatuses and accessories in Huntington Beach CA. Replace broken charging ports here with the help of experts. Purchase top-quality wire cables or other accessories related to those apparatuses.

Fix Minor to Major Software & Hardware Issues

Sometimes apps, iOS, CPUs, GPUs, or other internal hardware components start causing troubles in the gadget. Some apps or old version of the operating system slows down the working of a tab. So, the users think that their gadgets have reached their end. Instead of bringing it to some unprofessional person, think wisely and do good research to find the most suitable place for it—the place where experts can tell you about your device. Limo Fix Tech center is one of the best centers in this area. They carefully diagnose the apparatuses and suggest the best solutions for them. You do not need to type iPad fix near me because we are always ready to assist.

Different iPad Issues that Our Experts Can Fix

  • Freeze and Flickering Screen

  • Slow Battery

  • Dead Pixel on Display

  • The device is not Turning On

  • Get Quick Solution

  • Reasonable Prices

  • Time-Saving

Freeze and Flickering Screen

It is one of the most common issues that users complain about. It happens due to specific apps. It is not easy to identify which app causes this problem. Every day, users have no idea how to identify and check several apps that make the frozen screen. So, please bring it to this center and rest assured. One of our experts will diagnose it properly and fix the issue instantly.

Slow Battery

The old software version, high storage apps, and improper charging or faulty ports and cables can cause this problem. This issue can be solved by users mostly. Update the software, deleting extra apps, turning off the notification, and disconnecting the wi-fi or Bluetooth connection while charging can help. By doing this, a user can improve the battery power. If nothing works, bring it here and leave everything on our shoulders. We are the best for Apple iPad repair. Whether it is a battery or a screen, we will take care of everything.

Dead Pixel on Display

It is one of the most frustrating problems that users face. An unresponsive dot on display appears and does not change. It stays black no matter what you are doing on it. Instead of typing iPad repair near me, immediately bring it to an Apple-certified store like us, and the techs here will fix it quickly.

The device is not Turning On

Before going to any shop, first, check whether this device is charged or not, restart it, or update it. If nothing helps you, then contact us. Experts here will fix smart electronic gadgets. Experts here perform every job skillfully, from Apple iPad screen repair to the battery, port replacement, and software updates.

Get Quick Solution

This firm offers same-day fast services for iPhones, iPad, and other Apple apparatuses. If the problem is severe, it will take one or two days. Otherwise, everything handles quickly at this center.

Reasonable Prices

Do not worry about our service process because we are charging reasonably compared to other competitors' rates.


Visit or hire experts anytime you want. Professionals are ready to assist each client 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Clients do not have to wait too long for restoration or replacement parts. All they have to do a call and inform us about their problem: and we will fix all issues efficiently.


Services We Offer

Replacement and Installation

We replace and install damaged or broken screens, batteries, charging ports, etcetera.


Get a full suite of mobile phone services at reasonable prices at Limo Fix Tech firm.

Android Cell Phone Repair

We repair android cell phones efficiently. Please do not go anywhere else. Select us to get certified services.

Apple Devices Repair

iPhones and iPads are challenging to restore, but fortunately, our technicians are one of the best-certified repairers of Apple devices.

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