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iPhone Liquid Damage Repair in Anaheim CA
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Limo Fix Tech LLC

Limo Fix Tech firm provides top-notch quality services for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android cell phones. Our professionals can handle any issue related to their hardware and software efficiently. From cell phone screens to battery, charging ports, and iPhone back glass repair, installation, and replacement, pros here can do everything for you.

iPhone Liquid Damage Repair in Anaheim CA

Did you spill water on the cell phone and look for iPhone water damage repair? Limo Fix Tech is providing remarkable services in Anaheim CA. Bring your broken or damaged devices here to get quick and guaranteed services. We will send a certified technician to your doorstep, or you can visit the shop independently. Techs will fix the issue in an eye blink by using specific tools. You do not have to wait too long and need an appointment to visit us.

Apple devices are expensive and have complex mechanisms. They required professional assistance in case of any damage. Never trust a novice or unknown person; instead, call us for iPhone X water damage.

iPhone Water Damage Indicator in Anaheim CA

Apple devices have a liquid contact indicator or LCI that indicates the issue at the right time. In the new model, LCI is located in the same slot as the SIM card. You will find it in the charging port or headphones jack in old models. Using a paper clip, the user can open the slot or port to see the LCI. Turn on the flashlight or torch to see its color after removing the SIM tray. If its color is red or light pink, it means it is contacted with liquid, and the user needs professional help. Call us anytime if someone needs Apple water damage repair.

Do not follow those steps if the device is wet. Leave a wet device face down on a flat dry surface in this case, and try those instructions later on. In some cases, this indicator is also damaged, but the good news is that our technicians offer efficient iPhone water damage indicator repair.

iPhone Water Damage Repair Cost

Anyone can get many videos and blogs on fixing the iPhone water damage indicator. For example, some content creators suggest putting the gadget into a rice bag for a few hours. Some suggest using a hair dryer and more. However, these tricks do not work for everyone. It is all about luck that someone gets the desired results. Otherwise, most people ruin the whole situation. Do not waste time trying those tricks that will not give guaranteed successful recovery. The only proper way is to contact a professional with the knowledge and certified training to repair Apple devices. Contact us for expert help, and a free iPhone repair water damage repairs cost estimate.

Our Professional iPhone Repair Services

Other companies might give you either same-day service or a reasonable price, but at Limo Fix Tech you can get an extensive range of services, some of them are:

  • Certified and Trained Staff
  • Same-Day Recovery
  • Affordable Prices
  • Original Parts
  • Offer a Wide Range of Services

Certified and Trained Staff

We provide certified and trained technicians with deep knowledge of smart devices' hardware and software. They are experienced and handle smart apparatuses every day. Hire us, and we will take care of everything from data privacy to the appearance of a gadget.

Same-Day Recovery

We can resolve issues same-day, but if any customer needs a screen installation service, then it could take one to two days to provide the Apple-authorized product.

Affordable Prices

Do not worry about the prices. Experts here never charge unreasonably from any client. First, they analyze the root issue and then work according to it. Moreover, charges vary reasonably according to the severity. We ensure that our prices are more affordable than other competitors' rates.

Original Parts

Here our clients can get original authorized Apple accessories and replacement parts at reasonable rates compared to the company's charges. Dial the number and garb our exclusive service in just a few minutes.

Offer a Wide Range of Services

Professionals here can fix minor to major issues with smart devices. They can fix broken screens and charging ports, resolve wifi connectivity, SIRI, and speaker repair. Here you can get other accessories like air buds, data wires, charging cable wires, and more at affordable prices.

How to Know About This Issue?

If the device contacts the liquid, a user can see the bubbles on the screen, its camera may seem blurry, and it starts freezing and stops working correctly. Whenever this mishap happens, do not use the gadget immediately; instead, power off it. Hiring a professional or visiting a reputable water-damage iPhone repair shop would be beneficial ASAP. Some people do not stop using their cells and try DIY or life hack techniques to solve the issue, which is not a good idea. It will cost you more. Instead of doing this, it would be best to employ us to get an exclusive restoration of water damage iPhone 11 or any model. Call us now and leave your problems on our experts' shoulders.


Services We Offer

Replacement and Installation

We replace and install damaged or broken screens, batteries, charging ports, etcetera.


Get a full suite of mobile phone services at reasonable prices at Limo Fix Tech firm.

Android Cell Phone Repair

We repair android cell phones efficiently. Please do not go anywhere else. Select us to get certified services.

Apple Devices Repair

iPhones and iPads are challenging to restore, but fortunately, our technicians are one of the best-certified repairers of Apple devices.

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Knowledgeable and trained staff. Service charges are affordable.



I dropped my phone in a tub full of water and worried about whether it would work correctly. I am glad that I found this center to get a reliable assistance.

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This center genuinely has an experienced team of technicians. They resolve my problem in a few minutes.

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