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Fix iPhone Charging Issue Near Irvine CA
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Limo Fix Tech firm provides top-notch quality services for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android cell phones. Our professionals can handle any issue related to their hardware and software efficiently. From cell phone screens to battery, charging ports, and iPhone back glass repair, installation, and replacement, pros here can do everything for you.

Fix iPhone Charging Issue Near Irvine CA

The most common issue people face is that their iPhones' batteries stop charging over time. Having a gadget that stops getting power to run correctly is frustrating. People lead to this issue because they ignore the little signs of indication. Whenever you notice any sign such as a gadget charging slowly or stopping energizing the battery, call us. Professionals here can fix all the issues related to it in an eye blink. Select Limo Fix Tech center to fix iPhone charging issues in Irvine CA, instead of going elsewhere. Never trust a novice or an unregistered person because Apple devices are expensive and have complex mechanisms; only certified technicians can handle them.

Different Reasons when iPhone Stops Charging

Sometimes people do not know why their cells stop getting power. Several local shopkeepers take advantage of clients and suggest wrong solutions to collect money from them. Due to a lack of understanding about smart devices, common users believe in them and pay costly charges. That is why we are suggesting some points that help users check their phones by themselves first. So they can decide whether they need professional assistance or not. Let us jump into it:

  • Dirty or Broken Ports
  • Damaged Cable Wire
  • Faulty Wireless Charging Settings
  • Unmatched Accessories

Dirty or Broken Ports

Most of the time iPhones won't charge because of the broken or dirty ports. If you are thinking right now about why my iPhone is not charging, then it would be best to check the port first. Dirt, debris, or broken pins stop supplying power to the cell. Most of the time, dirt cause this issue. Clean it carefully and try again. If it still does not work, bring this device to our center or employ an expert from us today. He will fix everything skillfully and charge reasonably.

Damaged Cable Wire

If your iPhone 7 is not charging, first check its port or cable wire carefully. A slight bend or crack causes damage. If the broken wire is the reason, our clients can get original Apple accessories from this center. We are the most trusted and reputable provider in Irvine, CA.

Faulty Wireless Charging Settings

If someone's iPhone 12 wireless charging not working, first check its settings. If you do not know about it, try to connect it to a computer, power accessory, or wall power outlet. If nothings work, call us to get instant help. We will be happy to assist beloved clients. Experts will guide you first on a call if nothings help to solve the issue, then visit our shop to get help.

Unmatched Accessories

If anyone's iPhone 11 is not charging, check whether you are using certified accessories or not. It happens when the USB charger is not designed to power up the gadget.

Steps to do When a Device Stops Charging

We take a few steps when a device stops charging which are the following:

  • Check Port
  • Check Cable/Plug
  • Restart the Device
  • Call a Professional

Check Port

The damaged port is the most expected reason your iPhone 12 is not charging. Do not stress; clean it if you see any dirt and try again.

Check Cable/Plug

Always use correct and certified accessories instead of using random ones. It will damage the power slot pins and negatively impact overall device performance. Carefully check the plug or switchboard that you used.

Restart the Device

Sometimes incorrect setting causes this issue; try to reset the settings correctly. Restart the device; it will help. If nothing happens, do not be panic thinking about why my iPhone wireless charging not working; instead, call us at (310) 595-8868. Techs here will take care of everything and suggest the most effective solutions.

Call a Professional

When no remedy helps to solve the problems, Limo Fix Tech experts are ready to assist each client. Take a deep breath, sit back on a couch, pick up the phone to dial the mentioned number, and rest assured. We will tell our clients how pros can help them resolve the trouble on a call. In Irvine, CA, no company provides 24-hour assistance to fix damaged or broken smart devices than this firm. We strive to deliver exceptional assistance to every customer and quality products. Contact us if anyone's iPhone charging port not working, and techs here will handle the difficulty.


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Replacement and Installation

We replace and install damaged or broken screens, batteries, charging ports, etcetera.


Get a full suite of mobile phone services at reasonable prices at Limo Fix Tech firm.

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We repair android cell phones efficiently. Please do not go anywhere else. Select us to get certified services.

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iPhones and iPads are challenging to restore, but fortunately, our technicians are one of the best-certified repairers of Apple devices.

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My iPhone stopped working, and I was worried about it. Luckily, I found this place, and I am happy to have them as my trusted partners.

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I want to recommend this organization to all my family and friends. Bring your damaged cell phones to this center and watch how skillfully pros can fix those gadgets.

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