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Cell Phone Battery Replacement in Irvine CA
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Limo Fix Tech LLC

Limo Fix Tech firm provides top-notch quality services for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android cell phones. Our professionals can handle any issue related to their hardware and software efficiently. From cell phone screens to battery, charging ports, and iPhone back glass repair, installation, and replacement, pros here can do everything for you.

Cell Phone Battery Replacement in Irvine CA

Battery plays a vital role in android and iOS phones and tablets. Users can find plenty of smart devices in the market with different capabilities of batteries and multiple compelling features. Some drain fast, and some are not, depending on the model and version of software/operating systems. A user can know about its specification through his/her gadget. Suppose it has a 1,000-mAH rating, then it can be run or drained in 10 hours. We cannot say indeed about any device's battery which one is best and run long-lasting. Many factors are here that could impact their life cycle. According to their compelling features and specifications, some iOS and android mobile give a long-lasting drainage period. However, power units can lose their potency or start causing issues to their operator over time or due to other factors. If yours is starting to cause any issues and you are looking for the most suitable cell phone battery replacement store in Irvine CA, this is the right place. We have trained and qualified technicians who have deep knowledge of Apple or android batteries. Bring your Samsung, iPhone, or other smart gadgets here, and rest assured.

Android Batteries replacement in Irvine CA

We mentioned above that various mobiles have various specifications. Some are available in the market with high milliamp hours ratings compared with iOS devices. However, many factors impact its drainage or shorten its life cycle. Power unit usage means usage is divided into two common activities. One is talk time, and the other is standby time. Types of apps, hardware, and OS processes drain the battery at different rates, and mainly, these things cause damage or shorten the life cycle. If someone fails to understand why his/her gadget is not working correctly and looking for cell phone battery replacement near me online, can call us. Experts will help each client with great devotion.

iPhone Battery Repair Store in Irvine CA

iPad and iPhones are also criticized for running out quickly by the users. Nevertheless, remember that it is all about that how an operator uses his/her mobile is more important thing than its make or model. Contact us if anyone is struggling with the poor power unit rating and is thoroughly annoyed with it. Dial the mentioned number right now and talk to us about your problem. No matter what type of make and model of a device a user has, experts here can handle everything skillfully. Professionals know how to fix the issue with suitable and reliable solutions. They can even repair the power units quickly, saving clients time and money. So, stop typing cell phone battery replacement service near me and hire one of our technicians right now. He will help you to find the best solution to the problem.

  • Signs that Tell You to Replace Battery
  • The Problem with Turning On
  • Drained Fast After Charging
  • Overheating
  • The Battery is Expanding

Signs that Tell You to Replace Battery

Users that fail to understand why their gadgets are causing them trouble. Why their smart machines are not working correctly? Why do their androids or iOS shutdowns suddenly? They can follow these signs to know the root issue. These signs will help each customer decide whether they need repair or mobile battery replacement services.

The Problem with Turning On

When a client feels trouble turning on his/her mobile after charging, then there is a high chance that its power unit will reach the end of its life. It is considered an alarming symptom. It could be a sign that this cell unit is broken, damaged, or have dirty contacts. If it happens to someone, then do not delay a minute and immediately visit a cell phone battery replacement store.

Drained Fast After Charging

High storage or extra apps, hardware, or OS could be the reason for fast drainage. Try to avoid downloading extra or random high-capacity apps first. Close unnecessary notifications or update software before searching online about cell phone batteries near me. If nothing helps them visit Limo Fix Tech Agency, which has been helping thousands of customers for decades and gained fame in this business due to delivering remarkable services.


Overheating is one of the alarming symptoms of a dying power unit. A client can notice the sign before or after charging or using different apparatus apps. Bring your android apparatus here, and rest assured. We are best to select from the result that google shows you after typing Samsung cell phone battery replacement.

The Battery is Expanding

A bump or cracked back case signifies that the cell unit is expanding. It is the worst sign, and in this scenario, a client should instantly contact the cell phone replacement shop to get guaranteed services.

Do not stress if anyone notices these signs, and feel free to talk to our expert techs. They will resolve any mobile issues. Experts here will do every job for each client, from battery repair or replacement to screen restoration and charging port repair. They will clean and maintain the mobiles instantly or upgrade their software. Are you ready to get same-day services from this firm? If yes, do not go anywhere else or waste your precious time and give us a call right now. We will never disappoint anyone that reaches our place. Do not worry about our cost estimates for different assistances because we will never put a burden on the client's pocket.

About Us

Limo Fix Tech can help diagnose mobiles and offer reliable solutions to each problem related to these apparatuses. These smart machines are delicate as well as complex to handle. Each one is manufactured differently with different specifications and features. It is essential to hand over them to trusted hands rather than a novice. A layperson can worsen the problem instead of resolve it efficiently due to a lack of knowledge and experience. We are proud to say that this agency has been working for more than 10 years in this business and got famous. We have a unique status in this field because we only believe in quality work and top-notch products. So instead of typing phone battery replacement near me, employ our tech to get instant help. We have no hidden prices and strict policies. Dial the mentioned number and grab the efficacy of our outstanding service.


Services We Offer

Replacement and Installation

We replace and install damaged or broken screens, batteries, charging ports, etcetera.


Get a full suite of mobile phone services at reasonable prices at Limo Fix Tech firm.

Android Cell Phone Repair

We repair android cell phones efficiently. Please do not go anywhere else. Select us to get certified services.

Apple Devises Repair

iPhones and iPads are challenging to restore, but fortunately, our technicians are one of the best-certified repairers of Apple devices.

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