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Android Phone Repair Service in Laguna Niguel CA
Who We Are?

Limo Fix Tech LLC

Limo Fix Tech firm provides top-notch quality services for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android cell phones. Our professionals can handle any issue related to their hardware and software efficiently. From cell phone screens to battery, charging ports, and iPhone back glass repair, installation, and replacement, pros here can do everything for you.

Android Phone Repair Service in Laguna Niguel CA

People worldwide wildly use android mobiles due to their compelling features and specifications. Some love their batteries. Some love it because of its processers working or other excellent factors. Devices of this brand are available worldwide from low to high prices according to the software version or hardware efficiencies. Some cells of this brand offer more battery time or life cycles than iOS. Yes, it is true! Now, these are available with high resolution or high pixel cameras that can capture every single thing clearly from a long distance. However, fortunately, no matter what electronic machine we are using, no one can predict or guarantee that it will last forever. No doubt, these machines are complex and advanced, but they are also sensitive and prone to wear and tear. Sudden falls, mishaps, liquid spills, dust, or many other factors can ruin these apparatuses. Due to this reason, Limo Fix Tech agency is here to deliver instant android phone repair in Laguna Niguel CA. Do not stress thinking about where I should go to repair my android phone; instead, call us.

Professional Android Phone Repair Services in Laguna Niguel CA

Mishaps can occur any time anywhere with your machines, whether they are home appliances or smart handheld devices. You are not alone if something terrible happens to your mobile. Following are the assistances that this firm is providing in Laguna Niguel CA:

  • Screen Repair and Replacement
  • For Water Damage Repair
  • Crashed System Fixation
  • Buttons Restoration and Replacement
  • Charging Ports Restoration
  • Battery Change and Restoration

Screen Repair and Replacement

Technicians can repair and replace damaged or broken screens at this firm. We have trained staff with deep knowledge about how to fix displays of several mobile phones. This company ensures that all products and tools that tech use are of the best quality with a guarantee. Select us to get instant service or repair android phones instead of going anywhere else. It will save you time and money.

For Water Damage Repair

Water can corrode electronic machines severely and destroy the internal components. It is like poison to innovative or electrical apparatuses. Stop using gadgets if someone spills any liquid until they are correctly fixed. Instead of typing cell phone repair near me, rely on us. We ensure that no one finds a best place than this firm in Laguna.

Crashed System Fixation

Limo Fix Tech agency is the best to select for android phone repair software. Misuse of apps, poor app testing, incompatibility of devices, and poor memory management can be the reasons for the crashed system. It is one of the most annoying situations because it interrupts users at an inconvenient time without notifying them. It is difficult to identify a root cause of an issue. That is why our experts will test and check the mobile with great care. In this process, we have to take care of the customers' data, security, and privacy. We will never risk our clients' security and privacy at any cost and recover the crashed system proficiently. You do not need to find a place for android phone repair near me on google because you have already found us.

Buttons Restoration and Replacement

Buttons are one of the most vital parts of any mobile. Front, volume, or power buttons are prone to wear and tear. Excessive or poor use of this entity can lead to damage. Please do not panic and call us for android cell phone repair. No matter what model or brand a user is operating, pros here will fix them efficiently. Top-quality and guaranteed products, parts, and proper tools for fixing malfunctions or installation are used to handle all cases. There is no chance of getting further damage, unsafe solutions, or poor-quality products. Everything comes with a 100% guarantee.

Charging Ports Restoration

Dirt, debris, or poor cables use can cause breakage or damage to the charging ports. Luckily you find the best android phone repair shop. Experts here will offer quality services from charging port restoration to maintenance and replacement. iOS operators can also rely on us rather than wasting time searching for iPhone repairs near me.

Battery Change and Restoration

The first thing in most mobiles that fails to work is their batteries. Nowadays, the usage of cell phones has increased rapidly. People spend half of their time using those devices. This is the factor that may shorten the life cycle of power units.

The other reason could be a following improper pattern of charging. That is why most power units drain fast or expand. Try to avoid over or misusing these devices, or if necessary, use them with great care according to proper instructions. If someone's power unit is causing trouble, then employ us for battery and phone screen replacement services. Instead of typing android phone screen repair near me select us!

Frequently Ask Questions

How Will It Take to Fix My Phone?

Time will vary depending on the problem. A minor repair can be done on the same day, or other severe fixing services can be done within one or two days. We ensure that no one has to wait too long to get any service. Experts here know the worth of their clients. They will try their best to deliver fast and safe assistance.

What is The Cost of Android Phone Services?

According to the type of components, malfunction costs will vary. Type of model, brand, service, or part that is required impacts prices. Limo Fix Tech ensures that everything comes with affordable rates. We will never collect extra and unfair money from customers.

Do I Get Apple Accessories at Limo Fix Tech?

Yes, we sell top-notch products and replacement parts for Apple devices. You can get Apple-certified batteries, screens, air buds, charging ports, back glass, cable wires, and more at this firm. We also have android accessories. The prices of all products are reasonable and of the best quality. Technicians will install, restore or replace damaged or broken cell phone parts efficiently in no time. We welcome each customer with love and sincerity. This factor makes us unique in this business.


Services We Offer

Replacement and Installation

We replace and install damaged or broken screens, batteries, charging ports, etcetera.


Get a full suite of mobile phone services at reasonable prices at Limo Fix Tech firm.

Android Cell Phone Repair

We repair android cell phones efficiently. Please do not go anywhere else. Select us to get certified services.

Apple Devices Repair

iPhones and iPads are challenging to restore, but fortunately, our technicians are one of the best-certified repairers of Apple devices.

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I hired them to fix my iPhone 7 plus screen and battery. They worked very well. I am satisfied with their assistance.



I had a pleasant experience with one of the techs of this company. He changed my phone's dead battery and did some maintenance on it.

Claudia Wilson


The staff of this company is hardworking and qualified. They know how to deal with customers with respect and care.

John Franklin


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