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Jump Start Service in Tulsa, OK

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Jump Start Service in Tulsa, OK
Who We Are?

Neptune Towing Service

Neptune Towing Service providers offer excellent auto rescue tow trucks and roadside assistance. Our flatbed tow trucks are always ready to assist each client in case of accident recoveries, and the car breaks down.

Emergency Jump Start Service in Tulsa, OK

We have built a platform that makes it simple for our customers to get the jump-start service they need when the unexpected happens. Each procedure has a flat rate price structure that is transparent and honest. The cost of having a roadside expert come to the area and securely repair the faulty car, truck, or SUV is very affordable. Unfortunately, if the car shuts off after starting up, or if it will not turn on due to another mechanical issue, a tow will be required. Rather than searching for jump start car service near me, hire us.

After a person calls us for Jump Start Service in Tulsa OK, we will send one of the local mobile roadside assistance professionals to the location to assist with this aid. Our auto specialists will usually come within a few minutes. While it may be tempting to have another motorist attempt to boost the vehicle, if the wires are disconnected, this can harm the vehicle. Moreover, believe it or not, this happens daily.

Jump Start Motorcycle in Tulsa, OK

Do not worry. If any misfortune strikes, assistance is always available. With only a simple call, the new crew will send the best roadside help professional to the location in no time. Of course, people can call our response center at any time, day or night, for personalized assistance or to schedule the help. The professionals carry the most recent manufacturers to ensure that drivers get the most up-to-date, high-quality automobile battery professionally fitted in under a few minutes. Did anyone know that if they need to replace the car battery, the fake firm will charge very much and result in more damage to the automobile? So the next time you need a new one, have locked your keys in the automobile, have run out of gas, have a flat tire, or require technical assistance, call us. Every driver can rely on the professional team working at this firm for help.

This emergency roadside aid can also help drivers with any other difficulties if they get stuck along with the road and Car jump-start battery. If you are confident in completing the assignment on your own, keep in mind that not every DIY will give the exact solution. The customer care team is accessible to answer questions by chat, phone, or email. Hire us for the best possible aid in no time. It allows us to improve the work while keeping the employees honest and working hard to ensure complete satisfaction.


Why Choose Our Service in Tulsa, OK?

Neptune Towing Service exclusively employs specialists and provides them with extensive training to guarantee that they can deal with consumers and do well on the job. With our help, all of the workers are certified. Give us a call if a person is searching. I need a jump start in Tulsa, OK. People will not have to be concerned about untrained folks operating the vehicle. Following are our three main specialties:

  • Professional Assistance
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Safe Work

Professional Assistance

Every member of our staff has vast experience dealing with nearly every type of car. The pros can provide professional aid to anybody, anywhere, to get the vehicle running again and a new battery if the existing one has failed.

Accessible 24/7

Nobody enjoys being stopped on the side of the road while waiting for assistance. On the other hand, this firm takes the circumstances into account and reacts as quickly as feasible. The experts here value the clients and their time, so we respond to the problem as soon as possible. The professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to boost the automobile or assist with any car-related difficulties to get people back on the road. Anyone can call our hotline.

Safe Work

Sulfuric acid is one of the compounds that make up this part, and it can turn into highly flammable fumes if it leaks out of vents. Meanwhile, sparks can be caused by improper cable and clamp arrangement on terminals. When sparks and flammable vapors collide, a fire or an explosion might occur. As a result, if the boosting is done incorrectly, a single mistake can result in significant injury and damage to the vehicle. Water is recognized to be an excellent conductor of electricity. As a result, while doing it yourself, especially in the rain, is unlikely to result in injury, the possibility of damage to the automobile exists. Hire us, and the experts can do it most safely.


Cost of Jump Services in Tulsa, OK

It takes some expertise or, at the very least, a rudimentary understanding of how batteries work. A successful process consists of a few simple steps. However, these steps must be performed in the exact order to avoid damaging the battery. As the country’s leading problem resolver, Neptune Towing Service can assure people to run their automobile and do it for you wherever they are and whenever they need it. All a person has to do is dial the given number to share the necessary details.

Licensed roadside aid technicians know how to boost up a vehicle safely and without causing damage to the vehicle's security system or electrical system. We prioritize safety by ensuring that the mobile mechanics are trained, licensed, insured, bonded, and experienced in proper procedures for all makes and models. People may rest easy knowing that all roadside help personnel has undergone thorough background checks, and they are insured if damage occurs. Please do not waste your time searching for a jump start near me. Contact us at (539) 292-3074 for quality and reliable Jump Start Car Service in Tulsa, OK.


Frequently Ask Questions

How much will we have to wait after calling?

The pros typically get to the location in significantly less time. One of the things the customers like about us is how easy it is to work with us. Time is valuable to us. We deliver the best roadside help available. Hiring this firm is always rapid, courteous, and low-cost. So do not worry, the workers will charge reasonably per the work demands.

Is Neptune Towing Service accessible at night?

All drivers have to do is phone us on any day and tell us the exact location. Finding a technician in the middle of the night to fix car problems can be annoying. Not to mention dangerous. People do not have to be concerned because the aid is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What should I do for a boost-up or replacement?

When attempting to run the vehicle, pay attention to common indicators such as dim headlights, failure to start, or a clicking sound. If it is less than two-three years old, it will almost certainly only require a jump-start car rather than a replacement.


Services We Offer

Roadside Assistance

Get roadside assistance from us in just one call.

Medium Duty Towing

Get the safest and fastest medium-duty towing assistance from us.

Tow Truck Wreckers

We have maintained wreckers that can haul cars and motorcycles from any place.

Premium Products

We used premium quality tools and equipment for loading vehicles on flat tow trucks.

What Client Say's


I called Neptune Towing Service at midnight when my car's battery left working. The team arrived in 15 minutes and took me out of trouble.



I recommend this company to everyone who needs to run their vehicle's battery. I am satisfied with the low rates and fastest response time.

Jay Keller


My friend and I got stuck on the road at midnight due to a faulty battery. We called this firm, and they did a fantastic job.

Gina Coleman


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