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Emergency Towing Service in Tulsa, OK

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Neptune Towing Service

Neptune Towing Service providers offer excellent auto rescue tow trucks and roadside assistance. Our flatbed tow trucks are always ready to assist each client in case of accident recoveries, and the car breaks down.

Emergency Towing Service in Tulsa, OK

Towing a vehicle from any location or any place is a challenging operation. No one will risk choosing a firm for their highly invested automobiles. Engine break down, electrical components malfunction, or uncertain road accidents are reasons when a driver needs this assistance. In this scenario, only a suitable company can help a person get rid of this problematic situation. After asking a few questions, a reputable and experienced firm always sends the right truck to handle the problem. If anyone is facing an issue with a vehicle that stops running, they can rely on us. Ensure that you give the correct information about your rides, such as their type, model, weight, and size. We can send the right medium-duty tow truck on your way by doing this. Our customer representative helps a client in choosing the right one for help. Because using the wrong service truck can lead to damage, for example, transmission and bumper can be damaged during the process. that is why. Our technicians take great care of the whole scenario and work under specific conditions. According to its gross vehicle weight rating, they know what type of hauling machine is best for each auto.

When does a Driver Need Medium Duty Towing Service?

Whether new or old, every automobile can break down anytime due to several factors. These factors could be related to malfunctioning electrical components, empty gas tanks, leaked tires, or accidental scenarios. In simple words, uninvited events always follow drivers all around the world. Every driver has faced these issues once in their lifetime, and they need to call a medium-duty truck roadside assistance to handle the case. However, the question is whether automobiles can be handled by the same trucks in case of an accident or damage? No, these hauling and roadside assistances are divided according to the types of automobiles. Two factors that rea considered are their size and weight. They are classified into three major classes A, B, and C, light, medium, and heavy-duty, respectively, according to their GVWR. This classification system has nine classes, but we talk about only three common and significant classes here. It would be best for each client if they know about the right weight and size of their car or other vehicles in case of any emergency required due to any reason. It will help us to send the right truck on your way. Do not worry; if someone has no idea about it, tell us the car's model and type, and we will handle everything professionally.


What Type of Trucks are Used for Towing?

Medium duty wreckers can haul automobiles in between 7,000 and 17,000 lbs. Following are the types of tow truck medium duty that are used to haul or transport cars, minivans, motorcycles, etc:

RVs (Recreational Vehicles)

It is best to select because it has multiple levels of storing capacity. It offers more storage and allows to handle a larger variety of vehicles. Its capacity includes dry weight, passenger's weight, cargo, liquids= total weight. It means you can easily select this one to haul your loaded car weighing between 7,000 to 17,000 lbs. We are providing RVs for towing, and you can also hire us right now to get medium-duty trucks for RV towing services in Tulsa, OK.

Box Trucks

It is also known as cube can and bob truck. It has a cargo box that allows storing weight inside of it. They are commonly 10 to 26 ft in length and have storage capacity between 12,500lb to 33 000lb. It is used to deliver the safest towing services and transport home appliances and furniture.


Most people love to hire motorhomes assistance if their automobiles break down. It is the safest way to haul or transport a vehicle from one place to another.


A flatbed is best to use in case of accident recovery automobiles. Its flat surfaces and multiple features allow the lift and load of a car safely on the bed. Medium duty flatbed tow truck is one of the most common and affordable trucks people use for car accident recovery.

Why Choose Neptune Towing Service?

Decades of Experience

Experience matters a lot in every type of business. We are proud to flourish in this business due to our remarkable experiences, expertise, quality products, and highly maintained towing vehicle fleets. Special training is delivered to each technician, making them unique in their skills. Choose this company without any doubt and feel free to ask any question about us. Our humble customer assistance associate will answer all your questions. Read our customer experience reviews. They will ensure that we fulfill every promise we make to each client as a service provider.

Arrive on Time

People prefer to select those firms that offer multiple services and arrive on time without any delay. No one likes to wait too long on the road in an inconvenient situation. We ensure that our team of expert technicians and certified tow truck driver will reach the client's place within no time. They will handle everything skillfully. You do not have to research or type more about medium-duty towing near me because you have already found us in your assistance.

Offer Several Services

This firm is not limited to one or two services; instead, our clients can get complete roadside assistance from us. From hauling automobiles to refueling their tanks, tire change, and battery jump-start, our experts can deliver every possible help to get back drivers on the roads as soon as possible.


Do not worry about our medium-duty towing rates because we will never put a burden on clients' pockets in any situation. All services rates are reasonable, and our qualified experts will take care of everything carefully during the entire procedure. They will never leave clients unsatisfied in the middle of the road. Feel free to contact us anytime you want; we are ready to assist you 24 hours.


Services We Offer

Roadside Assistance

Get roadside assistance from us in just one call.

Medium Duty Towing

Get the safest and fastest medium-duty towing assistance from us.

Tow Truck Wreckers

We have maintained wreckers that can haul cars and motorcycles from any place.

Premium Products

We used premium quality tools and equipment for loading vehicles on flat tow trucks.

What Client Say's


I hired them to tow my car from the highway a few days ago. I am thankful for the team I have received from this company for help at that time.

Kevin Smith


I am glad to have this company as my trusted roadside assistance provider. This firm's technicians are best to select in case of emergency. They always reach on time with the right tools and a tow truck.

Lindsay Charles


The team that helped me transport my jeep to a repair shop was humble and respectful. They handled everything skillfully.



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