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Who We Are?

Neptune Towing Service

Neptune Towing Service providers offer excellent auto rescue tow trucks and roadside assistance. Our flatbed tow trucks are always ready to assist each client in case of accident recoveries, and the car breaks down.

Best Car Towing in Tulsa, OK

You landed in the right place if you are looking for the best flat tow vehicles to handle broken or damaged vehicles. Our professionals know how to carefully manage wrecked or broken cars in case of any accident or unpredictable malfunction. We have more than 10 years of experience in this business and strive to deliver excellent auto rescue towing assistance every time. Our qualified, trained technicians, certified, licensed drivers, and positive customers reviews make us unique and popular in this business. No matter how far an auto owner is, no matter what time a person calls us, no matter what type of automobile a driver is driving, we will be there to assist in case of an emergency. Dial the mentioned number if you face any trouble while driving an auto on the road; experts will reach your location in no time. We will dispatch our fully equipped team and the right tow truck on the client's way. They know how to quickly fix the issue or transport an auto to the right repair shop in case of severe damage. What are you waiting for now? Hire us for car towing in Tulsa, OK, and watch how skillfully experts will cover everything on the spot.

Tow My Car in Tulsa, OK

Automobile owners searching online about vehicle towing near me can now rely on us. Give us a chance rather than going anywhere else. Our exceptional roadside services, a wide range of towing vehicle fleets, and certified workers ensure 100% customer satisfaction. You do not have to wait too long on the roadside because experts here will reach clients as soon as possible. Whether a driver is stuck in a crowdy place or on a highway, now can rely on us. There is no place where our experts could not reach. All you have to do is tell us about your name, exact location, type, model and year of vehicle, and type of problem. According to this information, experts will choose the client's exemplary tow car service, tools, and equipment.

Safe and Fast Car Towing in Tulsa, OK

Automobiles are one of the largest and most significant investments in a person's life. No one prefers to hand over their cars to a novice. That is why people do more research for finding a reputable firm by typing car towing near me. However, fortunately, you do not have to research more about it because you have already found a reputable firm. For decades, Neptune Towing Service has been providing auto rescue assistance and the best flat tow vehicles in Tulsa, OK. We have hundreds of happy customer reviews that help us boost our assistance in the best way. Is anyone need roadside assistance? Neptune professionals are ready to serve the beloved people of this city. Affordable prices, on-time support, highly maintained tow trucks for light and medium-duty vehicles, and factory-trained techs always ready to assist each client in this town. Do not let us go or trust some unknown firm to save a small amount of money. Why take a risk when you have already found a bonded and insured company to get help? As responsible assistance providers, we will take complete responsibility related to any job offered by us. This firm will offer reliable alternative solutions to each client in case of any accidental damage or inconvenience.

Towing Cost Per Mile in Tulsa, OK

Most companies will charge towing costs per mile, and people think this type of calculation costs more than an unprofessional hauling service. However, the unprofessional way of hauling or loading process can lead to more damage. Rather than risking expensive vehicles, hire experts to do this task. The average rates of car towing service are between $2.50 to $7.00 per mile. Moreover, prices vary according to the type and size of the vehicle, distances, time, and number of labor that is required to load and unload an automobile. Do not hesitate to hire certified pros from this firm because our rates of services are less expensive than other competitors' rates. Pick up your phone and dial the mentioned number if you visit this firm's website.


The Perk of Hiring Us

Certified and Experienced Staff

We will never take a risk and compromise on our technicians and drivers' training. Experience and training are the main factors that make any company's workers trustworthy among their consumers. Due to this reason, each worker that works here has specific certification and experience in this business to deliver excellent tow car services.

A Wide Range of Vehicle Fleets

We have highly maintained flatbed tow trucks, cube cans, RVs, SUVs, trailers, and wreckers for medium-duty towing. They are equipped with the right tools and equipment.

Reasonable Prices

This firm charges reasonably and does not put a burden on any driver's pocket. Our rates are affordable, from hauling or lifting autos to roadside rescue services. Feel free to contact us without worrying about the assistance rates. This company's staff is ready to assist each client 24 hours at any cost without compromising the quality of assistance.

Expert's Advice

As first aid, experts advise an auto owner to follow some safety instructions first. They advise drivers to park their vehicles on the safest side of the road carefully and do not try to fix the issue on their own. Roads are not safe for anyone, especially for the person facing any issue with his car. Without the required tools and skills, no one can handle the situation. It would be best for every rider or driver to hire experts to handle this scenario. Only professionals can manage the situation skillfully without causing more trouble.

Quick Response

Neptune Towing is known for its quickly responsive roadside assistance. Within 15 to 30 minutes, our truckers or repairers reach any instructed location to assist the person. So, call us and avoid the inconvenience arising from long waiting times or poor company response.


Services We Offer

Roadside Assistance

Get roadside assistance from us in just one call.

Medium Duty Towing

Get the safest and fastest medium-duty towing assistance from us.

Tow Truck Wreckers

We have maintained wreckers that can haul cars and motorcycles from any place.

Premium Products

We used premium quality tools and equipment for loading vehicles on flat tow trucks.

What Client Say's


They are genuinely professional auto towing rescue providers in this city. I will recommend this company to all my family and friends.



Neptune Towing services are best to select in case of any trouble because experts always reach on time to assist their clients to any location!

Claudia Wilson


I had a great experience with the team of Neptune Towing Service company. I appreciate their performance.

John Franklin


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