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Who We Are?

Ravenel Auto & Towing

Ravenel Auto & Towing service providers are best to select when your cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles break down or are damaged due to accidents. We have trained and certified teams of technicians and tow truck drivers that can handle emergency cases.

Medium Duty Towing Near Johns Island, SC

Ravenel Auto & Towing providers offer medium duty towing for accident recoveries and autos transportation. We have a wide range of hauling trucks that can handle cars, vans, heavy bikes, and other vehicles. We use highly maintained breakdown lorries to move wrecked or damaged, improperly parked, and indisposed automobiles. Our clients' trust provided services because the crew does their jobs efficiently and takes care of customer satisfaction. A skilled and trained crew will never leave their client unsatisfied in the middle of the road, and it is one of the factors that make us unique in this business. We prioritize customer satisfaction over anything else while delivering roadside and medium duty towing in Johns Island, SC. Our trucks are ready to recover vehicles damaged in an accident and help those drivers get back on the roads stuck in rocks or deep places due to weather conditions or rough routes. Professional truckers are ready to transport broken traveling motors to a repair shop for fixes. Call us at (843) 763-1694 if anyone needs help! Workers here will be pleased to help you!

Medium Duty Trucks for RV Towing in Johns Island, SC

There are several types, sizes, and weight categories of tow trucks used to haul or lift different types and weights of vehicles. They are divided according to storage capacity. A medium duty tow truck has a boom capacity of 15 to 20 short tons. Those trucks are used to lift RVs, cars, log carriers, dump or garbage trucks, tractors etcetera. Contact if anyone needs medium duty trucks for RV towing.

Perk of Hiring Us for Roadside Assistance in Johns Island, SC

This company is not limited to a few options, but we are proud to deliver several options and remarkable medium duty truck roadside assistance in this city. Instead of typing medium duty towing near me, motorists can rely on us in any condition. No matter how far a person is or the time, pros will reach the consumer's location on time. Our technicians, mechanics, and drivers are always prepared to assist each client that needs help. Following are the factors and services that make us unique in this business:

Emergency Service

Distance, time, weather, nothing can stop us from helping our beloved consumers. A team of skilled professionals reaches at any location, whether your home, workplace, random street, highway or other places; just call us in an emergency.

Complete Suite of Roadside Services

This company offers multiple services related to automobiles maintenance and repair. There is no need to type roadside and medium duty towing near me because you have already found us. Let us have a look at our services:

Battery Jump Start

Batteries of cars, bikes, trucks, vans or other vehicles are prone to wear and tear. Old age, weather conditions, or other factors cause issues in them. If your car's battery stops running, then do not panic and hire us for a battery jump start. Within 20-30 minutes, mechanics will reach the instructed location. Traffic can cause delays; otherwise, we never complain about technicians' late arrival.

Tire Change

Skilled mechanics changes and repair tires of all types of old and luxurious automobiles in this city. They know how to do this task appropriately. Once a driver calls us to get help, we instantly dispatch a prepared team of techs on the client's way.

Engine Repair

Professionals here can troubleshoot and repair vehicles' engines on the spot or offer complete maintenance services in our garages. Techs will check its components, whether they are fully lubricated, and check oil pumps, oil filters, engine coolants, radiators, oxygen sensors, and more. They will never leave a motorist alone on the road until they resolve a problem.

Affordable Medium Duty Towing Rates

Rates of our medium duty flatbed tow truck are less than other competitors' rates. People connected with auto companies or local businesses know that those firms' average price is around $125 to $225 for 40 miles of towing. We ensure that our tow truck medium duty carriers will charge reasonably. However, the prices vary fairly according to the distance, location, auto type, and severity of problems.


Frequently Ask Questions

Will Medium Duty Towing Professionals Cause Damage to Vehicles?

If you select a reputable firm to get this assistance, there is no chance of damage. We have experienced and certified teams or techs. They know all the essential techniques that are used in this process. They skillfully load and unload automobiles from flatbeds or any other tow trucks.

Why Choose Certified Technicians from Registered Companies Rather than Local Ones?

Towing companies provide insured and bonded mechanics and truckers to handle any situation. in case of any mishap or additional damage, the company will take complete responsibility or fix it. On the other side, local or unregistered workers never take responsibility for any job or mostly, they leave their consumers unsatisfied in the middle of the roads. Wisely choose whenever you have been facing any issue while driving a car.

Do you Offer Emergency Service?

Yes, Ravenel Auto & Towing firm offers emergency assistance. Our knowledgeable and trained dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They offer the best solution for emergency vehicle transportation and hauling needs. Feel free to call us anytime and anywhere you want in Johns Island, SC.

How does It Cost to Get Towed for a Short Distance?

Our prices vary according to some factors and conditions. Following are the factors that impact rates:

  • Type of assistance (light, medium, and heavy-duty)
  • Severity of damage
  • Distance (short or long)

You can get more information about it by calling us. We will give you an instant cost estimate via call. It is up to the client whether he/ she prefers to select this firm or not.

Does this Company Offer Roadside Services for Motorcycles?

Yes, we offer a complete suite of roadside assistance for bikes and medium duty wreckers for their riders.


Services We Offer

Roadside Assistance

Pros here troubleshoot vehicles and fix their issues on the spot.

24 Hours Towing

Drivers and bike riders can contact us to get quick emergency towing services.

Motorcycle Tire Change

Do not panic if you got a flat tire. Our tire changers can replace and repair automobiles' tires on the spot.

Accident Recovery

Our professional team of technicians is always ready to safely recover vehicles that are damaged due to accidents.

What Client Say's


I had a great experience with the team of Ravenel Auto & Towing company. They are genuinely professional and experienced tow truck drivers.



I was stuck on the highway, and luckily, I found them. They reached on time and helped me get out of that bad condition.

Den Harrow


I was going to my official meeting when my car's tire got flat. I was worried about thinking whom I should call at this moment. Fortunately, I found them. I appreciate their job and skills. They always reach on time.

Dany Grayson


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