24 Hours Towing Service in Walterboro, SC

Ravenel Auto & Towing

24 Hours Towing Service Walterboro, SC
Who We Are?

Ravenel Auto & Towing

Ravenel Auto & Towing service providers are best to select when your cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles break down or are damaged due to accidents. We have trained and certified teams of technicians and tow truck drivers that can handle emergency cases.

24 Hours Towing Service Walterboro, SC

A driver needs the instant help of professionals for car towing service in case of an accident. Sometimes new autos will also be causing trouble in the running due to any component malfunctions that a layperson cannot handle. In this scenario, a person needs quick assistance to get rid of this problem. It becomes worst if a person is stuck in a strange place where no repair shop is situated. However, you do not have to worry about anything because Ravenel Auto & Towing company provides the safest and fastest 24 hours towing service in Walterboro, SC. This firm's factory-trained technicians and expert drivers are always ready to assist people. They have more than 10 years of experience in this field, and their knowledge makes them superior in this job. We ensure that you will never find more quickly responsive and qualified techs than ours. If you want to enjoy road journeys without the fear of becoming stranded somewhere, then save our car towing services contact number right now.

Tow Truck Company in Walterboro, SC

Is anyone searching for a vehicle towing near me? We are providing multiple roadside 24hr tow truck assistance in Walterboro, SC. Our expert professionals handle everything skillfully, no matter what type of vehicle an owner has and what condition an auto is in. Whether an auto's engine fails to work, the battery fails to supply power, the tire bursts, or a collision occurs, we will be there to manage any situation. If someone is facing any issue related to their automobiles in the middle of the road, do not panic. First of all, try to drag a vehicle to the safest side of the road. Please do not stand in the middle of it. Dial the mentioned number, and rest assured. A customer representative here will help each client stranded on the road due to vehicles breaking down. Sometimes a humble voice reduces the stress of a person facing issues during a road journey. After listening to a client's issue, we will instantly dispatch a team of workers on his/her way. Flat tow vehicles and techs are fully equipped to manage the condition correctly.

Cheap Tow Places in Walterboro, SC

Is anyone looking for cheap tow places in Walterboro, SC? People think that professional roadside assistances are expensive and not worthy to trust because of some scammed service providers. Nevertheless, only registered firms and their workers save clients' money and time in case of any emergency than any local unauthorized haulers. Instead of wasting your time searching and trusting unregistered and cheap towing assistance providers, hire pros from us. Only trained and certified technicians can manage all types of automobiles in case of breakdowns and accidents. We are providing freeway towing in this city. So, instead of thinking too much about other firms, give us a chance to prove our skills in front of you. Our towing storage fees are affordable as compared with other competitors' rates. Fees vary according to the vehicles' condition, type, and size.

Types of Tow Trucks We Used in Walterboro, SC

Following are the vehicles that we used to haul different types of automobiles. Our tow trucks are highly maintained and fully equipped with modern tools that ensure safe auto transportation. Let us have a look at them:

Flatbed for Car Accident Recovery

A flatbed is one of the most common types of towing vehicles used to handle broken and damaged motors. Its structure and features allow it to load any car safely on its flat surface; by using chains and straps, workers load machines on it safely. It protects motors and prevents damage. It protects them from bumps and potholes due to its structure. It also offers a wider area to work on. A car, motorcycle, jeep, boat, or any automobile can be towed with its help. This company has several maintained tow trucks to perform this task appropriately. Hire us to get emergency towing service. We will be pleased to assist our clients!


For heavy-duty vehicles, we used rotators. They are big and have more features that allow easy loading and hauling. With the help of rotators, experts can haul tractors, buses, vans, and other big machines easily.


SUVs allow for carrying large loads from one place to another. It is used to haul campers, trailers, and caravans. Chains and hooks connect the damaged machine with it so a driver can haul it anywhere.

Boom Trucks

Boom trucks are cable-controlled cranes. They are mounted on crawlers, rubber tires, or hydraulic-powered cranes. Those cranes transport cars, cargo, and heavy loads from one place to another. Its structure and features make the entire process easy.

The perk of Hiring Us

Motorists prefer to choose those companies that provide multiple roadside assistance on time and handle all types of situations. Here are the following benefits of hiring experts from us that make people choose the company again and again when they need it. Let us jump into it:

24 Hours Towing Service

No matter what time of day and night a person calls us at (843) 763-1694, we will be there to assist. Time and distance never stop us from helping vehicle owners. Feel free to contact us anytime and night; experts here are ready to help you.

Insured and Bonded

We have insured and bonded technicians and tow truck drivers, so you do not worry about anything. They will never leave a client until they safely get back on the road.

Emergency Assistance

We are best to select in case of an emergency. Pros will reach any location on time with the required tools and trucks to provide quick assistance.

Frequently Ask Questions

When a Driver Needs Heavy-Duty Towing Service?

Heavy-duty towing is required when large vehicles such as RVs, caravans, buses, trucks, trailers, and other extreme automobiles need to haul from one place to another. In this scenario, we used integrated tow trucks and rotators for transportation.

Is it Safe and Cost-Effective to Hire Professionals for Hauling Damaged Vehicles?

Yes, it is a completely safe and cost-effective way to transport cars to any place or location in case of a breakdown or an accident. Always choose the right form to get this assistance instead of an unregistered one.

What Type of Equipment is Required for This Service?

Pulleys, winches, pins, straps, chains, and hooks are used to load medium or heavy-duty motors. Special techniques are required to use these tools, and only professionals can use them skillfully.



Services We Offer

Roadside Assistance

Pros here troubleshoot vehicles and fix their issues on the spot.

24 Hours Towing

Drivers and bike riders can contact us to get quick emergency towing services.

Motorcycle Tire Change

Do not panic if you got a flat tire. Our tire changers can replace and repair automobiles' tires on the spot.

Accident Recovery

Our professional team of technicians is always ready to safely recover vehicles that are damaged due to accidents.

What Client Say's


This firm's workers always reach on time and perform tasks professionally.

John Franklin


I am a traveler and need towing assistance several times because of unpredictable events and damages. I always like their excellent towing services. I will recommend this company to all my family and friends.

John Franklin


I called their techs for help when my car stopped running due to an engine malfunction. They helped me generously. I am glad to have them in my assistance.

Kevin Smith


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